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This is volume three of a three volume series. After a long and arduous Season in London, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy wish more than anything to return to Pemberley and await the birth of their first child. Life, however, has other plans for the couple. As Elizabeth's pregnancy advances, they are ultimately obliged to part long enough to face ordeals without the benefit of each othThis is volume three of a three volume series. After a long and arduous Season in London, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy wish more than anything to return to Pemberley and await the birth of their first child. Life, however, has other plans for the couple. As Elizabeth's pregnancy advances, they are ultimately obliged to part long enough to face ordeals without the benefit of each other's company, comfort and support. Will the separation serve to strengthen or torment them? Just returned from battle, Richard Fitzwilliam finds himself grudgingly adapting to a life forever altered by a sudden and tragic change of circumstance. His duties vastly more significant, he discovers a threat to his family that cannot be ignored as a nefarious nobleman appears bent on claiming the infatuated Anne de Bourgh's hand and fortune. Will Fitzwilliam's honorable endeavors to protect his cousin only make things worse? Charlotte Collins, meanwhile, is granted no more peace as she frets over her vulnerable friend and her own burgeoning attraction to the local physician. Will her prayers to find serenity in her comfortably secure situation be answered? Is the scorned Caroline Bingley truly mad, or just horribly bitter? And who will be hurt by her poor judgment as a result? Is Georgiana Darcy finally ready to make her own decisions, or is it best to continue trusting in her wise, well-intentioned and ever-devoted brother with regards to her future? For better or worse, Jane Austen's beloved characters continue to make choices and suffer consequences in this third installment....

Title : progression vol 3 a continuation of jane austen s pride and prejudice
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progression vol 3 a continuation of jane austen s pride and prejudice Reviews

  • Leslie
    2019-04-17 17:10

    The description of this book says this is part 3 of a 3 volume series. I dispute that claim because this book really didn't wrap all of the loose ends.As I stated in my review of Progression vol 2. This is a "As the Regency Turns" P&P what if sequel.This takes place after the weddings of Mrs. Bennet's most deserving daughters. This book start with a chapter in the 60s that means if you haven't read vols 1 & 2 you really shouldn't be reading this do not pass go do not collect £200 of shillings or guineas or what ever pre-decimal currency they used.This book just dives into the action Lord Ashbourn, the eldest son of the Earl of Matlock, is dying. He has pneumonia and is too lazy to fight it off. While Darcy wants to take his increasing wife off to Pemberley he instead must head to Brighton to return the injured Colonel Fitzwilliam to his family. And tell Richard that he is about to be the heir to the Earldom. Caroline has retreated to Netherfield with the Bingleys; Jane & Charles, to lick her wounds and plan her revenge against the man that done her wrong. Who is , coincidentally, the man who done Lord Ashbourn wrong. Darcy & Georgiana are off to Pemberley; while Lizzy is off to Meryton for her sister, Catherine's, wedding to one of the Lucases. Between the Wickhams and Caro there is chaos and disorder. Anne has asserted her independence and is living at Lady Catherine's townhouse in London and cultivating the 'wrong kind of friends' as well as holding a tendre for Miss Bingley's & Col. Fitzwilliam's arch enemy. Caro is banished to Scarborough, where she will meet a man just as angry and bitter as she. Mrs. Collins is forced to endure her husband's bad manners, worse affections and Lady Catherine's abuses. Anne makes a decision that estranges her from her entire family, Mrs. Darcy goes into her confinement and the story ends with lots of loose ends.

