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The second book in the Hex series features feisty witch Jazz and her drop-dead gorgeous vampire cop boyfriend in a new installment. On again, off again for over 300 years, Jazz and Nick are finally back together, but then Jazz thinks Nick has bitten her. Separated again, upset and angry, the two of them start having violent, recurring dreams in which each one figures in diThe second book in the Hex series features feisty witch Jazz and her drop-dead gorgeous vampire cop boyfriend in a new installment. On again, off again for over 300 years, Jazz and Nick are finally back together, but then Jazz thinks Nick has bitten her. Separated again, upset and angry, the two of them start having violent, recurring dreams in which each one figures in disturbing and menacing ways. They can't sleep, they can't eat, and they finally figure out they'd better get together and discover who's poisoning their dreams-and their relationship. Full of the fantastic secondary characters that Linda Wisdom's fans know and love, including Jazz's sister witches and a cast of delectable supernatural male characters, Hex Appeal is fun and funny paranormal romance at its best. "Filled with loads of sass and sensuality, plenty of laughs and a host of oddball characters who'll leave you in stitches and asking for more."-Book Loons "With a rollicking cast of supporting characters, biting wit and sensual scenes, 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover is 'a high-power keg of excitement!'"-Coffee Time Romance 4 Star Review-Romantic Times: "Longtime series author Wisdom makes a wickedly fun jump into the supernatural realm. Offbeat characters...offer insight into this highly intriguing new heroine. The balance of danger, adventure and the supernatural is excellent. With characters as rich and challenging as these, let's hope we haven't seen the last of them." "Wisdom, no stranger to romance fans, delivers a striking opening salvo in her new paranormal series... a zany, hot read." -Booklist...

Title : Hex Appeal
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Hex Appeal Reviews

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-04-19 22:52

    Reviewed for; book release Nov08Shoes that bill and coo, and Monty Python’s rabid bunny slippers come to life! “Hex Appeal” by Linda Wisdom is a laugh out loud paranormal romance. With zany secondary characters and a Starbucks addicted witch in love with a smoldering, sexy vampire, this series has something for everyone. In “50 Ways to Hex Your Lover”, Jazz and Nick reunited to finally defeat a returned enemy. Now in “Hex Appeal” they’ll need to trust each other more than ever before to best whatever force is trying to either break them up or kill them.Jazz is a 700-something (real women never tell) witch with a wicked sweet tooth and a weakness for her vampire lover. Never willing to take the easy route, Jazz is currently working as a curse remover while waiting out her banishment from witch school. When she begins having bad dreams, she figures it’s just something she ate. When she beings having nightmares, she thinks it must be some curse or hex. But when one nightmare causes her to lose her magic…well, that’s war.Nick still can’t believe how well he and Jazz are getting along. A vampire and a witch…who’d a thunk it? Even being unable to drink Jazz’s blood can’t damage his love for her. When Jazz begins having bad dreams, he’s worried. When he begins having bad dreams, he’s pissed. But it’s becoming all too clear that their enemy or enemies are highly placed in the supernatural community and very powerful.Jazz is someone I’d want to hang with…while drinking wine, eating chocolate, and trashing men. She’s funny and has so many quirks, I can’t begin to list them all. She also has rubber ducks that swim in her bathtub, a hunk for a boyfriend, shoes that flirt, and shoes that can kill…literally. Now that’s my kind of woman! Nick is still a bit mysterious, but more pieces of his past come to light in this book. These two are the George and Gracie (or Jennifer and Brad for you younger ones) of the paranormal world. Wisdom’s contemporary California is the perfect setting for Jazz’s crazy world and the wacky and weird characters who inhabit it. While there’s enough steamy romance to satisfy the paranormal romance label, this second book is more about the creatures who live in Jazz’s world…weres, vampires, witches, wizards, ghosts, elves, pixies, and creatures not yet identified. The slowing unfolding mystery reveals itself at a perfect pace, and still leaves room for more books in the series. If you’re looking for a humorous change of pace, pick up Linda Wisdom’s “Hex Appeal” and laugh yourself silly.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-07 15:59

    This is the second book in the series and another fun ride. I feel like the pacing of the plot was a little off - but it was such fun I didn't let it bother me. I really enjoy this series and find Jazz (the main character and a witch who has been around for hundreds of years) not only relateable but a joy. I am anxious to read the next in this series which apparently came out in March 2009. I am hooked!

