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He sure would love to have someone to take care of...Dr. Mike Flynn's single mom taught him early how to cook and clean, and there's nothing like vacuuming or doing dishes to help a guy relax. Annabelle Ronaldi is an artist without a domestic bone in her body. Since her fiance's death, she can't paint, and life looks hopeless.Until the day after her sister's wedding, whenHe sure would love to have someone to take care of...Dr. Mike Flynn's single mom taught him early how to cook and clean, and there's nothing like vacuuming or doing dishes to help a guy relax. Annabelle Ronaldi is an artist without a domestic bone in her body. Since her fiance's death, she can't paint, and life looks hopeless.Until the day after her sister's wedding, when she wakes up with Mike next to her in bed, and then she's really beside herself - because the handsome stranger is a dead ringer for her dead fiance.After their mind-blowing one night stand, Mike is sure this is the woman he wants to take care of forever, but she acts like she's seen a ghost. While Mike sets to work wooing Annabelle, she sets to work sniffing out the truth of the convoluted family secret that turns everybody's lives upside down....

Title : Too Hot to Handle
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ISBN : 9781402217661
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 416 Pages
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Too Hot to Handle Reviews

  • Mo
    2019-02-12 07:26

    I enjoyed this book. Strong main characters and secondary characters.I think I might have read this one years ago. I bought it on Kindle more than 7 years ago ... pre-Goodreads!He is Irish, so of course I am going to love him!"Michael Christopher Flynn."LOL. Hubby's name is Michael Christopher ...

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-02-12 09:18

    Nice pleasant story. Easy reading. Good and interesting characters.STORY BRIEF:Annabelle loved Chip who died from cancer five years earlier. She meets Mike at her sister’s wedding. Mike looks like he could be Chip’s twin brother. They are immediately attracted to each other. Annabelle is an artist working in an art gallery. Mike is a Doctor (lung specialist). Mike is great at cooking and cleaning, Annabelle is not.REVIEWER’S OPINION:I had no complaints other than the method used to separate the couple. Annabelle wants to break up with Mike because she thinks he will be better off without her (so she won’t come between him and his family). This was stupid on her part and not true. Mike gets mad at Annabelle because she kept something secret from him. Some reasonable communication earlier in the relationship would have solved the problem. Other than that it was enjoyable.DATA:Story length: 405 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 5. Total number of sex scene pages: 31. Setting: current day Brooklyn and Coney Island, NY and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Copyright: 2009. Genre: contemporary romance.OTHER BOOKS:To date, I’ve read one other book by Robin Kaye. My 3 star review of “Romeo Romeo” was posted 1/18/09.

  • D.L.
    2019-01-20 05:36

    So far, I love Robin Kaye’s work. Romeo, Romeo was great fun and I think Too Hot to Handle started out on a similar vein. Overall, I’d give it more of a 3.75 than a full 4 stars.A major problem I had with the book is that the filler was generally very dull. I found myself skimming over Mike’s conversations with patients and nurses and the practice, even though many of them were supposed to be sentimental. Similarly, I too much was revealed through dialogue, which is equally boring. It seems any two characters would end up talking and suddenly explain all their thoughts, feelings, and actions from over the past few years with a new found clarity. There are only so many revelations a person can have in the span of a day. This bothered me more than the unrealistic plot, as contrived behaviors pull me away from a book quicker than contrived situations.I loved Mike as a hero. I don’t think he can fully be labeled a beta hero- he was definitely in control of many situations, but I loved that he was never overbearing and that he came grips with his feelings before Annabelle. I didn’t become as attached to Annabelle as I did to Mike, but I’m surprised how much I came to like her and understand her actions after how she was portrayed in Romeo, Romeo. I think this says a lot for Kaye’s talent. I am unsure of her character pairing in her next novel (Breakfast in Bed) as it seemed in Romeo, Romeo she was pushing them a different direction, but I am still eager to read it.

  • Vina
    2019-02-08 10:17

    mana kipaaaaaaaaaaaas....???OMG... hot banget...sumpah... swear....please... kipas...hahahaha....jujur pertama tau yg jadi main role adalah adiknya Rosalie, agak bete gitu, krn di buku pertama kisah Rosalie ama Nick, gak ada bagus2nya tokoh Annabelle initetapi... untung lah aku tetap beli buku kedua ini, gak kecewa, malah duh....! keren deh Robin Kaye menghidupkan tokoh Annabelle, dan membuat aku jatuh cinta ama tokoh Dokter Mike Flynn,(1) lagi2 cowok Alpha, (2) yang jago masak (pernah magang di Italian Resto nya Vinny-Mona)(3) suka bersih-bersihin rumah(4) Dokter pula....(5) Ganteeeeng(6) cinta banget eh tepatnya napsu banget ama Annabelle... kurang baek apa coba....baca deh...

  • Ipshita
    2019-01-20 03:18

    I did not like the girl at all. I could not even associate with any of them.

  • Cherrie
    2019-01-24 06:23

    Bought this at a clearance fair for a sixth of the original price so I guess it's safe to say I didn't have much of an expectation. And unfortunately, it proved me right. Overall a very light read with not much of a plot nor character development. It's difficult to empathise or identify with the characters because they are neither memorable, relatable nor likeable. The plot 'twists' can be seen from a mile away. This is a book that you will read and forget all about it next week. Conclusion? Meh.

  • Stephanie
    2019-01-21 04:20

    4.5 stars When I first started reading I had a bad feeling that I would not like this book. I really didn't like Annabelle, the heroine, at all. I have to say that I was so pleasantly surprised at the character development to Annabelle and Mike throughout the book. I ended up liking them both very much. Robin Kaye manages to totally redeem Annabelle about half way into the book. Mike was yummy from beginning to end.Great follow up to Romeo, Romeo Kaye’s first book in the series.You will love Dr Mike immediately! Annabelle will grow on you soon after you start this book.

