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The Rainbow Fish series has sold millions of copies world wide, and now this beloved character returns with the last book in the hardcover series....

Title : Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea
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ISBN : 9780735822481
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea Reviews

  • Virginia
    2019-01-23 05:40

    Rainbow Fish is very curious as to what interesting things may be waiting to be discovered deep down in the unfamiliar underwater canyon along the edge of which he often plays with his friends. Octopus makes fine work of painting the canyon dwellers in every possible hue of negativity as he tries to dissuade Rainbow Fish from ever venturing into that foreign world. Despite this, when one day a strong current pulls off Rainbow Fish’s last shiny scale and carries it over the canyon’s edge into the tantalising depths, curiosity gets the better of the little fish, and now armed with the excuse of finding his lost scale, he succumbs to the lure of the unknown realm. On his way, he encounters various creatures which, true to Octopus’ word, are indeed different to the creatures of Rainbow Fish’s world; but with the kind, willing assistance of one of those strangers, Rainbow fish recovers his shiny scale. This, however, is not all that he gains from his forbidden venture into this foreign realm. Contrary to the beliefs of the canyon-edge dwellers, the creatures of the deep canyon are not only physically very beautiful, but in addition, with the exception of one rude, bad-tempered inhabitant, they are all very friendly, caring, considerate, helpful, and overarching all this, they are welcoming and accepting of Rainbow Fish – the stranger who had one day simply turned up in their midst. This is a beautiful story of how the common misconception ‘foreign or unknown equals everything negative’ is sustained across generations within communities. It also illustrates how the courage to seek to discover the truth for oneself (though potentially risky) can be the only way to begin to dismantle such a destructive myth. The story’s presentation is enhanced by eye-catching illustrations embellished with glittery hues that children of all ages would be drawn to. In addition to its foregoing attributes, ‘Rainbow Discovers the Deep Sea’ leaves the reader with a triple dose of ‘the feel-good factor’ – lost ‘treasure’ found, dangerous myth dispelled, ‘disobedient’ little fish safe – phew! A worthy addition to any collection of children’s literature.

  • Autumn
    2019-02-17 05:41

    Who cares what the story is about? This book is all about the visuals. We were mesmerized by the illustrations.

  • Suzanne Brandt
    2019-02-12 05:33

    After an underwater current sweeps away Rainbow Fishes' last sparkling scale, he must do the unthinkable and brave the deep deep waters to find it. Even after being warned about the scary deep waters, Rainbow Fish braves the deep waters to find his sparkling silver scale and along the way finds amazing new friends. The author provides his audience with the idea that even though we face tough things in life, it can bring new and bright things, like new friendships along the way. The author uses organization to tie the whole story together at the end, emphasizing the big idea. Even though his new friends looked different, they turned out to be wonderful friends and would have never met his new friends if he hadn't braved the deep waters to find his scale. As a mentor text, teachers can use this for teaching their students that stories have a big idea or message for their audience.Grade Level: 3Reading Level 3.1Guided Reading Level N

  • Kristen
    2019-01-31 06:38

    I really liked this book. I've always enjoyed Rainbow Fish and so has my daughter. This book focused on showing kids that just because someone looks different than you or lives differently than you doesn't mean that they are bad. Rainbow Fish meets some very awesome new friends in the Deep Sea when he goes after his last shiny scale.I always love the illustrations with the shimmering scales. My daughter was very interested in this book the whole time. This is one we will look for to add to our collection.

  • Jamie
    2019-02-03 05:43

    Read with shark storytime

  • Jessica Reynolds
    2019-02-02 09:35

    Picture Book: I absolutely loved this book! Not only did the story take me on a fun adventure, but the moral was awesome and would be great to use in the classroom! I also love sparkles and shiny things, so this book was super fun!

  • Eliza Buell
    2019-02-06 08:48

    Rainbow fish is a beautiful fish who has one sparkling scale. The current comes and pulls his last sparkling scale off and he is determined to get it back, no matter if it requires her to search through the dangers of the deep sea. His friends urge him not to, because it is very dangerous and something bad could happen. Rainbow fish doesn't listen to his friends, put his fears behind him and begins his journey through the sea. He meets many friendly sea creatures who help him search for his scale, and he realizes that the sea is filled with many fish just like him and there was no reason to be afraid. He finds his scale and returns home to tell his friends about his adventure. The theme of this book is to never be afraid and to never give up, as well as to never judge people based on their stereotypes. Rainbow fish was determined to find his sparkling scale, and even if it required searching through the dangers of the sea, he was not fearful. He also never gave up and in the end found his scale, and made friends along the way who he originally thought were scary, dangerous creatures, but in the end he realized that they were nice and friendly just like him.I gave this book a 5 star rating.My personal respond to this book that though out my life I have found myself judging people based on a "single story." I view people of different cultures and backgrounds based on their stereotype, but realize that most of the time, these people are different from what I imagined them to be like. Now I try to judge people based on their single story and get to know them as a person first.I would recommend this book to students because many children grow up believing that if people are different from them, then they are "weird" or "different." This book would be a good tool to explain that we should not judge people based on their culture or backgrounds, and instead get to know them as a person, because you might just realize that they have more in common with you than you would think.