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-04-18 19:56

    Second in the Jazz Tremaine, a.k.a., Hex, paranormal romance series revolving around a witch and her friends in Southern California.My TakeI love it! I love it! Instead of the usual ending for a spell, "so mote it be", Jazz uses "because I say so, damn it!" Too funny.Oh, man, I love the rubber duckies!! Wisdom is too funny in describing their actions when Jazz is taking her bath!?! I can't wait to see how they react to a swimming pool!What I don't get is how lackadaisical Jazz is about investigating what happened to Willie? She keeps waiting until there's another threat against Fluff and Puff before she thinks about detecting. The same thing happens when she loses her powers. She has no interest in really digging in and finding out what happened. Who caused it. She's just really whiny and irritating here. Then there's her lame approach on the dream realm. Duhhh…certainly explains why she keeps getting years added on to her banishment.The StoryIt starts badly with Nick sucking down Jazz's blood while they're in bed. At least…she thinks he was sucking it down. On her stomp back to her place, Jazz decides to take a chance with crossing the boardwalk with Fluff and Puff…only, Rex catches them and accuses them of eating Willie! Rex intends to bring it up to the Ruling Council — a sure death sentence unless Jazz can find out what really happened to Willie.The pluses are the cool croc shoes that Thea sent Jazz and the fabulous payment Patrice gives her for taking care of that curse. A negative is that a couple of the old movies Jazz was in back in the 1920s that Krebs found. And Jazz still isn't sure what she thinks of Krebs and Nick getting together to watch sports…The bigger negatives are becoming mortal and all those damned nightmares! It's not just Jazz either. Irma, Nick, and Krebs are also suffering. And Nick's nightmares have him wondering if Jazz wouldn't be better off. At least, until Jazz drags the three of them off with her into the dream realm!Nick has a few interesting cases: Mrs Archer wants to find her son, a newly-turned vampire, and be sure he's okay, and Esme wants to protect her daughter from her family — hmmph…the truth always outs.The CharactersJazz Tremaine and her fellow witches have been naughty for centuries — at least they're consistent, since being naughty is what got them banished in the first place. Fluff and Puff are her anything-eating bunny slippers who've been banned from the boardwalk by Rex, the boardwalk manager. Irma is a matronly ghost who comes with the T-bird Jazz drives, who spends most of her time whining at Jazz and trying to light up a cigarette in the car, the garage, the… She's recently acquired a nameless ghost dog, Sirius. Ooh, Jazz gets a great shoe present from Thea!! I want a pair!! Croc and Delilah are magical crocodile shoes that change to match your outfit. They also like makeup. And men…watch out, boys! Stasia Romanov and Blair Fitzpatrick are two of her witch friends who live nearby.Nick Gregory, a.k.a., Nikolai Gregorivich, has been a vampire for longer than Jazz has existed as a witch, I think. He and Jazz are currently in an on-again stage of their centuries-old relationship. Krebs, a.k.a., Jonathan, is Jazz's housemate and a computer whiz. Well, actually, he owns the house and runs his website creation company from it. Contrary to Jazz's "orders", Krebs has been seeing one of his clients, Leticia, on the side.Dweezil runs All Creatures Car Service and specializes in the othernatural market. He's had a succession of receptionists since he fired Mindy for sabotage. He's pretty much a scumbag with his eye perpetually on the money — when it's not focused on his collection of vintage erotica. His current receptionist is Grevia, a zombie. Kurdilir is Dweezil's lead mechanic. Luger is a vampire leader. Coby is the local pack leader and runs the Full Moon Café. And gives Jazz some help on her missing Willie case.Mindy has set up a rival driving company Historic Cars with her very hostile father Eilemar's backing and is seducing Dweezil's workers away from him. Not that it's hard to seduce 'em, as cheap as Dweezil is.Patrice Sanibel is a client of Jazz's. Someone has put a curse on her and she's "disappearing" from her friends' horizons.Willie the wereweasel, works the carnival rides at the boardwalk before he disappears. Thea is another of Jazz's witch friends; she's been writing for centuries. In this century, she's a celebrated romance author — the girls reckon she's got personal experience to draw on for still more centuries. Reinhold is an enforcer for the Protectorate and not one of Jazz's fans. Angelica is a bitch vampire from way back with a short romantic history with Nick. She's just become the new leader of the Vampire Protectorate. Detective Larkin is a sheriff's detective and has been discovering about the othernaturals, unhappily. Dyfynnog is a powerful wizard and the former owner of Fluff and Puff until Jazz liberated them.Eurydice is one of the witches on the Witches' Council. Pithias is on the Wizards' Council.The Cover and TitleIt's another cartoon cover with the red-haired Jazz in her pointy, witch's hat and wearing a push-up bra with a black halter dress with a Dracula-type collar rising up behind her head, its empire waistline accented by a fuchsia belt and her fuchsia, peep-toe, fuck-me-sandals, sitting on a park bench as she pets a cat — why isn't she petting Puff or Fluff?? The coffin represents Nick. The background is the park with a blocky city skyline at night. A quarter moon is shining in the background with a bat flying. I don't understand why the artist isn't making the boardwalk that Jazz loves so much the background..?I really don't know where the title comes from…unless it's Jazz's Hex Appeal that appeals to Nick.

