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LOVE IN A STRANGER'S EYES...ELLYIn town, they called her "Crazy Widow Dinsmore". But Elly was no stranger to their ridicule - she had been an outsider all her life, growing up in a boarded-up old house under the strict eye of her eccentric grandparents. Now she was all alone, with two little boys to raise, and a third child on the way.WILLHe drifted into Whitney, Georgia,LOVE IN A STRANGER'S EYES...ELLYIn town, they called her "Crazy Widow Dinsmore". But Elly was no stranger to their ridicule - she had been an outsider all her life, growing up in a boarded-up old house under the strict eye of her eccentric grandparents. Now she was all alone, with two little boys to raise, and a third child on the way.WILLHe drifted into Whitney, Georgia, one lazy afternoon in the summer of 1941, hoping to put his lonely past behind him. He yearned for the tenderness he had never known, the home he'd never had. All he needed was for someone to give him a chance.Then he saw her classified ad: WANTED - A husband. When he stepped across Ellie Dinsmore's cluttered yard, Will Parker knew he had come home at last...MORNING GLORY...

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morning glory Reviews

  • *TANYA*
    2019-02-22 17:57

    Magnificent!!! One of my all time favorite, desert island, top ten books, ever!!!! I loved, loved, LOVED IT!!! I cried and cried and cried, it was sooooo endearing!!!! A lovely book of love, family, second chances, perseverance and triumph!! (I definitely have a thing for Williams) lol

  • KatLynne
    2019-03-20 16:38

    5++ stars This is my first book by this author and I was completely enthralled! From the very first page this book sparked my attention and I don't know when I've been more immersed and involved in the lives of the characters. I know I will never forget Will Parker and his utterly lonely existence until he meets Elly Dinsmore.A few of the things I loved.(1) I liked this book so much I did not want to put it down. This is no light & fluffy read but one of intense emotion. I liked that I did not have to wade in and read a few chapters before my interest was aroused, and soon as I met Elly I was drawn into the story and quickly became immersed as if I had become part of this small town in Georgia in 1941. (2) Even though the hero & heroine are different than most that I have read, I liked them from the start. LaVyrle Spencer has a wonderful way of expressing her characters emotions so that you feel a part of their lives. And as the story progressed and I got to know them better, I found myself loving Will Parker and Elly Dinsmore. These are two very lonely people, both prisoners of their past and carrying deep emotional scars. First we meet Elly, who the town more often refers to as “Crazy Widow Dinsmore,” As a child she suffered cruelly at the hands of those who were suppose to love and nourish her. She is content to live in isolation away from the town where she is taunted and tormented due to the horrendous circumstances of her childhood. Now, a young widow with two small children and one on the way she is in need of a husband to help around her farm. Becoming desperate, she resorts to placing an add for a husband in the local paper, all the while knowing the odds were against anyone responding. I cannot fathom the pain in Elly’s heart. The cruelty she suffered and endured has clearly left scars and insecurities that are more than understandable. They also have molded her into the kind, loving person she has become. And while I loved this courageous and resourceful woman my heart belongs to Will Parker! He is a hero that I’ll always remember. Upon first meeting him you know he is a manly man. Unfortunately, he is a shell of the man he could be. A drifter, down-trodden with a near broken spirit; tired in his soul, poor, hungry, mistreated by many and judged unfairly and harshly; he is a man much in need of a break from the hard knocks of life. He needs a place to settle down and longs for enough food that there will be no more skipped meals. And deep down he yearns for that something he’s never! And it is soon evident the caliber of the man he is; smart, handsome, with a hard muscled body that isn’t afraid of hard work; faithful, patient, and ambitious with a need to prove his worth. I admired most everything about him:)(3) For me this was not only a beautifully written, poignant love story, but also one of Metamorphosis. From the moment Will answers Elly’s add, I was taken on a remarkable journey into the lives of two broken individuals and witnessed the transformation when trust and understanding is given, hope is restored and the other half of your soul is found! I loved their story; I enjoyed the secondary characters; I laughed, I cried and hated for this book to end. Thank you Jill for recommending this one and I hope you have more:)

  • ɴΘεɱí
    2019-03-07 12:29

    Sólo tengo buenas palabras para este libro, me ha ENCANTADO.Es lo primero que leo de esta autora y gracias al #RetoRita. Desde luego leeré mas de ella.Me ha parecido precioso, una historia bien contada, sencilla pero que te engancha.He adorado a Will y Elly desde el primer momento, y su maravillosa familiaNo quería terminarlo por que lo estaba disfrutando mucho...

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-02-22 10:46

    Oh. OH. Holy shit. This book!I can't.I attacked this book and read it like it was the last thing I was ever going to do in my life. I couldn't put it down. I had to keep going. I had to know that there would be good things for Will and Elly. And the trip to their HEA was so unbelievably...GAH! Will and Elly are so tragically lonely and starved for affection that I just wanted to pick them both up, put them in a warm, padded room for a month, and let them commence with the healing. I loved them both. They're so believably flawed, but still good people even after everything they've been through. The romance aspect of this book is so understated and sweet that I kept getting that punch-to-the-gut feeling just below my diaphragm. I spent at least half of this book in physical pain because I just wanted to weep for these two constantly. And I'm not much of a crier. I was actually sobbing at one point. When I read Spencer's The Endearment, I had no idea she was this talented a writer. I love this book. Love it. So much so that once I was finished with it, I immediately started over. The tension building between Will and Elly is so fraught with frustration because they both want physical affection, but neither of them has the confidence to feel it's deserved or will be granted by the other, so they just keep studiously not touching. So when they finally give in, the rest of the book is filled with*Sigh*Anyway, this book really has everything a romance reader could possibly want: a brooding, reluctant hero, an insecure but strong heroine, sex, affection, tenderness, war, happiness, sadness, yearning, intrigue, farewells and homecomings, and poignant emotions. This is not a light, fluffy read, but one of the most emotionally jarring stories I've ever read. It's more than earned its place on my favorites shelf.