  • Cathi Griego
    2019-02-01 07:36

    OMG I love Mike....he is the kind of man I would love my two granddaughters to find some day....That kind of a man with kind heart, patience,can cook, clean house and stand up for what is right. So happy that Annabella finally found a person like Mike who cared for her and didn't care what anyone else thought.

  • Holly
    2019-02-10 11:31

    The heroine was beyond annoying and the circumstances behind the main conflict were contrived and dumb. The hero bugged, too. Very disappointing since I loved her debut release.

  • Erotic Horizon
    2019-01-31 05:23

    CharactersAnnabelle Ronaldi – The girl who had too much and nothing going on for her. Caught in the middle of wanting to please her family and needing to find her own independence – toss Mike Flynn into the mix and Annabelle is more confused than ever before. Dr Mike Flynn – The man who can’t believe his luck when he actually lucks out with a woman who is everything he could ever want. Working, dealing with office issues, being the dutiful son while balancing how much info he gives his nosy friends suddenly seems to all take second place to Annabelle – but does everything take second place in Annabelle live for him or will he have to fight to find his own space. The PlotAnnabelle Ronaldi could not believe that she had just woken up with the man who was a dead ringer for her dead fiancé. Not only was he exactly alike, he was also exactly different and in all the right places.Mike Flynn could not believe his luck when not only a hot woman seems to like him, but she likes him for himself and not just as the rebound guy.Annabelle is experiencing things with Mike that she has never experienced with Chip - her dead fiancé; and Mike is walking that thing line between scared to death of a relationship and going for broke when he starts to get to know the real Annabelle.The path to Mike’s true love and Annabelle’s hot sex life is not easy, parents, in-laws, best friends, big brother and fairy godfathers all make an impact and give their two cents' worth of opinion, that is not needed or wanted and might end up costing them more than they have to lose.PredictabilityAs this was the first book i read by this author, I straight off the bat liked her style, it easy, it’s fun – there’s no deep thinking to it, it just an entertaining read. The Italian family scenario came with the expected nosy parents, larger than life friends and of course a food background. Once the author integrated all of that into the story i enjoyed the ride to the end of this book and it was a pleasure.Smut/Ick FactorDear god did these two get their smut on. They were like the energiser bunnies. Not only were they at it as often as they could, but it was no experimental smut – they lit fires under each other from the moment they set eyes on each other and it only got more intense as the book progressed. LOVED IT.PositiveAs mentioned before Ms. Kaye has some style, it’s easy, it hits the spot and it has everything that you need to get caught up in a wonderful romance.The characters are loveable and although they have the usual hang ups and chips on their shoulders, they also have the capacity and intelligence to open themselves up to criticisms and a lot of ribbing and more over they had the chance to grow during the length of this book..Annabelle character was a fun meet for me, I love how Ms. Kaye showed the growth of Annabelle from geeky teen to a strong assertive young woman. there were a few emotional moments – where Ms. Kaye really showed her love for this character to its fullest – my hats off to her.Ms Kaye took time to develop almost all the characters introduced in this story to the extend that you connect with them at some level and i really enjoyed meeting this wonderful bunch of people - obviously some more than the others.The pace of the book was well timed, nothing was rushed - everything in it’s own time and place. TOO HOT TO HANDLE is a solid read at 416pages, however the story was spaced out enough to allow natural death and natural growth to take place in this story.Supporting cast and hilarious sidekick made this story the wonderful read it was, and I loved the dynamics of who rub who the wrong way, I like the interaction and angtsy situations between individual parent/child scenarios.I like Ms. Kaye’s attention to detail, there were some major description going on in this book (between brothers, mothers etc), but what impressed me more was the minor things like smell, mannerism, family angst, personal development that made accepting and loving each character all that more easier.There were a few side stories that were integral to the development of the plot and they worked, the ones that were not tied up i am looking forward to seeing them followed up in the third book to come.The realness of the book ultimately did it for me. I could understand and relate to so much of what Mike and Annabelle were going through with friends, family and colleague literally doing a circus around their life.I laugh, I laugh out loud and I laughed alot, not only at the going on’s between Mike and Annabelle, but also the sarcasm of the support cast, the nosy, demanding and determined parents and i really had fun when big brother went into protective mode for little sister and with two very fairy godfathers this book had it all.As much as i am loving this book, i love the simplicity of the plot, the genuine emotions the characters feel – I like the fact they cried, they laugh and they had great smut as often as they could. However this is not a new plot but Ms. Kaye has certainly made it her own and the sting is definately in the detail.NegativeAs mentioned before this was my first book by this author so therefore i did not have that buffer of ROMEO ROMEO ( First book in the Domestic Gods series) to fall on, i had to struggle to like Annabelle sister Rosalie, the main protag of ROMEO ROMEO – she came across as not a nice person at all and i was very pleased at the minimal contact i had with her.That said, this is one of the drawbacks of reading books out of sequence, perception are made on the first impression and i certainly did not like her, however i have to now read ROMEO ROMEO, as any sister of Annabelle has to have something going for her.CoverThere’s not much not to like and it more than accurately depict what was happening in the book. Mike learned right quick that in order to eat – he better get with the program – because his little Italian fire cracker was not gifted in the kitchen department – I like the cover alot.