  • Irmak
    2019-04-01 21:58

    Okumayı düşünmüyorum, sadece kütüphaneme eklemek için işaretledim. Zaten neden aldığımı da bilmem -.-

  • Theresa
    2019-04-08 20:08

    After doing a review of Linda Wisdom's first Jazz Tremain book, "50 Ways to Hex Your Lover," I was really pleased to get a copy of the newest installment of the series to review.The Jazz Tremaine books are probably some of the girliest books I review-- and I mean that in a good way. Jazz is is a witch who also happens to be your typical girl. She loves clothes, shoes, mocha lattes, her haunted T-Bird convertible and her vampire lover Nick Gregory. Okay, maybe her shoes have more personality than your average pair of stilettos-- including a crush on her human roommate and a tendency to raid her make-up drawer-- but a girl will forgive a pair of shoes that change color and style to match any outfit. Sometimes it's good to be a witch.But being a 700+ (she'll never tell the exact number) year-old witch means that a girl is bound to make enemies. It starts with a dream that is so real Jazz is convinced Nick bit her and it scares her something awful. But it isn't until Jazz begins having more frequent dreams of becoming mortal that she realizes someone has put a hex on her. And that's not her only problem; someone has framed her carnivorous bunny slippers, Fluff and Puff, for the murder of a local Were. Add to that a ghost who wants Jazz to update her wardrobe and you have one busy witch.Jazz, with the help of gorgeous vampire Nick Gregory, starts digging into the world of the were culture to try to figure out who would want to frame her bunny slippers. At the same time, she's trying to fend off some pretty bad dreams that may threaten to turn her into a full-fledged mortal once and for all."Hex Appeal" is a very cute book that is full of likable and fun characters. It's definitely on the lighter side and isn't like a lot of current paranormal fiction that lives on the darker side. This isn't a book that has a ton of graphic violence nor is it particularly suspenseful. Sometimes I have a hard time reviewing a book like this because I feel that I have to recommend it to a particular audience. It's one of those books I'd put into the cute and fluffy category and if that's what you like, I say this one is for you. But if you like your paranormal romances to have a little more angst this might seem a bit breezy for your taste.I do tend to like my books to have a little more depth than "Hex Appeal," though I hate to knock the book for being on the lighter side. I did mention in my review of "50 Ways to Hex Your Lover" that I wish Wisdom had put a little more history into the book and that complaint still stands. In fact, I thought "Hex Appeal" had less detail than the first one. But darn it, the book is so likable I can't bring myself to critique it too harshly. There were times when I felt that certain story-lines didn't fully mesh and that the ending was more than a bit rushed. But still.... I think it's one of those books I liked despite myself. I could certainly find quibbles from a reviewer standpoint but from an entertainment standpoint, the book works. Any witch who ends her spell casting with "because I say so damn it!" Instead of "so mote it be," is someone I'd like to know and read about.

  • IslandRiverScribe
    2019-04-08 14:57

    Jazz Tremaine is having nightmares, terrible nightmares. These are the kind of night terrors where you wake up sweaty and scared, remembering every detail and still able to feel every touch, every blow, hours after the fact. Her first one is so real, so physical, with the only other person in the dream being her boyfriend, that she accuses Nick Gregory of actually attacking her. Mistake #1! Never mind the fact that as she roars awake, Nick is solidly asleep beside her. It takes hours for Jazz to convince herself that the attack was not real and she makes the appropriate apologies to Nick. However, she doesn’t give him the details behind her initial accusation. Mistake #2! Trying to chalk the nightmare up to spicy food and graphic videos just before bed, Jazz attempts to get on about her daily routine. Unfortunately, this is not meant to be as Jazz’s wards are accused of the disappearance and apparent murder of a local carnival worker. She secrets the wards away but does not start her investigation into the charges immediately. Mistake #3!Fortunately for the two wards, Jazz and Nick are not your typical couple. Jazz is a powerful witch, over 700 years old, and Nick is centuries older than that and a vampire. Because of her heritage and her potential, Jazz has suffered innumerable indignities and tragedies even at the hands of her own kind. And Nick has been an Enforcer with the vampire Protectorate for longer than Jazz has been alive. Self-employed, Jazz uses her skills to eliminate curses and spells put upon others and Nick has his own PI business, supposedly retired from Protectorate service.And currently, someone wants Jazz, and probably Nick, dishonored, disenfranchised, destroyed mentally and physically, and ashes-to-ashes dead. Jazz and Nick don’t know it yet, but we, as readers, are informed early on that that is the case. We just don’t know who or why. Thus, as we read, every scene involving the dreams, the feeling Jazz has of a malevolent presence close enough to touch but not see, and even the framing of the wards is colored by our omniscience. Needless to say, we are faced with hundreds of pages of ever-ratcheting tension.This is not a standalone novel. In this 2nd entry in the series, Linda Wisdom makes repeated references to incidents that occurred in the 1st novel, without any synopsis or adequate background. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you read that entry first, or if it has been awhile since you read it, go back and quickly review the action. There is a definite correlation between what was and what now is.Another tack that Linda Wisdom has taken with this book is to make our main protagonist, Jazz, an obnoxious “witch.” And I mean that both literally and figuratively. In the first novel, as we obtain her backstory, we can somewhat understand her emotional state. But in this novel, Wisdom has taken her character over the top, past snark and quick-wittedness, to an in-your-fact offensiveness that grates like fingernails scraping across a board.Jazz’s anger is always at the tip of her tongue and at the tips of her fingers, ready to unleash her acid words or her witchflame at the slightest provocation. It is no wonder so many supernatural creatures despise her and that she has so few friends. And those same characteristics that make the others think her troubles couldn’t happen to a better witch – her belligerence, her sarcasm, her aggressiveness, and her self-absorption – make it difficult for the reader to empathize with her, also. Even Nick loses his patience and compares her to a five-year-old. After 700 years, you would think that Jazz would have learned the difference between honey and vinegar and the decided advantage of think first, speak and act later. But that is not how Wisdom chooses to write the character and I found myself skimming past the snit fits.So even as annoying as Linda Wisdom paints Jazz, even as inscrutable as she writes Nick, even as you scream for the characters to “just communicate already,” the mysteries involved are well worth the reading time. Childishness aside, you just can’t help but want to know who is trying to take down Jazz Tremaine this time. And while there is no cliffhanger, there are a lot of little hooks, details not cleaned up in this entry, which just might provide fodder for future novels.