  • Marisa Sauco
    2019-02-27 13:42

    ¡Qué historia más bonita! ❤️Elly y Will, son los protagonistas de una historia de amor preciosa, conmovedora y extraordinaria, que se va desarrollando pausadamente y que permite que te enamores de ellos, mientras ellos lo hacen entre sí. ❤️Es maravillosa la huella que cada uno deja en el otro, cómo se fortalece y madura la personalidad de cada uno, la complicidad que surge entre ellos y cómo se afianza su relación, no solo en los momentos más difíciles, sino también en la sencillez de lo cotidiano. Pero ellos no están solos. Tienen tres niños adorables que completan su círculo más íntimo. Y entre los secundarios, se destaca la bibliotecaria del pueblo, un personaje encantador e imprescindible en la dinámica de la historia. Mi debut con esta autora no pudo haber sido mejor. Un pacer absoluto leerla.

  • Ridley
    2019-03-11 16:33

    Orphan. Bastard. Convict. Woman-killer. Boy. Will Parker has been called every name in the book, none of them inaccurate and all of them unflattering. Drifting into Whitney, Georgia in the summer of 1941, he's just been fired from the local sawmill on account of his stint in prison for killing a woman in a Texas brothel. Bone-thin from hunger and wearing clothes stolen from a local's drying line, he decides to answer a woman's newspaper ad looking for a husband. The yard may be full of junk, the house a jumble of additions and the prospective wife a very pregnant mother of two who's known to the townspeople as "Crazy Elly," but he sees only an opportunity for redemption.The man walking up her drive looks as beat down as a man can get, but with two young boys and a third child due in a few months, Eleanor Dinsmore's willing to take any man willing to do a man's work around her house. Widowed when her dreamer husband falls from a tree he was cutting - onto the beehives he kept - she's left with a ramshackle house set amid the piles of junk, scrap and salvage her husband collected aimlessly. Much as she loved him anyways, the realities of running her home with three small children demands she find a helper, and fast.What an amazing, well-written story this was. Spencer created such lush imagery, it felt like I was seeing the story, rather than reading it. I could all but smell the northwestern Georgia woods Eleanor's house lounged in and hear their bees buzzing about the junk heaps that dotted the yard. A passage early on in the book stood out for me in how it took something as mundane as carrying firewood and managed to make it visual and sensual:He knelt and loaded his arm with wood - good, sharp, biting edges that creased his skin where his sleeve was rolled back; grainy flat pieces that clacked together and echoed across the clearing.Much of the book is written like this, drawing a full picture that's a feast for the senses. When I can hear each bootstep and see the motes dancing in the sunbeams, it heightens my sense of immersion and turns the volume up on the emotions.And emotion this book has. Both Elly and Will are drenched in feelings, both for each other and about themselves. They've come from dreadful, unloving childhoods - Will growing up in indifferent orphanages and foster homes and Elly living in a windowless house with her pious grandparents castigating her for being born out of wedlock - and are both learning to value themselves. They surprise each other a bit, I think, with how they seem to balance each other out. Will gets in Elly a rare friend and lover, but also a bit of the mother he never had. Elly gets from Will a friend and lover as well, sure, but she also gets needed confidence and a challenge to overcome her fears.They work through their insecurities, weathering childbirth, WWII and a murder trial along the way, to come out stronger, healthier people in the end. It's a slow-moving, slow-burning sort of romance. They're continually growing together as the story progresses, rather than feeling an immediate passion which they then actively resist. It's an organic story of two people weathering the challenges life can throw at people and coming out stronger because of it.It was a delight to read from start to finish. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves a story of two broken souls healing each other and a story that doesn't end with the "I love you" or the "I do."

  • Carmen
    2019-03-09 14:31

    Me ha encantado no solo por la historia que cuenta sino por como la cuenta. Dos personas tan solas, tan frágiles, tan distantes no se pueden necesitar más ni se pueden amar menos. Ese amor lento, pausado, firme, real. Es increíble como una historia puede traerte esas sensaciones mientras la lees. Se la recomendaría a cualquier lector de novela romántica.Un Rita más que merecidohttps://millibrosenmibiblioteca.blogs...

  • Grecia Robles
    2019-03-19 12:56

    ***** 5 STARS***** PopSugar Reading Challenge en Español. Categoría #28Que libro tan más bonito Ay Dios ME ENCANTÓ !!!De verdad que soy una romántica empedernida y no pude evitar enamorarme y suspirar con esta historia.Vi que a muchas personas les encantó y la recomendaron y dije porque no, la voy a leer y me sorprendió bastante y no voy a dudar en volver a leer a la autora. Historia. Will es un exrecluso que no le dan trabajo por sus antecedentes no tiene casa familia y es un escoria en la sociedad, Elly es una viuda con dos hijos y uno en camino así que necesita a alguien que la ayude por lo que pone un anuncio en el periódico buscando marido y el único que asiste es nada más y menos que Will ya que no tiene nada que perder y para su sorpresa Elly lo acepta con todo y antecedentes.La historia es muy romántica y tierna, desde que lees la sinopsis te atrapa, es una historia maravillosa de un amor tan bonito que se va dando poco a poco con el paso del tiempo y el trato, con la acciones y gestos que se tienen cada uno, es una historia de dos personas que necesitan y quieren ser amadas, que no necesitan muchas cosas en la vida para ser felices sino el amor, tenerse el uno al otro y su familia, que no importa los obstáculos que nos ponga la vida siempre se pueden superar y salir adelante.Es una historia de amor que se desarrolla entre abejas colmenas , huertos, flores y animales de campoPersonajesLos personajes te enamoran, sientes una conexión instantánea con ellos.Will desde el primer momento que sale y abre la boca te enamoras de él te dan ganas de abrazarlo y darle todo el amor que le ha sido negado pero lo primero que se te viene a la mente es de darle de comer. Es un hombre de lo más humano, el leal, protector, trabajador, paciente con una gran capacidad de amar y ser amado, es buen padre y esposo y yo me enamoré de él.Elli me cautivó con sus locuras, su sencillez y ternura, con las ganas de ser libre, con lo amorosa y buena mamá que es, con su valentía, al igual que Will es imposible no amarla.Puede que el libro no sea del todo perfecto hay cosas que son demás y sobran detalles sobre todo al final del libro que sentí que decae un poco la historia y también la falta de un epílogo, pero todo lo demás lo compensa y sus 5 estrellas son más que merecidas. Una historia de un amor que es difícil de olvidar