  • Ochie
    2019-02-05 10:30

    'm still debating with myself if this is my favorite or Yours for the Taking. Hahaha... I loved the story and I guess I was able to connect with the main characters. By now, I know the rest of the secondary characters and I guess I now feel more comfortable in their world. It's nice finally knowing how these two got together (since of course in Book 3 - Breakfast In Bed, they are already married). I think the side story is kinda nice too - the one about Becky and her dad, and her dad's past. And who wouldn't want a hunkababe doctor for a hero? I think I've been watching too much Grey's! hahahha :)I can't wait for a new Robin Kaye book very soon! I hope she releases one :)

  • Linda
    2019-01-21 05:11

    Stars, but I loved the story of Annabelle and Mike! After Dr. Mike Flynn's meeting Annabelle at her sister's wedding, too much champagne led them to her bed and Mike is sure that she's the one. I laughed at Annabelle thinking that Mike was a dead ringer for her deceased fiance when she awoke, or maybe it was his ghost, but he was very much alive and he showed things hat knocked her socks as they made love and he had moves that Chip certainly didn't know! In the end Too Hot to Handled is one steamy read.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-01 08:26

    I know I gave more stars to book 1. Can’t remember if I liked it better, or maybe I was just in the mood at the time. Either way, this one didn’t work for me. Wound up skim reading the last 100 pages.

  • Desty
    2019-01-26 08:36

    Let’s meet The Domestic God #2, Dr. Mike Flynn. Selain pintar memasak, jago bersih-bersih rumah, dia juga pastinya hot untuk urusan “domestik” lainnya. Lahir sebagai anak tanpa kehadiran ayah, Mike diasuh oleh ibunya dalam kedisiplinan, super hemat, dan bisa diandalkan. Ayahnya meninggalkan ibunya (yang saat itu sedang bertunangan) demi seorang wanita kaya. Yang menyakitkan adalah pernikahan ayahnya itu diketahui lewat pengumuman di surat kabar. Colleen, ibu Mike, yang saat itu sedang mengandung diusir oleh keluarganya dan pergi ke Irlandia. Mike lahir di Irlandia dan tinggal selama 3 tahun kemudian kembali ke Brooklyn. Dengan susah payah dan hanya bergantung pada beasiswa, Mike berhasil menjadi seorang pulmonologist. Bahkan ketika menjadi seorang dokter ahli, kehidupan Mike tetap memiliki tunggakan biaya sekolah. Tidak heran jika Mike tetap hidup hemat dan kerja keras.Di pesta pernikahan Nick Romeo, sahabatnya, dia bertemu dengan seorang gadis yang tidak lain adalah adik mempelai wanita Rosalie Ronaldi (kisah Nick dan Rosalie dapat dibaca di Romeo Romeo). Anabelle Ronaldi sangat terkejut melihat Mike yang sangat mirip dengan mantan kekasihnya, Chip Larsen. Chip sendiri sudah meninggal beberapa tahun yang lalu karena kanker. Chip menolak menerima pengobatan. Walaupun Anabelle tahu Chip tidak mau berjuang (setidaknya untuk cinta mereka), Anabelle selalu mendampinginya hingga Chip meninggal. Setelah Chip meninggal, Anabelle ditunangkan oleh ibunya dengan seorang pria, yang pada akhirnya mengkhianatinya seminggu menjelang pernikahannya. Untungnya ada Nick dan Rosalie yang “menggunakan” semua persiapan yang sudah dilakukan untuk pernikahannya.Saking shock-nya melihat Mike, Anabelle tidak sadar sudah banyak minum dan akhirnya menjadi mabuk. Ketika dia berhasil menangkap buket bunga dari Rosalie, dan Mike mendapatkan galter dari Nick, Anabelle mendapatkan dirinya bangun keesokan harinya tanpa busana di samping Mike. Kejadian satu malam itu cukup untuk membuat Mike dan Anabelle tertarik satu sama lain. Hubungan mereka berlanjut dengan didasarkan atas kebutuhan fisik. Apalagi ketika Anabelle mengalami cedera pada kakinya, sebagai dokter Mike punya alasan untuk lebih sering mengunjungi Anabelle. Mike kemudian menyadari bahwa dia mencintai Anabelle dan ingin menikahinya. Sementara Anabelle yang hatinya masih terluka karena Chip belum siap menikah.Masalah muncul ketika Becca, sahabatnya (yang tidak lain adalah kembaran Chip) menemukan fakta bahwa Mike adalah saudara tirinya. Tidak heran jika Mike sangat mirip dengan Chip. Anabelle sendiri akhirnya mengetahui fakta itu dari ibu Mike, ketika tanpa sengaja Colleen menyebutkan nama ayah Mike sebagai seorang dokter cardiologist terkenal dan sangat kaya, yang tidak lain adalah ayah mantan kekasihnya. Anabelle pernah mengalami masa-masa pahit saat mendampingi Chip, ketika dia dituduh oleh ayah Chip bahwa dia hanya menginginkan uang dengan menjadi kekasih Chip. Anabelle tidak mau lagi berada dalam situasi tersebut. Harga dirinya sudah cukup terluka di masa lalu. Ketika Mike mengetahui fakta itu, dia langsung sadar bahwa Anabelle tidak mencintainya. Dia mau menjalin hubungan dengannya hanya karena dia mirip dengan Chip. Sayangnya, fakta itu didapatkannya sesaat sebelum dia mau melamar Anabelle.Saya lebih menyukai serial Domestic Gods buku #2 ini dibandingkan dengan kisah Nick dan Rosalie dalam Romeo Romeo. Saya suka dengan tokoh Mike yang berjuang untuk dirinya, ibunya, dan cintanya. Tidak jarang Mike rela menghabiskan uangnya demi Anabelle, walaupun dia sendiri harus berpikir keras mengenai kondisi keuangannya. Bahkan ketika dia ingin menikahi Anabelle, Mike tidak segan untuk berusaha mencari pekerjaan lain demi kehidupannya dengan Anabelle kelak. Di samping itu, dialog-dialog dalam buku ini menyegarkan, cerdas, lucu, tapi romantis. Robin Kaye bisa menjadi salah satu penulis cerita romantic-comedy favorit saya. Tidak sabar ingin membaca kisah Rich Ronaldi dan Becca Larson di buku #3, Breakfast in Bed.