  • Lesa
    2019-04-07 21:01

    OK, I'll admit it. There are piles of books in my closet, but I couldn't resist returning to Jazz' world after reading 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. Linda Wisdom's Hex Appeal doesn't haven't the same suspense, but the characters are just as much fun as in the first book, and the few sex scenes are just as steamy.Wisdom thrusts the reader right into the middle of Jazz' problems in the opening scene. The witch is in the middle of passionate lovemaking with her vampire lover, Nick, when he unexpectedly bites her. Or does he? It seems that Jazz is having strange dreams lately. The dreams grow increasingly worse, and Nick, and, even Jazz' landlord, Krebs, has strange nightmarish dreams. To make matters worse, Fluff and Puff, Jazz' beloved bunny slippers, are under suspicion for having killed and eaten a Were, a carny who works on the nearby boardwalk. Jazz is so exhausted from her troubled sleep, it's hard to keep her mind on the investigation into the Were's death. And, what could possibly get worse for poor Jazz? What happens when a curse-breaking witch loses her witchy powers?The trouble with Jazz' dreams isn't quite as enthralling as the storyline in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. However, it's worth reading Hex Appeal for the characters alone. Jazz, her fellow witches, Nick, Krebs, and Irma the ghost are terrific characters. However, this time, Wisdom adds some fun scenes with rubber duckies in the bathtub. And, Fluff and Puff have some stiff competition in the form of crocodile shoes, Croc and Delilah, who are man-crazy. Jazz, herself, is such a fascinating character, with her temper, her talents, and her love of all things feminine. It's even hard to resist the corny rhymes Jazz uses when she casts a spell. I'm sure there will be another book for those of us who have fallen in love with Jazz and Nick. Linda Wisdom leaves the villains out there with hints of worse things to come. But, for now, fans will have to settle for the two enjoyable books in this series, Hex Appeal, and 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom. Sourcebooks, Inc., ©2008. ISBN 9781402214004 (paperback), 368p.

  • Claudia
    2019-04-02 19:04

    I liked the first book although there were some minor points not perfect for me and I really hoped that the second book would be better ... unfortunately that was not the case.the characters are great, the world is interesting, the story could be really good - and that is where my main problem is.the idea of the story is great but I got the feeling that Mrs. Wisdom had so many ideas that she tried to put them all in this book and therefor forgot to concentrate on the main story line and develop some dephts to the story.actually was the climax as in the first book quite quick resolved (the first book was more detailed in this and we got a real ending there). here the ending was some meetings without much explanation and then everything should be fine????why did Angelica target Jazz, what happend to her, what happend to the Wizard - Jazz didn't kill him, ...if this was just the second book in a series with Jazz and Nick as main characters it would seem like a cliffhanger but as the next book is about one of Jazz friends, all the open questions are just left that wayanother thing which drove me crazy was the relationship between Jazz and Nick. in the first book you could feel something between them - here they appeared like friends with benefits or more like sex-buddies.I could understand why Jazz was angry at the beginning but after she knew Nick didn't do anything, why did she not talk with him. they just popped up in the others office and discussed some minor thing and then went their seperate ways.what happend to Nicks deepest fear? did he confess his love? did she tell him what she felt ...the ending left me with the feeling that I was let down ... I really would have liked to read the next book because it sounds interesting but I fear that it will show the same weeknesses this book had and that would depress me