  • Elsa Bravante
    2019-02-20 15:33

    Terminada relectura de libro perteneciente a #RetoRitaHace ya bastantes años que leí este libro por primera vez, y muchos más desde que conozco a esta autora. Lo he releído como si fuese la primera vez, después de cientos de libros más que he leído y de cambios de género dentro de la literatura romántica. Y a pesar del tiempo, y a pesar de los años que han pasado desde que lo escribió, la sensación es la misma. Lavyrle Spencer tiene un estilo muy definido que se transmite a lo largo de todos sus libros, nos traslada a épocas y atmósferas que no son la nuestra y eso hace que envejezcan muy bien, lo suyo no son los grandes plots, lo suyo son los personajes y las sensaciones. En esta ocasión nos traslada a los años 40 en el Estados Unidos profundo, Will y Elly son dos personajes heridos por la vida, invadidos por la soledad, la autora hace un magnífico trabajo dejando que el lector sienta lo mismo que sienten ellos, que sientan como esa soledad se va tornando poco a poco en esperanza a medida que se van conociendo y se van enamorando. Ambos se salvan el uno al otro.Una lectura sencilla, pero que a pesar de recurrir la autora en ocasiones a recursos fáciles, se torna muy emotiva. No me gusta hacer resúmenes de los libros, tan solo decir que con seguridad sentirás al leerlo mucha tristeza, para después terminar con esperanza, ternura y alegría. Recomendable.

  • Mo
    2019-03-16 17:43

    This was a sweet read. Sad at times. Loved Will. He grew up alone, no family, no friends. Her upbringing was no better. ELLYIn town, they called her "Crazy Widow Dinsmore." But Elly was no stranger to their ridicule--she had been an outsider all her life, growing up in a boarded-up old house under the strict eye of her eccentric grandparents. Now she was all alone, with two little boys to raise, and a third child on the way.WILLHe drifted into Whitney, Georgia, one lazy afternoon in the summer of 1941, hoping to put his lonely past behind him. He yearned for the tenderness he had never known, the home he'd never had. All he needed was for someone to give him a chance.Then he saw her classified ad: WANTED--A husband. When he stepped across Elly Dinsmore's cluttered yard, Will Parker knew he had come home at last ... “Could you say it once," he entreated, "like they say people do?"Her heart beat like the wings of an eagle, taking her soaring as she spoke the words. "I love you, Will Parker."The sting hit his eyelids and he hung his head because nobody had prepared him for this, nobody had said, When it happens you'll be resurrected. All that you were you will not be. All that you weren't, you are. He lunged against her, burying his face above her breasts, holding fast. "Oh, God..." he groaned. "Oh, God.” “Touch me, he thought, my arm, my hand, a finger. Let me know it's all right for me to have these feelings for you.”“Lizzy, Will thought. Lizzy P. 'You n me gonna be buddies, darlin'. He stretched one hand to Elly's hair, and circled Donald Wade's rump with his free arm and touched Thomas's leg, on the far side of Elly. And he smiled at Lizzy P. and thought, Heaven's got nothin' on being the husband of Eleanor Dinsmore.” A sweet read.

  • Nana
    2019-02-27 12:41

    Ayyyyyy no conocía nada de esa autora y con este libro me he SUPER ENAMORADO!!!! Cuantas no darían por tener a un Will a su lado!??? Su nombre le hace mas que justicia al libro, es una MARAVILLA!!!!! Si lees género romántico, no te puedes perder esta entrega porque es una historia que te llega al corazón...

  • Floripiquita
    2019-03-15 15:45

    Lectura 18 del #RetoRita. 4,5. Este libro es, como su nombre indica, una pequeña maravilla. No conocía a la autora y me ha sorprendido gratamente, pues es capaz de situarte en los años 40 de una manera magistral. Me han encantado los atípicos protagonistas para la época, dos seres solitarios y heridos pero buenos por naturaleza a los que la vida ha maltratado y lo único que quieren es un lugar al que llamar hogar, amar y ser amados. Y también cómo crece entre ellos ese amor, así como ese plantel de secundarios donde brillan con personalidad propia los niños y esa portentosa Srta. Beasley, cuya amistad con Will es una de las partes más bonitas del libro. Pena del exceso de descripciones y de ese dramático giro final que, para mí, desluce un poco esta bonita historia. Muy recomendable.