  • Sarah Safirah
    2019-02-05 10:21

    What a fun and pleasant story!I Would like to give a 4.5 stars if I can...Ada di beberapa momen yang membuatku tidak berhenti gemas dan pengen ketawa.Dari sisi budaya di lingkup keluarga dan teman-teman Annabelle, nggak jauh-jauh dari kehidupanku sendiri yang aku rasakan.Contohnya di buku ini, sahabat baik Annabelle, Becca yang akan diam-diam membentuk saluran gossip sendiri pada Rossalie (Kakak perempuan Annabelle) dan Nick (Kakak Ipar Annabelle), atau Ibu Annabelle yang juga memiliki saluran gossip sendiri untuk memata-matai Annabelle...Ya ampunnn... So like my family. Yang mungkin pada kenyataannya bebepara orang tidak akan sependapat dan akan merasa bahwa hal tersebut sangat tidak nyaman (lebih-lebih, not so necessary for this life), yang bisa jadi mungkin akan terasa seperti, "apaan-sih-allay-banget-deh-!!!-Gitu-aja-ember." atau "ya-ampunnn-perlu-ya-kaya-gitu-!!!"Tapi, hey, ayolah... aku rasa semua orang pasti punya lingkaran kehidupan yang seperti itu, kok. (Bahkan, mungkin pernah merasakan seperti itu, baik disadari maupun tidak).Kemudian, di buku ini, bagian gemas yang lain buatku adalah ketika Annabelle punya janji kencan secara diam-diam dengan Mike, tapi hampir-hampir kencan itu gagal oleh kehadiran dan interupsi oleh kakak laki-laki Annabelle, Richie.Ya, siapa lagi kalau bukan karena ulah mama yang terlalu khawatir dengan kondisi Annabelle (Baca: Mama takut Aku (Oops, Annabelle maksudnya) tidak akan pernah menikah.Sisi gemas lain yang menggelitik adalah, ketika orang-orang terdekat Annabelle dan Mike bersekongkol agar keduanya (Si Mike dan Annabelle) tidak berpisah karena alasan masing-masing dan kesalahpahaman yang terjadi diantara mereka.Penuh intrik dan mendekati realita kehidupan banyak orang pada umumnya, menurutku.Sayang sekali, untuk cerita seseru ini ada beberapa bagian dari percakapan yang menurutku nggak nyambung karena salag penerjemahan.Salah satu contoh yang aku tangkap, di buku Nick mengatakan, "Hei, apa gunanya teman?" pada Mike. Padahal yang aku tangkap mungkin Nick secara lugas, spontan, dan sederhana ingin mengatakan, "hey, that is what's friend for..." pada Mike, nah, mungkin maksud Nick adalah "Ya gitu, lah, bro fungsinya teman..."Nah, sayangnya malah buku ini menerjemahkannya sebagai kalima tanya, bukannya sebagai kalimat pernyataan.Jadi ya, lumayan agak mengganggu mata dan sinkronisasi di otak karena terhambat oleh percakapan-percakapan yang nggak nyambung kalimat dialognya.Sayang bangettt kan...Sisi yang nggak enak kedua adalah, soal typo.Yup, kesalahan penulisan kata di tambah dengan beberapa kalimat dialog yang kesleo juga... Ugh... bikin aku lama untuk untuk "mencerna" dan "menyerap" imajinasi cerita.Kemudian, sisi negatif yang ke-3, mungkin soal kehidupan budaya orang Italia atau orang Amerika pada umumnya mungkin ya, sperti contoh umpatan-umpatan mereka atau ketika menyebut nama-nama santo (yang jelas secara total dan buta, aku nggak ngerti itu siapa), acara-acara keagamaan, dan gaya/cara mereka melampiaskan kemaran...Yah untuk beberapa soal budaya yang memang tidak bisa tercerna dengan baik, aku anggap ringan aja sih, karena kan hidup disana beda dengan hidup disini. Lah, sederhananya, yang hidup sesama di Indonesia aja juga punya latar budaya yang beda kan...After all, buku ini tetap layak diberi 4.5 bintang dan layak buat dijadikan koleksi buku pribadi.Sayang bangettt, aku nggak punya buku ini dengan edisi lengkap ke-4 nya.Masih di jual nggak ya? Seru deh kalo punya 4-4 nya di rumah...

  • Yulia Anggraini
    2019-01-29 06:09

    Annabelle dulu mempunyai pacar yang mirip dengan mike yang bernama chip…yang meninggal karna sakit kanker…chip anak orang kaya yang ortux tidak menyukai Annabelle dan chip tidak pernah sekalipun membela Annabelle dan dy lebih memilih dana perwalianx daripada memperjuangkan Annabelle… Annabelle yang saat itu baru berumur 18 tahun masih terlalu muda untuk membela dirix sendiri dari orang tua chip dan dy juga membiarkan chip memanfaatkanx…klo seandaix kanker yg diderita chip tidak kembali menyerangx cepat atau lambat mereka pasti akan berpisah tp semua itu tidak terjadi cz dy tetap berada disisi chip saat detik2 terakhir hidup chip…orang tua chip yang mengira Annabelle hidup dari uang chip mengambil semua tabungan yang Annabelle punya dan bahkan dy tidak punya uang sepeser pun untuk membeli tiket kereta untuk kembali k Brooklyn… Setelah kematian chip,Annabelle seperti zombie dan dy membiarkan emakx nan cerewet mengatur pertunanganx dengan pengurus makam keparat tukang selingkuh itu…Yihaaaaa…Sekali ini mike tidak mengencani mantan2x nick… ;p Mike walaupun wow diurusan rumah tangga tp dy kere… ;p mike masih harus melunasi hutang kuliahx dan masalah d rumah sakit tempat dy bekerja juga membuat kondisi keuanganx memburuk…tidak punya rumah dan mobil…jd dy hanya pria biasa yang punya masalah biasa dan hanya ingin melamar pujaan hatix yg ternyata sangat keras kepala…Hubungan Annabelle dan mike memburuk karna mike berpikir Annabelle tidak mencintaix,mereka bersama hanya karna dy mirip dengan chip…Annabelle tidak mau memperjuangkan cinta mereka krna dy tidak mau membuat mike memilih antara dy dan keluarga barux mike…dy takut mike akan memperlakukanx seperti chip…Annabelle takut dy tidak cukup berharga untuk dperjuangkan…Well,aq jauh lebih suka romeo romeo…ntah kenapa dari awal aq merasa Annabelle itu terlalu dark,selalu dibawah awan hitam,aurax gelap boo… ;pG sreg aj rasax…dan aq juga g tw n mengerti ap yang membuat dy sperti itu dan masa lalux dengan chip…udah lewat pertengahan cerita baru jelas… Mike kalah jauh dbandingin nick klo dalam urusan rumah tangga… ;pLebih terasa n banyak scene bersih2 dan masakx nick daripada mike…yaaah mungkin karna beban kerja mereka juga beda jauh…Penasaraaaaann sangaaaaat sama ben… ><Bos x Annabelle yang sempat melamarx dan membuat mike kebakaran jenggot…hehehe…