  • Mylksnake Wilson
    2019-02-05 07:58

    This book is scientifically inaccurate and imprecise; but I see reviews that the 1st book "Rainbow Fish" (and a TV show?) supposedly promotes socialism/communism or it promotes materialism, so I'd be interested in taking a look that one... hopefully it's socialism. The illustrations are attractive and I like the idea of a children's book that introduces deep sea animals & bioluminescence. One of the rainbow fish's friends is a "firefly squid." Firefly squids have the bioluminescent ability of a blue-green glow. So why is it a glowing pink creature in the book? If a child can understand "firefly squid" why not be consistent and name all the animals to that level of precision? Why is the specific (common) species name used for the firefly squid, but a less specific name given for the rainbow fish, (i.e. why not emerald rainbow fish or splendid rainbow fish.) The "little blue fish" could be illustrated a little more like a "bluefish" spelled as one word (Pomatomus saltatrix) or have a more specific name if it is some other fish that is just blue in hue. I'll try to overlook the fact that rainbow fish tend to travel in schools, yet Rainbow Fish's friends are other species of fish and he sets out alone into the deep sea. And, of course, I'll overlook the glitter :)

  • Arnetia Lewis
    2019-01-25 07:42

    I thought that Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea was a great book. I used this book for my lesson plan in my practicum III course, with the class I was in the children really enjoyed the book and they enjoyed seeing different fish in the book that they never heard of before. The children were so interested in the book they all kept crowding around me because they were so interested in the bright colors and the new fish that we were reading about in the book.. I can say this is a must read book for children ages 5 years and up.

  • Alexandria
    2019-02-10 10:37

    This is the story of a little rainbow fish who loses his last silver scale over the edge of a canyon. When he braves the scary deep see to find it, he discovers that the creatures who live there aren't so scary after all. and they're more like him than he could have guessed. A wonderful story about helping someone in need as well as not judging other just because they look different from you or the people you are around every day.

  • Nathan Willard
    2019-02-15 03:45

    My four year-old loved this book so much she did a research project about all of the sea creatures in the book. She points out that the latern fish that appears in the book is actually an angler fish. The story follows rainbow fish and a friendly firefly squid as they search the ocean depths looking for a lost sparkly scale. It introduces kids to the variety of colorful and luminescent animals deep down in the sea.

  • Rachelle
    2019-02-02 05:03

    The pictures in this book are just lovely. The adventure the little fish takes is nice, meeting up with strange sea creatures and growing in character as a fish. I think this little story can relate to little children of many ages as it is about taking a leap of faith even though we might be fearful. The journey can help us grow and become more confident with our abilities.

  • Kristi Bernard
    2019-02-15 05:45

    If your child loves stories of the sea, then this is the book! The sparkling illustrations bring the deep sea creatures to life. Rainbow fish loses his last silvery scale and must journey to the deep dark sea to find it. What he encounters are beautiful entities that glow in the darkness. You will have to read this story to see if he makes new friends.

  • Chelsea
    2019-01-28 08:00

    Rainbow Fish discovers the Deep Sea is a story about talking sea creatures. The main character is a talking rainbow fish who loses his scale and must go into the forbidden deap sea. This is a great story about the sea and the creatures that live within it. This book makes you happy and it is joyful to read as well. The pictures are very vivid and colorful.

  • Chelsey
    2019-01-22 10:47

    Picture Book

  • Valerie
    2019-01-24 08:56

    creepy crawly sea-creatures

  • Ritz ☾
    2019-02-12 06:55

    2.5 / 3 Illustrations are as fun as other Rainbow Fish books, but the story is not Pfister's best work. Leans onto the weaker side, unfortunately.

  • Flint
    2019-02-19 09:51

    I like it because it glitters. Even if mylksnake thinks it's scientifically inaccurate.

  • Amanda
    2019-01-30 09:56

    Neat book about exploring new things. Also deals with many deep sea creatures that aren't common in kid's books.

  • Rachel
    2019-02-07 06:56

    Sweet story. Nice theme of friendship.

  • Laura
    2019-01-20 06:03

    Really just an excuse to make an extremly sparkly book.

  • Sarah Stumphf
    2019-02-05 08:40

    The pictures in this book make small children ask questions, which is always good. Friendly story which teaches young children that it's okay to ask for help.

  • Dleehy
    2019-01-26 04:43


  • Sarah Adamson
    2019-02-16 06:52

    A rainbow fish sequel - rainbow fish goes out and explores the ocean and has to find her way back.

  • Brittany Perry
    2019-02-12 06:43

    The use of color and shiny scales and such made this book a delightful read for my toddler. It is a favorite and he loves the cover. Simply wonderful.

  • Paul
    2019-02-11 05:36

    Liked the way the 2 pg illustrations worked.

  • Jeannie
    2019-02-12 04:33

    ♥♥~♥ ♥~♥♥~♥ A really cute story about discovery and friendship!Nicely illustrated! I highly recommend! A fun read!♥♥~♥ ♥~♥♥~♥ ♥:)