  • Alba Turunen
    2019-02-24 11:36

    Las 5 Estrellitas. ¡Qué maravilla de novela! Lo empecé bastante dudosa sobre lo que podría encontrarme. Aunque soy de novela histórica, tan reciente, como es la Segunda Guerra Mundial no me llama, y el ambiente en una granja americana (no sé si llamarlo novela del Oeste, no creo que sea correcto) tampoco. Así que tuve mis reticencias, primero por la ambientación, y segundo por las buenísimas críticas que he leído en todos lados. Casi siempre tengo la mala costumbre de dejarme llevar por las críticas, y si son buenas espero que el libro sea maravilloso y me llevo un chasco, pero en éste caso puedo deciros que "Maravilla" ha cumplido todas y cada una de ésas expectativas.En "Maravilla" tenemos una historia sobre dos personajes que han sido parias de su sociedad, dos personas dolidas y rotas, que merecen una segunda oportunidad, que tienen la suerte de encontrarse, que son compatibles, y que iniciarán uno de los romances más bonitos que he leído.El libro empieza en vísperas de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, en un pequeño pueblo agrícola del estado de Georgia. Will Parker ha sido despedido de su primer empleo en un aserradero, debido a que el jefe se entera de que ha estado en la cárcel. Will cumplió condena durante cinco años. Es un hombre que nunca ha recibido amor ni cariño, y los cinco años en la cárcel le sirvieron para formar al hombre que es ahora, un hombre que quiere librarse de su pasado y labrarse un futuro honradamente ¿Pero quién puede darle una oportunidad a un paria?Elly Dinsmore, la chica rara del pueblo, que tuvo una crianza extraña y peculiar, debido a su horrorosa familia, es ahora una mujer solitaria que vive apartada en su granja y sin acercarse para nada al pueblo que tanto la vejó y humilló en su infancia. Tuvo la suerte de casarse con un granjero que la quiso y la trató bien y que nunca la miró como la rara del pueblo. Ahora es una viuda con dos niños pequeños y embarazada de cinco meses. Tras quedar viuda repentinamente, puso un anuncio en un periódico donde buscaba marido para que la ayudara a llevar la granja.Así es como Will y Elly se conocen. Cuando él sabe del anuncio, se presenta sin esperanzas, pero Elly ve más en él que el hecho de que estuvo en la cárcel. Ve a un hombre que ha sufrido como ella, ve a un hombre honrado del que puede fiarse, y así se lo demostrarán los primeros días que él trabaja para ella. Lo que más me ha gustado de la novela es cómo se fragua ésa historia de amor, tan despacio y tan creíble, las miradas que se echan, cómo Will trata a los niños de Elly, cómo él se desvive por ella trabajando y reparando su granja destartalada para convertirla en algo aprovechable viendo los malos tiempos que se avecinan. Es una historia tan bonita, tan real, que es imposible que decepcione. Es una novela que tiene de todo, comedia, drama... qué lloros me he echado, ya ni os cuento cuando estalla la guerra y Estados Unidos se une a los aliados. O también cómo el romance de Will y Elly es amenazado por la buscona del pueblo.Pero también es una novela con una gran evolución en sus personajes, ambos cambian, maduran, gracias al amor que se profesan, a sus decisiones y sobre todo por la aparición de ciertos personajes secundarios, como la señorita Beasley, la bibliotecaria o Lydia Marsh, y por supuesto los niños de Elly, que han amenizado mucho la novela, y nos han mostrado el lado más humano de sus protagonistas. Personajes que verán más allá del pasado de sus protagonistas y que los ayudarán a superarse durante toda la historia.De modo que ha pasado a ser una de mis novelas de cabecera, de la que pienso que toda lectora de romántica debería leer, y de referencia para muchas escritoras, porque viendo actualmente el panorama de publicaciones editoriales, se debería aprender de novelas como ésta. Sin duda alguna la recomiendo, y no será la única novela que lea de LaVyrle Spencer.

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-02-23 17:46

    It's worth every bit of hype. Straight to my favorites shelf. A historical romance, from the WWII era. Poor, lonely people who are both at a low point in their lives. They find each other and one of the sweetest, most evocative stories I've ever read unfolds. Magical.

  • Iliada
    2019-03-11 16:53

    Will is an ex-convict, recently released from prison, hungry and all alone in the world, having nowhere to go and no place to call home. Elly is a widow with two children and one more on the way, who has lived most of her life as a recluse, shunned by others and considered mad. She needs a husband to help her with the work around the house. Despair and a newspaper ad will bring them together.I find this book truly wonderful and I will explain why. Firstly, I felt an instant connection to the characters. The book begins with Will and I felt like I knew and loved him not more than two pages in the story. This is an excellent example of how showing is better than telling. Will didn't complain about his past, his problems and his situation and I could tell he was miserable through the narration of past events and things that happened to him instead of through Will's endless whining about his pitiful situation. And this made me love him even more. Same goes for Elly. This is what I call a pair of strong, memorable characters.The plot didn't move the way I expected it to, but it still managed to exceed my already high expectations. I thought this would be a simple marriage-of-convenience story, but it was much more than that. Will and Elly lived together from the beginning. Will helped Elly around the house, took charge of everything and provided for her, but they weren't a couple and they didn't get married until some months later when they already knew each other for months and had developed feelings stronger than the bonds of friendship they shared from the beginning, though in secret, without daring to say it out loud. Will thought he was worthless and unlovable, Elly thought she was plain and not bright enough. Both thought they didn't deserve each other, but it was clear they were perfect together.The inner struggle of the characters was really heartwrenching. Will is the most honourable human being I've ever read about and though I loved Elly from the beginning, it was around the end of the book when she shone the brightest.Will and Elly are complex, round and three-dimensional characters and I have nothing negative to say about this book apart from some pacing issues in some parts, which may as well be because I read Morning Glory in a very busy week and I had to read two pages, put it down then pick it up again and it went like that until I finished it. Even though this dampened my reading experience and didn't allow me to enjoy this book to the fullest, I still loved it and I can't give anything less than five stars. It deserves them.Set in America during the second World War, not a typical setting for an HR, LaVyrle Spencer has managed to impress me with her writing skills and amazing characters and has penned a story that most readers will appreciate and fall in love with.

  • Phrynne
    2019-02-22 10:51

    Many years ago I was a LaVyrle Spencer fan and I read lots of her books. I just came across this one which I had not read before and wondered if the magic was still there after all these years. It was. This author's main talent was always for the way she wrote her characters making them real with human needs and mistakes. As they struggle to make their own fairy stories come true they make the reader laugh and cry with genuine emotion. This is possibly one of her best books and I loved it. If you want to have your emotions let loose for a while grab a box of tissues and sit down with this delightful book. You will not be sorry:)

  • Susanna Herrero
    2019-02-23 09:49

    Una historia muy muy bonita.