  • Jessica
    2019-01-29 03:23

    Ternyata Annabelle tuh ga bitchy. There are reasons behind her bitchy act in first book. Dia baik, lembut, vulnerable. Begitu ketemu masalah langsung kabur, makanya terima aja ditunangin sama Johnny si brengsek. Ketemu deh sama Mike di pesta pernikahan Rosalie (yg seharusnya pesta pernikahan dia yg sudah dia atur selama setahun) yang ternyata miripppppp banget sama Chip mantannya. Mike yang langsung naksir sama Annabelle pas pertama kali ketemu, langsung mendekati Annabelle saat itu juga. Annabelle ngerasa berada di dunia mimpi, karena bertemu Chip kembali. Mereka end up bobo bareng, dan paginya Annabelle terkejut dikiranya ketemu hantunya Chip. Hahaha. Aslinya sih mereka mabok, terus Mike nganter Annabelle pulang dan ga tau deh selanjutnya.Terus tar mereka in relationship, tapi pas Annabelle tau kalo Mike tuh saudara tiri Chip, langsung menjauh. Dia ga mau sejarah terulang seperti saat dia bersama Chip. Ternyata, orang tua Chip ini old money family yg terkenal banget di Philadelphia, dan ortu Chip yakin kalo Annabelle cuma ngincer duit Chip, padahal Annabelle lah yg susah2 kerja cari uang supaya dia dan Chip masih bisa makan. Chip ini pelit, egois, dan cuma mikirin diri dia sendiri. Dan yang paling menyakitkan buat Annabelle, pas Chip nyerah terhadap kanker, ninggalin dia, uang kerja keras Annabelle di rekeningnya pun diambil sama mama Chip karena dia ngira itu duit Chip. Dan Annabelle janji ga akan mau deket2 sama keluarga itu lagi (pengecualian buat sahabat dekatnya yang adalah saudara kembar Chip).Mike pun tahu cerita ini dari Becca, adik tirinya dan sahabat dekat Belle (panggilan Annabelle dari Mike). Mike yang awalnya menjauhi Belle gara2 mukanya yang mirip Chip (udah janji mau ngelamar, declared that he loves her so much) akhirnya sadar dan ngejer Belle lagi. Menurut saya, buku ini pun ga kalah keren dari Romeo, Romeo. Dan oh my God, emang dasaran seri Domestic Gods, Mike pun bisa bersih2, masakin makanan buat Belle. Mau dongggg cowo kayak gituuuuu *ngigit ngigit kertas* alur lancar, apalagi pas kejar2annya. Hahaha. Konfliknya Annabelle juga kompleks, jadinya ga ngebosenin. Masa lalunya Annabelle rumit, tapi masa lalu mamanya Mike juga. Di buku ini juga disisipin kisah mama dan papanya Mike yang akhirnya nikah juga di buku ketiga.

  • Michelle
    2019-01-27 03:31

    Domestic Gods??? I never heard of such a thing until I heard of Robin Kaye! I picked up Romeo, Romeo on a whim at the library and I loved it! When I found it that it didn't end at Romeo, Romeo and that there were two more books I ran to the bookstore to pick them up! Too Hot to Handle was a great book. The title of the book was perfect because the sex scenes sure were HOT but not overdone. I can't stand a book where it's all sex with no storyline. I really liked Mike Flynn! He's a hard working doctor trying to establish his career. He cooks, cleans, and is somewhat of an undercover neat freak. He has some secrets about his past and his biological father, whom doesn’t know he even exists. His entire life it’s only been him and his mother and I thought it was so cute how he could confide in his mother when he had relationship problems.Annabelle Ronaldi is the youngest of three children. She's independent and trying not to go insane from her mother's constant meddling in her love life. She has a history of dating men who treat her wrong and their mothers not liking her. When she meets Mike at her sister’s wedding (while being drunk as hell), she thinks she sees the ghost of her dead ex-fiance. So when she wakes up the next morning with Mike next to her in bed her face goes stark white! The story eventually unfolds and Annabelle is pretty shocked when she finds out who Mike’s biological father and his half siblings are. She’s willing to let go of the man she loves so she doesn’t go through the same heartache she went through before. What she didn’t realize is that Mike would never let anyone come between them. I really liked how you get to see a lot of both of their families and how everyone is connected to each other in some way or another. Oh and I cannot forget about Dave, the dog. I just loved him in Romeo, Romeo and I’m glad that he had a big role in this book! Next on my list is Breakfast in Bed which is about the eldest Ronadli sibling!