  • Steph
    2019-03-24 15:12

    Hex Appeal is the 2nd book in the Jazz Tremaine series. So, some series spoilers may exist.Reading Order: Hex Appeal finds Jazz and Nick living happily together. But, when Jazz dreams that Nick bit her and drank her blood, which is harmful to vamps, she is devastated. Nick, finding himself being woken up by Jazz yelling at him for it, is completely confused. He didn't bite her, there are no wounds on her neck, yet she feels like it was real.When her "fuzzy" slippers, Fluff and Puff, are accused of eating a were-weasel, Jazz sets off to prove their innocence. All the while, Jazz continues to have freaky dreams. After initially thinking Jazz was over-reacting to her dreams, Nick confesses that he too is suffering from bad ones as well. Together they try to figure out who's twisting with their dreams into nightmares.While I find myself laughing out loud a lot and enjoy spending time in the zany California Wisdom has created, I don't LOVE these books. I do enjoy them quite a bit and liked this one a bit more than the first. Mainly because it gave us more of Nick, who you can't help but like. I also like her techie, roomie Krebs. I'll be continuing on with the series.

  • Donna
    2019-04-01 21:59

    "PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The second book in the Hex series features feisty witch Jazz and her drop-dead gorgeous vampire cop boyfriend in a new installment. On again, off again for over 300 years, Jazz and Nick are finally back together, but then Jazz thinks Nick has bitten her. Separated again, upset and angry, the two of them start having violent, recurring dreams in which each one figures in disturbing and menacing ways. They can't sleep, they can't eat, and they finally figure out they'd better get together and discover who's poisoning their dreams-and their relationship."I am really enjoying this series by Linda Wisdom. Her characters are so funny and likable. The magick Jazz performs makes me wish I could do just a little bit of it! LOL! Jazz's witch sisters, Stasi and Blair, are brought into the story more. Each will have her own book after 'Hex Appeal'. Wisdom has quite an imagination. For instance, Jazz is given a pair of crocodile stilettos that are 'alive.' Their names are Croc and Delilah. Any outfit Jazz puts on their stilettos turn a different color and type of show to match. Croc and Delilah are man crazy. They coo and sigh and pout; they even wear eye shadow and lipstick. So if you can imagine a pair of high heels with pursed lips in different shades that wrap themselves around men's ankles...well, I just cracked up every time they made an appearance. Jazz, Nick and the other characters made this a fun read!

  • Cassandra
    2019-04-17 20:20

    Review by Cassandra from Book TalkMy ThoughtsThis is such a fun series. It's full of the things that makes reading my passion it's just a little slow at times. We continue our journey with Jazz and Nick, only this time it takes a while to learn what evil forces are really at work. With Jazz's nature of jumping the gun, her relationship with Nick gets out of control thanks to dreams going down a dark path. I can't help but love Jazz with her crazy ways and the trouble she seems to find no matter what way she turns. Nick is a down to earth guy, well as much as one of the undead can be. Things are also getting out of Jazz's control when it comes to Krebs's supernatural relationships. We meet new characters and see some of the old ones. Jazz's work also adds another aspect to the story with new clients and trouble at the car service. Fluff and Puff have their own problems while awaiting Jazz to rescue them. All in all, this is a fun and sassy read that leaves you wondering what is going on in all of the various mysteries. Warning: some explicit content.

  • Songül
    2019-03-24 20:51

    Eğlenceli bir seri aslında , ama şu sıralar ben pek kitabın üstüne gidemedim. Artemisin güzele olan alerjisi bu seride de varlığını hissettirmiş. 2 kitapla yetinin demişler bizlere .. yazık

  • Valerie
    2019-04-21 16:10

    Really enjoyed this series

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-04-06 21:51

    Jazz and her friends are now back, along with some new faces in the sequel, Hex Appeal. Again Jazz is caught up in solving a mystery mainly because Fluff and Puff have been accused of eating Willie, a wereweasel who operated the Ferris wheel on the boardwalk near where Nick lives. Never mind that I am still trying to figure out how these bunny slippers could eat a whole person alone, since I would assume if they are putting things down their mouth to digest, something has to come out the other end. But since Jazz hasn’t stepped in any interesting slipper doo-doo, she knows that her slippers would never do such a thing, mainly because they think wereweasel blood isn’t that tasty. But it doesn’t help matters when Fluff coughs up a black button that belongs to Willie. Willie’s boss and boardwalk owner, Rex, thinks he has enough proof to destroy the slippers. Now Jazz has to figure out who is trying to frame Fluff and Puff.Around the same time, Jazz is having some intense dreams of death, mainly hers. They are so real that while she is sleeping next to Nick, she has a really bad nightmare where Nick has gorged himself on her blood, even though witch’s blood is dangerous for vampires. Poor Nick has no clue what the deal is with Jazz, and thinks she is overacting. But then Nick starts having dreams of Jazz being human and married with a husband and family. At first Nick and Jazz ignore their dreams, but they become a lot worse. And then something really horrible happens where Jazz loses all her powers for a day and is a mortal. Something is rotten in the state California and Jazz has to find out who wants to do her in.Hex Appeal had me in stitches. This is a screwball paranormal-comedy with witches, vampires, were creatures, and all types of footwear that comes alive. Not only is there Fluff and Puff, who I so want for myself, but Jazz has a new pair of stilettos from a witch friend named Croc and Delilah that like to wear Jazz’s makeup, constantly blow kisses and raspberries and have a bad habit of rubbing up against any male’s leg they come in contact with. Yup, they are some horny shoes. Plus, they really compliment Jazz’s feet. If only we, the female readers could be so lucky to have such shoes like Jazz’s.Jazz and Nick’s relationship is an interesting one. These two are passionate with one another, but they still make sure to keep their own space. They bicker, laugh and make love, but they realize they have to set boundaries because their past relationship with one another was a bit emotional where Jazz would have a habit of flinging fireballs at Nick when she became angry at him. What I would have loved to read would have been some flashbacks of Nick and Jazz and how they first met and what made them fall in love with one another. But even though these two are immortals, they act like any other modern day couple.Since most paranormal books I tend to read happen to be dark and gloomy, Hex Appeal brings out some laughs and smiles over the antics of Jazz and the world that Linda Wisdom has created. I will continue to read this series as long as Linda writes them. It takes great skill from an author for me to enjoy footwear such as Fluff and Puff as my new favorite characters of the year