  • Yolanda
    2019-03-11 12:37

    #RetoRita15Relectura. No puedo decir nada que no dijera en la reseña que hice la primera vez. Me ha vuelto a encantar.Qué decir de este libro? pues que para mi ha sido eso, una maravilla.No había leído nada de LaVyrle Spencer y después de leer este libro pienso que cómo he podido tardar tanto. Cómo sabéis valoro muchísimo los libros por lo que me hacen sentir, hay algunos mejor escritos que otros, con historias más o menos creíbles, más predecibles o no tanto, pero lo que me hacen sentir es lo que me hacen sentir.En este caso me he encontrado en un pueblo de Georgia en 1941 y he conocido a Will a Elly y a sus niños.Will, pobre, desgraciado y con un sentimiento de tristeza y desarraigo tan grande.... No se si me explico, ese sentimiento tan grande de soledad y tristeza que, en ocasiones y por circunstancias de la vida, nace en nosotros, se nos instala dentro va creciendo sin dejarnos ver ni un solo rayo de esperanza. Sin dejarnos ver que puede que algún día las cosas cambien. Ese sentimiento se hace tan fuerte a veces, que te acompaña, se hace tu "amigo" y hasta piensas que si algún día todo mejora, ese "amigo" saldrá para decirte "hola, creías que me habías dejado en el camino? pues no, yo sigo aquí".Elly, viuda, muy sola, con niños que sacar adelante y con un pasado triste. Consciente de que necesita ayuda, toma una decisión.Es una historia de vida cotidiana, de supervivencia en una mala época, de amistad y de amor. Un amor que se va fraguando poco a poco, con silencios, gestos, miedos, palabras no dichas y entre mucha incomprensión.Es una historia de supervivencia, de capacidad encontrar y acunar ese rayo de esperanza que hace que se te llene el corazón y que, ese "amigo" que te acompañaba, desaparezca por completo.He sentido con Will la pena de la soledad y de la incomprensión. Sus miedos y su alegría.He sentido con Elly la bondad, sus miedos y también la incomprensión que la rodea. Me he sentido entre unos pájaros, unos árboles, entre unas abejas, unas flores y un coche destartalado.He sentido que tenía entre mis manos un libro lleno de sentimientos y momentos especiales. Ha tocado mi alma por la dureza y lo bonito de lo que cuenta.

  • Maricarmen Mar
    2019-03-10 10:46

    Ayyyyyy qué historia tan bonita!! Amor y guerra. Empecé como si nada y ya llevo casi la mitad. Como dice el título... una maravilla!Terminado! Cuánto me ha gustado esta novela. ¡Me ha encantado! Una historia ambientada en la IIGM, deliciosa, bonita y tierna; de superación, de amor y de lucha.Una historia escrita con mucho sentimiento y sensibilidad por parte de la autora; y por eso seguramente no será lo último que lea de ella.Una historia de amor que se ha cocido a fuego lento y nada de “a primera vista”, y es lo que la hace tan real como la vida misma. Will y Elly son unos personajes adorables; les coges mucho cariño, su historia te atrapa enseguida y la vives como si fuera la tuya propia. Los secundarios también me han gustado mucho.Yo creo que es la primera vez que no se me hecho nada pesado leer las palabras “Te amo” muchas veces. Creo que hacía hasta falta jejePues sí, y como bien dice el titulo… Maravillosa; y por eso mis 5 estrellas.

  • Mallory
    2019-03-15 10:59

    5+++ starsSimply a beautiful love story :)

  • Tammy Walton Grant
    2019-02-22 14:45

    No one wrote a love story quite like LaVyrle Spencer did. I haven't read another author who got me to care that much about her characters -- butterflies in my stomach, ache in my heart, lump in my throat.Spencer had a very specific talent. Her heroes weren't always impossibly handsome, nor were her heroines long-tressed beauties with perfect lips. There were no pirate ships or ballrooms or carriages. She took run-of-the-mill folks and made them beautiful. Just ordinary people, leading regular lives. Spencer's talent lay in making these people come alive - they virtually jump off the pages. In Morning Glory they were people like Elly Dinsmore - five months pregnant, poor, with brown hair that needed washing and a tired face that was old before it's time. And Will Parker. He is thin, hungry, desperate. Needing a haircut with "brown eyes that looked as if he worked hard to keep the expression out of them".Elly has spent most of her life living in a house with the blinds drawn. She was born out of wedlock to the daughter of a travelling preacher and watched her mother go crazy and die inside the house. She has always been a recluse, known as "Crazy Elly" to everyone in town. She married to escape; now widowed, with 2 small boys and pregnant with her third, she advertises in the classifieds for a husband.Will has never belonged anywhere. Abandoned as an infant, living in foster homes until he struck out on his own at 14, he bounced around from place to place. His last bounce ended him in prison convicted of murder. He has just been fired from a labourer's job after his record is discovered. He is mocked by the foreman who suggests he reply to Crazy Elly's ad for husband. Desperate and almost starving, he does.No one had ever given either a chance. This book is about Elly and Will - and the chances they took with each other. To Will, Elly represents everything he never had -- a home, a family, a mother, a lover, a wife, a place where he belongs. For Elly, Will is a father for her children, a provider, a man. Most of all, he shows her what love is - passionate, romantic, unconditional love. They become so much more together than they ever were alone. They stand taller, prouder, they are beautiful - first to each other then to themselves. They each redeem the other. I won't give away much more of the story than I already have -- Will and Elly marry, of course, but there is so much more to the book -- a wonderfully drawn secondary character, a couple of villians. Will joins the Marines and ships out to the South Pacific. A section of the book is simply their letters to each other, full of love and yearning. Beautifully done. Will returns home with Purple Heart and a bit of PTSD; there is a murder and their relationship is tested.My rating when I re-read this book recently was 4 stars. I've been thinking about it while writing this, and looking at other reviews. One review had as it's tag line "A tender story of longing and fulfillment..." and it really is. Another said "Spencer is a master storyteller, and this is one of her best", and it's that too. So I'm changing my rating to a 5 star. This book made my heart hurt. I didn't want it to end. Highly recommended!!!