  • Elle
    2019-02-19 09:21

    3,5 Too Hot stars!!Buku ke-2 dari Robin Kaye ini merupakan lanjutan dari Romeo, Romeo dengan karakternya berbeda.Annabelle adalah adik Rosalie yang gagal menikah karena perselingkuhan yang dilakukan si mantan sedangkan Mike Flynn seorang dokter handal yang merupakan teman Nick; suami Rosalie. Pertemuan pertama Belle dan Flynn sungguh diluar dugaan. Belle yang mabuk berat berakhir di ranjang bersama Mike tapi tidak ada 'hal' yang terjadi. Mike begitu mengingatkan Belle terhadap mantannya. Sebaliknya, Mike yang biasanya memacari mantan2 Nick mulai tertarik kepada Belle.Sejujurnya, ketertarikan Mike kepada Belle dirasa terlalu cepat bagiku namun seiringnya perjalanan cerita mereka berdua aku mulai menyukainya. Mike adalah tipe alpha male idaman dan menjadi salah satu faveku dari seluruh seri ini. Dia orang yang bertanggung jawab dan emm... HOT. Too perfect!! >_< Sedangkan Belle yang menyukai seni cukup berantakan seperti Rosalie. Mike sangat posesif dan cemburu terhadap pria2 yang mendekati Belle dan mengubahnya menjadi serigala yang siap 'menerkam'. Hohoho... Karena sifatnya ini, sex diantara mereka paling WOW buatku. Mike sepertinya menuangkan perasaannya dalam sex *cough* yang cukup HOT walau bukan kategori erotica.Penulisan yang bagus dan masih berbalut humor dari anjing milik Rosalie hingga pasangan tetangga bak fairy godfather. Aku menyukai perjalanan cinta mereka sampai satu titik dimana konflik berat mulai muncul. Rahasia dan kebohongan mulai terungkap. Menurutku, drama yang disajikan dalam cerita ini tidak terlalu lebay. Hal yang aku kurang suka adalah karakter Belle yang cukup lemah dan kurang bisa 'mencakar' Mike yang dominan. Kegalauan dalam diri Belle juga kadang membuatku kesal karena dia belum bisa move on. Aku dapat merasakan emosi antara hubungan Belle-Mike yang akhirnya mendapatkan HEA. Yay! Well, I'd love to recommend this book. Too Hot to Handle is definitely an enjoyable read with some HOT scene than others non-erotica. It's a simple love story that could happen in reality. Not like a fairy tale and I love it! Originally, this is 3 stars but the sex scene is unforgettable, LMAO.

  • Marie
    2019-02-12 06:38

    In this snappy sequel to Robin Kaye's first Domestic God novel "Romeo, Romeo", the author Robin Kaye brings back supporting characters and makes Annabelle Ronaldi's love life the focus this time around. If you haven't read the first book, there is no need to worry. I haven't read it yet but plan on going back and reading it because "Too Hot to Handle" was so much fun I can't wait for more of it. This was my introduction to a Domestic God: he happily cooks, cleans, does your laundry and looks gorgeous doing it. (SOLD!)This frisky story brings us to Annabelle and Mike as they meet up at Annabelle's sister's wedding. Mike is perfect in all ways but there are mysterious undertones in each of their lives that makes this book more than just your average romance romp. Annabelle is recovering from her past relationships, and Mike is pretty much the Knight in Shining Armor that any woman would love to have knock on her door, besides the fact that he's a doctor. Yet he too has the troubling background which adds itself to the mystery facet of the novel. As these mysteries unfold, their mutual enchantment with each other is threatened. The favorite characters from the first novel are brought back as the secrets and mysteries unwind, and their dysfunctional family twists add humor and entertainment.This is one of those books that alludes to the major turning point in the mystery, yet you pretty much know what it is. This is my one criticism especially because it was hinted at immediately in the book, before actually letting the reader get involved in the suspense of it.But I loved it for the rollicking sexual attraction and for the high-spirited style of writing which made it more than just a erotic love story. If you like Janet Evanovich as I do, you will enjoy Robin Kaye. This book is an easy victory for Robin Kaye and I look forward to more of her accomplishments.please check out my blog for Robin Kaye's appearance and her Q&A!

  • Tam B.
    2019-01-27 05:14

    ** Spoilers - LOTS **I liked the premise of this book - guy you picked up at your sister's wedding looks exactly like your dead boyfriend - antics ensue. And I think if this was the majority of the book I would have enjoyed it more. Instead we started there and headed off the rails into soap opera land. This is the second book in a series (I think) and I started here and it does read as a stand alone. But wow just how much can you dump into a book.* A mother who obviously thinks very little of you and is solely focused on getting you married.* A sister who takes over your wedding plans when your engagement fails and has the wedding instead* A brother who is a jerk and crashes a date (and a father who is rude and dismissive to his wife)* The mother's day lunch from hell (for both H/h) due to family bringing them a date.* Two "fairy godfathers" upstairs from your apartment (aka Henry and Wayne)* A best friend (and boyfriend for that matter) that you've never introduced to your family for reasons??* A dead boyfriends family that believe you're a gold digging whore for reasons?* A current boyfriend who you can't share anything personal with.* Current boyfriend and dead boyfriend are half brothers* Father of current boyfriend offers him dream job and informs him of his inheritance - millions and an estate* Father of current boyfriends making moves on his former fiancee (his mother)* A boss (single, sexy and rich) who sends you mixed signals and tries to mess up dates.* Same boss offers an "in name only" marriage to secure his inheritance from his grandfather who wants him to marry.And the book just isn't that big! I started skimming because it was just too much but I was curious about just how much more could fit in the book. The next book is about Rich (the brother) and Becca (the best friend) and whilst I'd like to read about them, I'm not sure I could deal with all the rest that's bound to accompany their story.