  • Jadaloves
    2019-04-07 22:51

    Another adventure with Jazz Tremaine and Nick Gregory and I must say it was a fun ride. Jazz is still a headstrong, tough, and sassy witch, and Nick is still sexy, fierce, and hard. Their relationship goes to a new level in this second book and you get to really see them connect with each other emotionally and of course physically. But their connection is threatened when someone begins to manipulate their dreams and in their minds they become what the other fears most. In this follow up we get just a bit more history on Nick, and we meet more of Jazz’s enemies. We are reacquainted with our favorites from the first book, Krebs, Irma, and Fluff and Puff, and greeted with new characters like her Crocodile shoes, Were-people, and customers who have sought her out to eliminate a curse. Fluff and Puff are still entertaining and her new crocodile shoes are a hot mess. But Fluff and Puff are banished to bunny slipper jail when they are accused of eating Willie the Were-Weasal. To save them from being destroyed by the Ruling Council, Jazz must find Willie and prove their innocence. But as her dreams grow increasingly disturbing and frightening, she finds herself sidetracked.This story was just as engaging and entertaining as the first. The end was a little anticlimatic for me though. I think it’s because I was left with more questions than answers. Like why does she despise The Protectorate so much, how do werewolves and elves know what to warn her about, and what exactly did Fluff and Puff go thorugh with their previous owner, and how did Jazz become the one that would rescue them? There wasn’t as much action in the ending and her foes didn’t really reap any consequences. All the pieces just didn’t really tie together neatly for me. I’m anticipating getting some answers in the follow up books. But despite that, this was still a good read for me, and I can’t wait to read the other two in this series.

  • Marielle
    2019-03-31 16:54

    I really enjoyed the previous book, but this one did not have the same (hex) appeal. I've read better takes on the nightmares in urban fantasy, this was neither scary nor compelling. Jazz is overly into scents. You'd think anyone who lived through times where everything smelled so bad that people used large amounts of perfume to cover it up would be into unscented everything, but apparently not. I imagine she smells like a Lush store. I pity anyone she knows with perfume allergies. Anyway, the romance with Nick here is pretty dull. I suppose that's the point, they are getting along fine.The version I read (Overdrive copy from my public library) seemed like a draft copy. It's hard to believe it's the published version. Chock full of layout/typesetting errors like extra spaces in the middle of words (sometimes making for amusing reading, a space between the k and the t in cocktail changes the whole meaning of the sentence) or missing spaces between words. Sometimes a blank page before a new chapters, sometimes not. Editing and continuity issues left me wondering if this copy was missing paragraphs. I suspect not. I'm guessing edits were made for length and the over all story suffered. Specifically (view spoiler)[ Nick was very upset about Jazz being mortal. So much so he just ran off. This makes Jazz very mad at him. Very. But upon regaining her magickallity, instead of calling Nick and saying "I'm back to normal and why were you such a jerk?" she just asks him out on a double date. No mention of her return to witchiness. No weepy Nick once he realises she's normal again and his nightmare hasn't become real. Just a couple of words after their date. I'm pretty sure there should be an extra page dealing with this. In the fight with the wizard, Jazz just (essentially) ties him up and leaves, but in the judgment with the high council it sounds like she killed him. A simple paragraph would clear this up. Bad editing(hide spoiler)]