  • Eve Espinosa
    2019-03-19 16:49

    Me encanto toda la historia.Es bueno ver un libro romántico que se sale de lo común y plantea un romance diferente, entre un expresidiario y una mujer embarazada, lo relevante aquí es la condición de Elly que con dos hijos y con cinco meses de embarazo logra volverse a enamorar (que más bien es como enamorarse por primera vez y darse cuenta que antes no estaba enamorada en realidad) al tiempo que enamoró a Will. Es una historia tierna y triste, que va desarrollándose y preparando todo para dos eventos que por lo menos yo no me esperaba, bueno uno sí, la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y la consecuente partida como voluntario de Will en la marina, pero para lo que no estaba preparada era para la forma en que ambos mantendrían su relación unida y los sentimientos que esa separación haría manifestarse en ellos. La segunda cosa que no me esperaba fue una total sorpresa que me llenó de coraje y muchas ganas de proferir palabras altisonantes a todo el que me pasara enfrente, también descubrí que Elly me podía llegar a desesperar y que Will podía causarme todavía más ternura. Mi predilección total para Donald Wade y la señorita Beasley.Por cierto, odie la portada de esta edición, es simbólica para los personajes, pero muy discorde en su totalidad. En fin no esperaba mucho para los $29 pesos que me costo en el Sanborns, así que aquí me conviene recordar/enfatizar que lo importante es lo de adentro (jaja) :D

  • Fátima
    2019-03-18 13:47

    #RetoRita 1Pero qué historia más bonita!!!! Se va cociendo a fuego lento y hace que te enamores perdidamente de ellos durante de todo el libro. Es de esos romances que se te quedan en el corazoncito. Mi puntuación correcta sería 4,5 estrella porque también es cierto que me han sobrado alguna explicaciones y quizás ese final me resultó largo.

  • Nani
    2019-03-08 16:46

    #RetoritaAntes de expresar libremente mis sentimientos acerca de este libro, deciros objetivamente, que habría cosillas que quitaría de él, no porque no me gustaran, sino porque se me hacía innecesario y algunas veces un poco cansino con tantas descripciones. Además de no tener un epilogo.Ahora bien, os preguntareis si ha había cosas que quitaría ¿por qué le da 5 estrellas?Pues porque, ha sido una de más maravillosas historias de amor que leído EN TODA MI VIDA. No solo que me he enamorado de Elli, con su locura por la vida, su amor a la libertad, el tremendo amor por su hijos, como le da el valor real a todo. Me he enamorado de Will, ahi!!! sé que es un personaje de ficción, pero pienso, así deben de ser los hombres. Un hombre como él, paciente, amable, sereno, con carácter, tierno, con tanto amor que dar. Y me enamorado, si enamorado, de la historia de los dos.Una historia sencilla, sin lujos, sin añadidos extras para hacerla parecer algo más. ¿más qué? En este libro te narra un amor que nace del agradecimiento, sin dobleces. Nace del respecto al otro. Nace del amor a las cosas sencillas y querer compartirlas con alguien. Un amor que crece sin darse cuenta. Aquí no hay bailes donde puedan lucir sus mejores gales y aparentar algo que muchas veces no es. Aquí no hay engaños con maquillajes, coches carros que puedan impresionar, etc... Esto es la vida de dos personas que se necesitan mutuamente, necesitan sentirse queridas, amadas, respetadas y que no solo lo encuentran, sino que además lo dan al otro con una pasión, sencillez, paciencia, dulzura. Y como buscaba una historia de amor, y he encontrado eso mismo y muchísimo más, le doy las 5 estrellas.Por favor, leer este maravilloso libro (muy pocas veces el titulo del libro define perfectamente el propio libro), creo sinceramente que es deber y obligación leer este libro, si solo sois una pequeña parte de romántica que yo. Ya que en él encontrareis una de las más bonitas historias de amor que he tenido el placer que leer.Gracias a Vero, Kim y Cassie, por poner este libro en la lista de Reto rita.

  • Zairobe25
    2019-03-17 14:42

    Me gustó, pero estoy de un humor raro, últimamente nada logra atraparme demasiado, así que le doy 4 estrellas pero básicamente por las últimas 100 pag cuando habla de la guerra y del asunto de Lula.

  • Nuria Llop
    2019-02-25 09:43

    (1ª del Reto Rita)Un novelón, una de esas historias de Amor (en general, no solo del amor de pareja) que no se olvidan y que, por su calidad merece 5 estrellas (por algo ganó el premio RITA al Mejor Romance en 1989). ¿Por qué le doy 4, entonces? Porque aquí escribo mi opinión, y esta novela no satisface plenamente mis preferencias lectoras. Para mi gusto, hay muchas descripciones detalladas en exceso, tanto de hechos como de lugares; es bastante “blanca”, empalagosa en algunos momentos, y muy previsible. A pesar de todo esto, me ha enganchado en ciertos momentos y he disfrutado con muchas escenas, sobre todo en la primera parte, la que se desarrolla antes de la guerra mundial, la que nos cuenta cómo se enamoran poco a poco pero con un ritmo perfectamente medido para que no resulte demasiado lento. La segunda parte, con una clara estructura cinematográfica (curiosidad: la novela llegó al cine protagonizada por Christopher Reeves, el primer Supermán que conocí y al que me cuesta imaginar como protagonista de esta historia) me ha resultado algo distante, quizá por el dramatismo que implica un conflicto bélico (no suelen gustarme las historias de amor ambientadas en tiempos de guerra) y por otros detalles que no citaré para no hacer spoiler. Los protagonistas calan hondo y te envuelven con su lucha personal para aceptar que la soledad no es la única forma de vida a la que pueden aspirar, y la autora los rodea de una espléndida galería de secundarios, aunque también de muchos personajes anecdóticos que creo innecesarios y me dispersan en la lectura. Pero he descubierto una muy buena autora a la que nunca me había decidido leer y de la que leeré algo más, seguro. Recomendaría esta novela a quienes gusten de las historias muy descriptivas con tendencia al dramatismo, así como de sentimientos y superación personal, tanto si acostumbráis a leer romántica como si no.