  • Laura
    2019-01-30 04:37

    Second in the Domestic Gods series after Romeo, Romeo.Annabelle Ronaldi, sister to Rosalie from Romeo, Romeo. She manages an art gallery, but has given up her own artwork after the loss of her boyfriend 2 years earlier. At her sister's wedding, she sees what could be her dead boyfriend's double and wakes up with him the next morning thinking she'd been with a ghost.Dr. Mike Flynn is Nick Romeo's best friend and best man at his wedding. When he meets Nick's new sister-in-law, he's taken immediately. She's a little crazy after their first night together, but he's willing to overlook that and see where things go.Okay, so I liked this book, but not as much as the first. The setup for Annabelle is just a little outlandish. She really went away for 2 years and had a boyfriend that she lived with and her family never knew about him? They never even heard his name? A little difficult to believe. The coincidences were also a little hard to believe, but possible. My last nit is the use of in-laws. When you are speaking of multiple of one in-law, you say, sisters-in-law, not sister-in-laws (or mothers, fathers, brothers, etc.). It was used incorrectly at least once and it annoys me--any decent editor should have caught that.Ignoring the nits, I really liked the story. I liked Mike. He was intelligent and thoughtful and still an alpha-male. He was well written. Annabelle I was unsure about in the beginning--especially with her having been written as a spoiled brat in the last book, but she grew on me. She really was a better character than I expected.Not as good as the first, but still worth the read. It isn't necessary to have read Romeo, Romeo, but I highly recommend reading it first to get to know the characters and to get the full story (you might miss a couple of small things). Plus, Romeo, Romeo is really good. :)

  • Barbara ★
    2019-01-24 10:10

    I absolutely loved Romeo, Romeo and was looking forward to more fun with hotties who like to clean (hmmmm where can I find one of those?). This one was more erotica than romance. Annabelle and Mike couldn't stay out of the bedroom. I honestly got tired of reading about their sexual exploits as it was just the same thing repeated again and again. Yeah they were hot to trot but I didn't feel that they had an actual relationship. Annabelle was off in her own world reminiscing about Chip (her boyfriend who died of cancer and is a dead ringer for Mike) and even though two years have passed, she still hasn't gotten her head on straight. And Mike had work issues that interfered with his ability to see Annabelle more often. I found Mike's conversations with patients and nurses to be filler and boring filler at that. For various reasons, his whole issue was finding a new job and yet that was left undone. It just gave the book an unfinished feel.I also think that (view spoiler)[the pregnant heroine at the end was too cliched. These two have barely got their stuff together and it's only been 3 or 4 weeks since they even met. Too much too soon. The ending itself was just too unrealistic for my tastes. (hide spoiler)] This won't stop me from reading Breakfast in Bed and Yours for the Taking though.

  • Sarah Eiseman
    2019-02-08 06:33

    This is the second book in Kaye's Ronaldi family books. I found that I could not put this book down once I started it–-which was the same problem I had with Kaye’s other book that I read. This story followed Dr. Mike Flynn and Annabelle Ronaldi. Annabelle’s former fiance died a few years back, and in an effort to straighten out her life following his death, Annabelle has moved back to New York. These two meet each other at the wedding of two mutual friends and instantly hit it off.I can’t really decide if I like these books because Kaye has a way of making the men in her books do all the cooking and the cleaning or if it’s because of some other reason. I was joking with my brother about them being similar to a book I found at Powell’s once called Porn for Women–don’t let the name fool you. It was pictures of hot looking men doing housework and saying things like “Honey, you’ve had a long day. Why don’t you take a bath and I’ll change juniors diapers and clean the house.” I remember the first time I saw that book I nearly peed my pants I laughed so hard! Kaye’s female characters tend to have issues with cooking and cleaning, so the men she pairs them up with often want to take care of them, clean up after them, etc. What a nice world we’d live in if this happened, right?Anyway, I’m reading these books out of order, but I don’t feel like I’m missing too much of the story by doing so. Kaye is definitely an author I’ll be checking out in the future. Her stories are big on Italian families (big families, at that), the stories are lighthearted and fun, and the characters are priceless. I’m really glad this is a series, because it’s nice to be able to follow some of the story lines of various Ronaldi family members. Good stuff!

  • Mariana Bezerra
    2019-01-24 05:11

    Read this review on my blog! --> Book TravelsThe first story in this series was a very pleasant surprise and I jumped really fast on book two. Since most of the characters are already know and we kinda can’t wait to see how they fell in love.The first book is about Rosalie and we met her sister Annabelle there. I have to say that she sounded like a bitch from her appearance and I wanted someone better in this book, but some things happened in her past that made her that way and it took some time for her to overcome the sadness and really enjoy life again.Nick introduced us he’s friend Mike when lee caught pneumonia and needed a doctor. First of all he sounded way more happy on the first book and after realizing that he’s life is not perfect as it sounded kinda enjoyed more he’s responsible fair, because he was way to perfect to be true.So these two met on the wedding and it was attraction at first sight. Annabelle was sad and he looked like someone else to her, but after getting drunk the night was really all about sex for them. But Mike wanted more, a relationship while Annabelle just wanted to enjoy good sex for the first time in her life.Annabelle is kinda like her sister and not very domestic, but Mike also learned a thing or two with Vinnie, plus he’s a bit of crazy with cleaning parts, so they ended up like a copy of the same story on the first book and that’s the only part I didn’t like it.But Annabelle had secrets and I enjoyed how she finally let herself open up and how she and Mike handled their problems. Mike discovered more about his family, but things ended up really good. In the end the book earned the forth star.