  • Shelly
    2019-04-19 17:08

    This is the second book in a series and while it is better than the first book, it still has some things in it that I just don't like. This book seemed to be a lot more focused that the first one and it held my attention better. My biggest problem with the book, however, was that I just didn't really see a reason for the people attacking Jazz and her friends to be attacking her. I don't understand why Angelica and the wizard would go that far to harm Jazz when there is not truly a reason worthy enough for it. I also didn't like that Jazz was given more years to her banishment for something that was not her fault and was basically self-defense. It seemed like the majority of the book was spent just on speculating on what could be going on and Jazz just thinking and talking about her need to solve various problems. There didn't seem to be a lot going on and then the last maybe 50 pages were devoted to finally dealing with Jazz's biggest issue. Like in the first book, there were some things that really did not need to be in the book. The whole mother searching for her vampire son and then killing him plot... that took up needless pages and did not solve anything. I do not understand why this author feels the need to add really random and pointless things into the story when maybe a little more should be focused on beefing up the actual plot. One final problem I had with the book was the ending. As far as I am aware, this is the last book dealing with Jazz and Nick. There did not seem to be a wrap up to all of their relationship issues. Nick is afraid she will run off to live a normal human life and thinks maybe she should have one, but this is never addressed in their relationship. They really seemed to just be in a good stretch of their relationship... and that it was only a matter of time before it went south again.

  • Vannessa
    2019-03-27 22:16

    This second book in the Jazz Tremaine series was just as good and funny as the first. I absolutely love Jazz - she's witty, funny, feisty and will do anything to protect her friends. She's still with Nick, the vampire lover she got back with in the first book and their relationship is still going strong.Jazz is plagued with nightmares, each one getting worse in content and making her look terrible every morning, but she's not the only one having them, so is Nick, Irma, her resident ghost and Krebs, her housemate. When one nightmare turns her mortal, Jazz is even more determined to find out who's behind it, but when she does try a spell it backfires majorly on her. When she does finally find out who it is, it wasn't quite who I expected at all.At the same time, her killer bunny slippers, Fluff and Puff are accused of killing and eating a Wereweasel, a worker at the local carnival, and Rex the leader of the carnival wants them executed. Along with everything else Jazz has to deal with, she now has to find the proof that they didn't kill him.And to add to her collection of inanimate objects turned animate, she has a new pair of fab shoes called Croc and Delilah who wears make-up, love kissing and snuggling up to the men in Jazz's life and will change style and colour to match any outfit she wears. I so want a pair of these shoes - think of all the closet space you would save! Looking forward to reading the next book in this series. I know it will be just as good.

  • Erline
    2019-04-18 21:00

    Hex Appeal is the follow up to Linda Wisdom's 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover in her Jazz Tremaine series.In the part 1 of the series, we're introduced to a fiery witch called Jazz, driver to all sorts of creatures by day and curse eliminator by night.Although I enjoyed the first book, I enjoyed this one even more. The pace of the story was perfect, in this book Jazz was cursed through a series of nightmares. Nick, Krebs and even Irma were also targeted through the nightmares of which I won't go into so I don't spoil it for anyone else.Linda Wisdom did a great job of describing the nightmare scenarios even making me feel like I was experiencing them myself. I love it when a story can draw me in like that.More characters were introduced such as Angelica the new head of the protectorate, Jazz's girly croc stilettos plus we got to see a little more of Jazz's witch sisters, Stasi and Blair. The only downside with this book is the same one I experienced with the first. In both books I felt that too little back story was given to the villains that played a huge part of both stories.Once I finished the book I still felt as if I didn't know quite enough about the wizard Dyfynnog although he was mentioned very briefly in the first book, nothing was really added to the second to provide more background to his character. The same goes for Angelica, she seemed like a highly interesting character so it was a bit of a shame we didn't get to know her better.All in all, a great read. I'm off to read the next book in the series, Wicked By Any Other Name.

  • Sarai
    2019-03-27 22:18

    One thing I really like about this series is Nick and Jazz. I like the fact that they are in an established relationship that has its ups and downs like any couple that have been together for a long, long, long time. I like how Nick accepts Jazz’s quirks and loves her for them. I also like that Nick has faults that he isn’t this macho, chest beating, gorgeous man who is always right and never wrong.Ms. Wisdom has come up with a colorful cast of characters that are both delightful and frightening to get to know. Jazz is a spunky girl that I could see myself hanging out with even with those slippers. I like that she is powerful but at the same time is walking on thin ice for pushing the rules of magic.So things I don’t get is why the council is so anti-Jazz I haven’t figured out what she did that was so TERRIBLE she is in constant fear of running into the council or them stripping her of magic?The plot was interesting in the dream aspect and I enjoyed watching Nick and Jazz figure out what was going on with that. The mystery was a little easy to pick up on but than again I didn’t want to read this book for that reason. I do enjoy how Ms. Wisdom rights, its very easy to follow and fun. This is a quick read that had some LOL moments and some very hot sex scenes for those of you who are curious.I think you should read the first one to really appreciate this one.