  • Teresa Cameselle
    2019-02-22 09:50

    Un clásico imprescindible, con un título que puede parecer presuntuoso, pero que resume perfectamente lo que te vas a encontrar en el interior.La historia de Will y Elly, de Elly y Will, es de las que perduran en la memoria, de las que no olvidas cuando pasas al siguiente libro, de las que recuerdas con la sensación de haberla vivido en primera persona, de las que recomiendas e insistes, de las que llevas para siempre en tu corazón y tienes que releer de vez en cuando, para recuperar todos los hermosos sentimientos que te transmite.

  • Rachel Regina
    2019-03-16 10:33

    Overall rating: 5+++++ "Green Eyes" stars!!!! Utterly fantastic - I cannot rate this book high enough!!!!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ definitely not(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no way(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ No in the present - there is a scene where the heroine is remembering how she met her late husband and it does go over a sex scene with them, but it isn't explicit. Also, the hero has a sexual dream involving a woman he had sex with previously before jail. It WAS explicit, and honestly I skimmed because I didn't want to read it LOL! If you have any questions regarding that just ask me!(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ yes and what a beautiful one! I would have LOVED an epilogue, but I'm still okay with it.(hide spoiler)]My review:Thanks JLC for this recommendation! This book was truly fantastic. If you want a book that makes you feel and cry and smile and have your heart flutter, this IS that book for you!!! I cried so many times I can't even tell you, and not all of them were sad tears. Some of them were because what was done or sad was so freaking beautiful that I couldn't control my emotions. Also, Will and Elly's pasts are both heart breaking in their own regard, so that also mad me cry. Basically the setting of the story is just like the blurb says - Will is fresh out of prison (minus a few months) for killing a prostitute. He served his time and is out on full bail and he is making his way across towns looking for full time work. He is basically homeless and starving - eating by any means necessary. His jobs usually only last a few days until his bosses find out his true history of being in prison. Then he sees this add that Elly put in the paper for a husband. He expect to be turned away and she expects him to runaway, but what actually happens is the start of a beautiful friendship that leads to more. Will adores Elly right away, but of course it is realistic in that he doesn't LOVE her right away. There is no insta-love on either part of these two characters. I loved all of the things will does for Elly and Elly's reactions to everything. Both of these characters never feel good enough, but Gosh when they come together it's just amazing. The kids are a nice touch as well. Will stepped up to the plate more than any man I have ever read about. Like no other men come to mind and I've read a lot but my memory is also crap so I could be forgetting someone LOL!Anyway - l let me just mention the only thing that DID bother me and made me a tad uncomfortable - (view spoiler)[ I can't remember the exact timing, but after Elly and Will are married, they do a lot of kissing but she won't go all the way with him. Not that he pressures her at all. He loves her and that's that. This stupid town whore is ALWAYS coming onto Will when he is in town and even though he doesn't even want her BEFORE he meets the heroine, it puts sex on his mind. He starts thinking about his life before jail - where he and his best friend would visit this particular whore house. He is appalled that that is how he lived his life and he wonders how he could ever have preferred that kind of woman, when he has the best kind of woman in Elly. He hasn't even seen her naked yet and this is how he talks about him. He makes me swoon. Anyway - one night he has a sexual dream involving this woman he used to have sex with at the whore house. He is mortified when he wakes up - actually acting his dream out on Elly LOL! That part was funny, but I didn't feel like that explicit dream was necessary? I don't know. I pretty much skimmed most of it. But I swear - this guy is NEVER unfaithful. He is so patient with Elly, but Lord once they get together - it is SO passionate! It is a very slow burn though - extremely slow.(hide spoiler)]Here are some quotes that I adored, but beware - some of them may be a bit spoilerish! :) "She smiled into the bluebird's painted eye, her own shining with delight. 'A bluebird ... imagine that." She pressed it to her heart and beamed at Will. 'How did you know I like birds?' He knew. He knew.""She chewed gum as gracefully as an alligator gnawing raw meat." Will talking about Lula, the town whore. It made me laugh so I threw it in. "Care about her? Admit it, Parker, you love her. He scraped a hand down his face, shook it off and continued staring, coming to grips with the fact that he was in love with a woman who had just tired an egg at him, a woman seven months pregnant with another's man's baby, a woman he had scarcely touched, never kissed and never desired carnally..... Until now." "She held his head as if he were a child awakening from a bad dream. 'I Love you,' she whispered against his hair, feeling her own tears build. 'Oh, Elly, I love you, too,' he uttered in a broken voice, 'but I was so afraid nobody could love me. I thought maybe I was unlovable.' 'Oh no, Will ... no ... not you.' "'You're comin' home, Will, you are!' 'I'm gonna try, darlin'. A man with this much waiting' for him's got plenty to fight for, don't you think?" "'I love you, Elly. More'n you'll ever know. Nobody ever was as good to me as you. You got to remember one thing always. How happy you made me. When I ain't here and you get low, you think about what I said, how happy you made me, feedin' me quince pies and giving me three little babies to love, and making me feel like I'm somebody special. And remember how much I loved you, only you, the only one in my whole entire life, Eleanor Parker.'" "But I sure miss you green eyes and those babies and our bed." from a letter. "But all I do is get a lump in my throat and think to myself god damn it Parker your goin back home, you hear? Elly what you did for me in the last year is more than anybody did for me in my whole life. I love you so much Elly that it hurts inside way deep down in my gut when I even think about it. You gave me a home and a family and love and a place to come back to and when I say thank you it sounds so damn small and not nearly as powerful as what I feel in my heart." from a letter "There were a thousand things he wanted to say, as a poet might say them. But he was an ordinary man, neither glib nor eloquent. He could only tell her, quietly. 'You're some woman, you know that?'" *** I just LOVE when he tells her this! *** "'Git our and never come sniffing' around me again, you hear? I had enough of your kind when I was too damn dumb to know the difference! Now I got a good woman, a GOOD one, you hear? He picked her up by the front of the dress, slammed her to her feet and nudged her roughly from behind - nine times - all the way to the back door, snatching up her shoes on the way. He fired the shoes like two orange grenades into the alley, pushed her outside and offered in parting, 'If you're in heat, Lula, go yowl beneath somebody else's window!'" YOU TELL HER WILL! "He scanned her countenance, hairline to chin, and wondered aloud, 'What did I ever do to deserve you?'"