  • Carole (in Canada)
    2019-03-29 23:10

    My Rating: 5+++It is difficult to sum up in one word the 'progression' of these three books other than...EPIC! Ms. Covey has blown me away with how she has woven this story all together. The best part is, there will be another book! I honestly was wondering if she could address all the lives involved with this final book, and thankfully she isn't rushing to clean up all these details. There is breadth and depth to this multi-level story that has now become one of my top favourite JAFF sequels! Thank you Ms. Covey for a worthy multi-dimensional offering.In my first two reviews of Progression Volume 1 and Volume 2, I had stated they would have been better as one. I now stand corrected in this assessment as each book served a purpose in developing each of the characters and their story lines. Now with Volume 3, Ms. Covey has given us an emotionally moving journey not only for Darcy and Elizabeth but also for Colonel Fitzwilliam (now Captain) and Anne deBourgh, Mr. and Mrs. Collins, Georgiana and Kitty Bennet, as well as the embittered Caroline Bingley. But let's not forget our main protagonist, Lord Thornhaugh, who has left the country but still plays a huge role in the lives of all involved. There is so much that I loved: Georgiana's sweet and caring ways for those she loves and trusts. Her interest in Lord 'John' Russell, younger brother to Lord Thornhaugh.Charlotte Collins growth, as she tries to help her dear friend Anne de Bourgh with the help of Dr. Thompson. Her feelings towards her obsequious but more manipulative husband."But it caused Charlotte's skin to crawl to hear him implicitly root for the death of Lord Ashbourne so that he may earn credit with his benefactress should a match be made as a result."Caroline's anger, at everyone but herself, but especially Lord Thornhaugh, has made her the queen of women scorned and vows revenge no matter how long it takes or what she will do to achieve it! The havoc she wreaks on the Bingley's and Bennet's is abominable...especially on Kitty. However, Jane Bingley was brilliant in letting Caroline know her behavior cannot and will not continue in their home. Elizabeth, as Darcy states "was a force of compassion and caring" and when Georgiana and Anne ask about 'love' to her and Lady Matlock, I had to laugh at a comment from Lady Matlock."I beg your pardon, Elizabeth, but a country maiden's matrimonial pond is decidedly shallow, and gentlemen of viable means scare."Then there is Anne de Bourgh. Her blossoming into a woman who knows what she wants, now that she has the freedom to pursue it, was enlightening. Her decisions baffle her family, for they cannot accept the choices she makes. She is product of her upbringing and will allow no one to stand in her way after years of being told what to think and what to do. I cannot wait to see more of her journey! As Anne said to Richard:"I cannot expect to be so loved, plain as I am, she had said. My hope, rather, is to love someone with all my heart..."Last, but certainly not least, is Darcy's emotional roller coaster of events. Being parted from Elizabeth, for the first time since their marriage, he is lost without her. Dealing with disputing tenants, his favourite horse giving birth and not being there to protect Elizabeth now that she is with child, has Darcy losing sleep and floundering. Once reunited his fears go into hyper drive as Elizabeth nears her due date. To say that Darcy puts himself through the wringer is an understatement. Thank goodness for Mrs. Bennet!!! Yes, you will be thanking her too!I guess you can tell I loved this book as this is a very long review. I still don't think I have done the book justice! With that said, I highly recommend this complete series and do start with Volume 1.On another note: My Kindle version went wonky during the middle of the book with a different font and not wrapping words properly (best way I can think of for explaining broken words/sentences etc). Not sure how that gets fixed...

  • Teresita
    2019-04-14 22:17

    EngagingI'm really enjoying this series, they are well written, and follow up on all the threads.I really can't wait for the next volume of the series!

  • Camille Fiore
    2019-03-19 17:20

    Stuff Happens but no EndThis continuation seemed to take a long time to become interesting but then it holds your interest. Unfortunately when you look for more, it ends. Spoiler alert! Why it ends in India I wish I knew! If Marquess Thornhaugh's fiancée had arrived it would capture more attention. But he's diddled with Caroline Bingley and driven her mad, made Anne de Bourgh fall 'madly' in love with him also, and gotten Fitzwilliam to desire killing him. Meanwhile, Wickham tries to get out of going to the front, his wife gives birth to the first Bennet grandchild, and Darcy just about loses it with worry about the birth of his and Lizzy's first child. Let's not forget the heir Mr Collins. He's as Elizabeth described him, the stupidest man in England, and his wife is beginning to have regrets and feelings for another. Uh oh!All in all you won't be sad if you read this but you may be left unsatisfied as I was. Now that I've vested all this time, I'd like to not feel like nothing is settled. At least give a satisfactory conclusion to one storyline! Ok, I really wanted more than one thread finished.Besides all the minor editing errors, the lame man was at the Pool of Bethsaida, Not Bethesda. I live in Maryland not far from the latter, not in Israel where Jesus healed by the former.

  • Beth
    2019-03-20 18:58

    InterestingThis third book of the series is just as complex as the previous ones. While the characters remain the same, there is more events that occur so we see how they react. Darcy's emotional state gets stressed between his pregnant wife, family problems with both Georgiana and Anne, and trouble at Pemberley. Richard is having trouble dealing with his war injury and family problems. He does manage to deal hopefully for the last time with Wickham. He sends him onto a ship heading for the war. There are two areas of intense conflict. Rosings with Anne in love with the worst possible person besides Wickham. Lady Catherine trying to marry her off. Charlotte having a love interest and its not Mr Collins. And trouble at Netherfield where Caroline in her crazy need to hurt others because she has been dumped lashes out. Destruction followed with a young man almost losing his life, a wedding cancelled at the last minute, and her banishment to Scarborough. Its obvious that she isn't completely sane any more and its a given she is going to cause great trouble in the future.In all, great plots, perfectly written characters and dialogue. Having to wait until next year for the next book will be difficult!

  • Nikii
    2019-04-10 18:03

    This was a very good series. Great story, engaging new characters. One star taken off for repeated errors in the text.

  • pamela k cronister
    2019-04-04 16:59

    Great seriesThese books are so fascinating I have read all three of them in four days. And still stayed gainfully employed.