  • Spuffed
    2019-02-05 08:29

    Well, I really enjoyed the first book in the series so I immediately picked this one up at full price and was pretty disappointed. The book wasn't awful, so I couldn't give it less than three stars but it just wasn't worth the price for me.Quick Rundown: Read Jane's review:)Characterization: This was pretty good except for one major flaw-- the author made the Chick out to be a jealous shrew in the first book and the Dude into a second-hand man whore. So, I came into this book with a bad impression of the two MC's and it seems like the author just changed who they were on me. I understand that the author was showing us these two from their own perspectives but they didn't match up to the previous book at all and it was always in the back of my head. I had a hard time liking them or being invested in their relationship. Secondary characters were fine and just about all made appearances for the better.Plot/Writing: Writing wasn't bad but as I wasn't invested in these two MC's, that lowered my rating. Plot was more cliched than the first book so that was a disappointment. I was also unhappy with how predictable the Chick was with the drama that happened at the end. I really didn't need to read it to find out what happened and even though I got an ending I typically just love, I was still "eh" about it overall.Overall: I'd skip this one. I suggest reading "Romeo, Romeo" and stopping there. I certainly wouldn't spend $7.00 on this one like I did hoping to get more of that magical feeling from the first book in the series. I read the third in the series and DNF'd it at around 90%. The series just got worse for me, sadly.

  • Ethel
    2019-01-26 03:20

    I read this book as a part of RRRC (Romance Readers Reading Challenges) group's December reading challenge. It wasn't really my kind of book, I had some major prejudice against it, but it turned out to be quite decent read.It had some good moments, and then some bad moments. I can't say that I enjoyed this book, but I didn't have any objection either.Good things+ The start of this book was a rapid one. I liked it, it was funny and it was strong opening. It took me in fast and I enjoyed reading first, say 50-75 pages.+ Story was mostly funny, and it didn't bored me as much as I feared it might.Weak points- Time frame was short, something about around month, if I remember right. It is still annoying, that(view spoiler)[in very short period of a time two persons meet, have sex, fell in love, have sex, have more sex, other one proposes (if we are speaking f/m relationship, then it is usually the man), have sex, then .. a BABY. Okay, you can do a lot of sex in a month, but that's not the point. :) The point is, have these characters any brains at all? Yes, you can fell in love fast, but do you really have to marry that person right away?(hide spoiler)]Yeah, this is fiction, but still.. Some realism wouldn't kill anybody, right?- Book was quite long with relation to happenings. Most of the time characters brooded their own issues.It was okay book to read, nothing special, but quite dullish.So, 2.75/5 stars.

  • Beth
    2019-01-21 03:25

    3.5 starsThis book was good but I was a little disappointed after reading the first book. Mike and Annabelle are great characters but after meeting Mike's character in Romeo, Romeo he fell a little flat in this book, it was like he wasn't that big funny alpha male character he seemed to be in the first book. I think in creating the relationship the author formed it in such a way that it meant we didn't get to see those great aspects of his character and although he came across really lovely he was missing that big personality. I have to also mention that this book covered material that was more serious then the other book in this series and I think that is probably why Mike was so different in this book then my expectation of him as a character. Annabelle on the other hand was an improved character gone was her mean demeanour and we found out the reason for it in this book to, but I did think she may have been a little feistier considering she was an Italian girl. On the other hand her mother was as obnoxious as ever and nothing redeemed her, she was horrible through Romeo, Romeo and remained so in this book. Overall I really liked this book and it was a good read and I would recommend it.

  • Trang Nguyen
    2019-02-02 04:33

    Have you ever finished reading a book with a quirky grin on your face? Well after reading Too Hot to Handle, I had this stupid smile on my face. (thank goodness I was alone!!) If I had a chance to rate this book it would be a 4.5. I thoroughly enjoyed the book but there were a couple of scenes that I felt dragged on. But other than that I totally fell in love with the hero, in this case Dr. Mike Flynn. This story starts off where the first book ended. Annabelle wakes up the day after her sister wedding in the arms of Mike who is a dead ringer of her deceased first love, Chip. Mike wakes up to a surprised "Belle" and couldn't have asked for a better woman to spend last night with and possibly his future. The story of the book shows their romance and eventually love for one another grow. However, secrets are being withheld and when the truth leaks out it damages what positive influence it had on their relationship.What I enjoyed about this particular story were all the twists and obstacles Annabelle and Mike had to face. I also love all the bantering back and forth between the characters. I have a feeling the fourth book will be about Ben Walsh.....

  • Sari
    2019-01-31 08:24

    Suka dengan alur cerita dan percakapan didalamnya, walau sudah ketebak dari awal akan seperti apa alurnya. Menarik, byk sudut pandang, lucu dialog2nya, ngegemesin pas bagian salah pahamnya, sayang kurang suka karakter tokoh utamanya.Mike ---> too good to be true. Sepertinya tokoh ini sangat terlalu fiktif, agak susah dibayangin didlm kehidupan nyata ada cowo sesempurna ini. Ud ganteng, cakep, fisik sempurna, bisa masak, bisa beres2, klepek2 sama tokoh utama cwnya dari awal ketemu, dokter pula. Susah bgt kan ada didunia nyata, mungkin hanya ada 1 diantara sejuta cowo. kekeke.....Annabelle ----> dari buku pertama sampe buku kedua ini tetep menyebalkan. Dibuku satu selalu menyalahkan Rosalie or drama queen abis, bahkan adegan dari jaman tunangan sampe putus dgn tunangannya pun berlebihan reaksinya. Dibuku kedua walo sudah diketahui latar belakang mengapa dia menyebalkan di buku 1, eh di buku 2 berubah jd sangat pasif n pesimis, mana dengan pedenya memutuskan sepihak mana yg baik buat Mike tanpa diskusi terlebih dahulu, tapi giliran ditinggalin beneran eh kerjaannya cuma nangis semaleman, jadi bingung maunya nih cw apa. Gw lebih suka karakter Becca dibanding Annabelle ;p