  • Linda
    2019-02-28 13:52

    Will Parker had hit rock bottom. He was finally free after spending five years in prison. Thin to the point of appearing emaciated, cautious and scared of the future, he agreed to marry the 'Crazy Widow Dinsmore' in exchange for assisting her with her home. A littered yard, squeaky door hinges, a musty barn and a broken ladder were just a few of the things that needed attending.Five months pregnant and with two little ones, Elly Dinsmore needed a man around the house. She had put an ad in the local newspaper along with placing some bulletins around town inviting men to apply. Her offer? Marriage, with a place to live, in exchange for some help. No one had answered her offer until Will appeared in the yard. A little impatient and somewhat bossy, she sensed but couldn't fully comprehend what Will's past had been like. She had loved her husband even though he was a dreamer with little common sense. He died doing something foolish and left her to fend for herself and their children. She desperately needed someone to help her. "In the hayloft, Will sank his head into a pillow made of real feathers and stretched out on the soft handmade quilt. His belly was full, his teeth were clean, his skin smelled of soap. And somewhere out there was a mule, and beehives and chickens and a house with possibilities.She was going to keep him!"This homespun romance traveled back to 1941 with World War Two on the immediate horizon. If you have never read a historical romance by LaVyrle Spencer, I suggest you try this story first. It contains a plucky, common-sense heroine, a man that will melt your heart, earthy children, a cow named Herbert, an unusual friendship and so much more. You will smile and, like me, you will probably cry. The only thing I had minor issues with was the southern twang the author used. It might be hard to follow for those readers not familiar with the idiosyncrasies Ms. Spencer uses. And no, most of us living in the southern U.S. do not talk like that! There, I said it. :-)Lastly, if you enjoy this time period and want to read another historical romance with a different picture of World War Two, try Ann Howard Creel's THE MAGIC Of ORDINARY DAYS. I originally watched the Hallmark movie, loved it and then read the book. The movie is a slightly different version of the story that has been cleansed. I also gave that romance five stars.

  • Mon
    2019-03-04 09:57

    #retoRitaHe tenido que dejar pasar un par de días para poder escribir algo digno sobre esta pequeña maravilla.Este libro es AMOR con letras mayúsculas. Cuando llevaba en 70% tenía claro que iba directo a mis favoritos y 5 estrellas. La historia de amor es deliciosa, como una pareja tan atípica, un expresidiarío y una viuda embarazada y con dos niños, puede crear una historia de amor tan bonita y tierna. Me ha gustado muchísimo como se desarrolla la trama, parece que no pasa gran cosa pero es ahí donde radica su belleza, en esas escenas cotidianas, en ese amor que se va cociendo poco a poco, el descubrimiento de lo que sienten en uno por el otro, el papel tan importante de los niños. Tiene escenas realmente poética que se me desgarraron el corazón de lo que me hizo sentir y de lo tiernas que eran. Como el reencuentro en la estación de tren… XD que bonita¡¡ o la boda o la despedida con los niños, o cuando Will se sincera cuando vuelve de la guerra. Will desde las primeras páginas me cautivo, como habiendo tenido ese pasado tan duro su corazón no se había endurecido y seguía conservado esa dulzura a base de haberse protegido con una coraza y Elly, que mujer más maravillosa¡¡, a pesar de esa infancia y adolescencia tan terrible que tuvo como supo echar para adelante a pesar de sus miedos e inseguridades y crecer. Es una historia de dos personas que se superan y que crecen gracias al amor que siente uno por el otro. Que tienen sus miedos y sus malos momentos pero que lo logran superar. Will y Elly han pasado directamente a mi lista de parejas preferidas y Will a mis amores literarios. De los secundarios me encanto la Srta Beasley, la típica bibliotecaria estirada con miles de corazas pero con un corazón de oro y esos niños….Pero llegado el 75% el ritmo decayó, o por lo menos eso sentí yo, la trama amorosa se volvió demasiado empalagosa … tantos “te amo” sobraba y la trama policíaca me pareció un poco chapucera con un final demasiado precipitado. He echado en falta el epílogo, cuando una historia me llega tanto, me cuesta mucho despedirme de los personajes y aquí necesitaba saber más de ellos. Por todo eso no le he dado las 5 estrellas. Este es un libro que he de agradecer a vosotros, los lectores de goodreads, haberlo descubierto y sobre todo al reto Rita la cantaora, porque de ningún otro modo lo hubiese leído y me hubiera perdido un pequeña maravilla y mi corazón lo hubiese lamentado. 4,5 estrellas, no se merece menos.