  • Cheryl
    2019-04-08 17:59

    Everybody’s favorite witch, Jasmine Tremaine and her vampire and cop lover, Nikolai Gregorovich are back again in Linda Wisdom’s Hex Appeal. Jasmine and Nick’s have started having some speed bumps in their relationship, which in turn is causing them to fight. Everyone has had nightmares once or twice in their life even witches but nightmares that fight back, now that is a new one. Someone has poisoned Jasmine’s dreams. It’s now getting harder to tell where the nightmares end and reality begins. Jasmine and Nick will do everything they can to get to the bottom of who is behind all this mayhem and why. They will have to move quick as time is not on their side. Jasmine is not your run of the mill witch. She is a fashionista, sassy, and in charge. Ok so I am not a big shoe person but Jasmine has got two of the best kinds of shoes around that even I wish I owned a pair of each. The first are a pair of killer bunny slippers. These slippers should come with a warning “Beware of Fangs”. Fluff and Puff are bunnies with an attitude and if you don’t watch out they just might bite you. Then there is Croc and Delilah, Jasmine’s high heels. They love to flirt and will always make sure you are color coordinated. Just when I would start to feel bad for Nick having to deal with Jasmine, he would do or say something that made me know, these two were made for each other. So if you are looking for something new to read than try 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and Hex Appeal.

  • Julie
    2019-04-14 23:10

    Hex in High Heels was great. I loved this book, it seemed more developed than the rest. The one before this 50 Ways to Hex your Lover it was pretty obvious who was going to fall for who. It was just a matter of HOW and when would they tell the rest of the world.This time both Blair and Jake have some issues to deal with before they can jump into a relationship; but this is good, because they already have a friendship formed. So when the romance comes, it just adds sparks to the situation. I loved how Blair told his mother he had a pack, OURS! Even if they weren’t together, they still considered him family, so he was “ours.” Linda manages to write funny, whimsical, amusing, easy reads about some great characters. I hope to meet all 13 in the class, and hope to have a couple books on things happening to each witch, not just romantically. I enjoy spending my time with them and look forward to the next one. Which should be loaded on my Kindle now!50 Ways to Hex Your Lover

  • Jackie (Literary Escapism)
    2019-04-11 19:57

    I am loving this series and I can’t wait to start Wicked by Any Other Name (yes, I did get my hot little hands on the ARC). The Hex series by Linda Wisdom is a great series to read when you want the supernatural, when you want something big to go down, but you don’t want all the drama. When Jazz confronts the Big Bad, it’s not a long drawn out battle, but she does it in the most logical witchy way she can. Honestly, I’ve been needing something like this series lately. I’ve been wanting my paranormal fix, but I didn’t want the intense, twisty, drama inducing stories that are normally out there (even the comedies tend to have drama) and this series has been a godsend. Seriously, I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to pick this up and anyone who hasn’t should go out and read the first two novels before Wicked by Any Other Name comes out March 3, 2009.For my full review, click here.

  • Natalie
    2019-03-25 16:12

    Book 2 in the Jazz Tremaine (and Friends) series and it's just as fun as book one, if not more so! Paranormal romance with a touch of urban fantasy - modern times but preternatural creatures walk among us. Such a sweet romance, a little tried and true but I felt the story was so well written that it wasn't a problem. It's got everything that I want in this kind of book -a paranormal couple, steamy sex, sassy lead woman, fun side characters, action, adventure, unexpected plot elements, and a natural humor. Linda Wisdom does a great job at making me overlook everything that's formulaic in the story and making me love these characters! I want a pair of bunny slippers just like Fluff and Puff! This book is the end of Jazz's story but don't worry, the other books (including the Demon series) are about each of the other witches who got kicked out of the Witches Academy with Jazz and are just as fun as this book.

  • Andrea
    2019-04-09 15:52

    This was a second fun installment in the Hex series by Linda Wisdom. Jazz is back with a new storyline and the same, great humor. I love the spells and curses that Jazz comes up with. The wording is hilarious--"because I say so, damn it!"I love the other cast of characters that are back, as well! The hot vampire Nick is back, along with the ghost Irma and her dog, and the human Krebs.The only thing I didn't really like was the ending. Jazz had been having nightmares that seemed all too real, and the way that figured out how to get rid of them just seemed sort of, trippy, for a lack of better word. I think it was resolved too quickly for my liking. But I am looking forward to the next book in the series, Wicked By Any Other Name, and the fourth book in the series just came out--Hex in High Heels.

  • Beverly J.
    2019-04-16 15:16

    I would really put this rating at 3.5 stars. The covers are a bit off-putting, once I got past that I was further irritated by a goofy character/storyline. What enamoured me were cutesy details of rubber duckies coming to life and such, lol. Not sure how that happened but nonetheless I must admit it got me. The author attempts at a semi-serious mystery sort of storyline that almost seems an afterthought amidst the oddball details of a modern witches lifestyle who dates a vampire, has fuzzy bunny slippers that are alive and eat people and were-folk abound as well. Ghosts play a part as do wizards. The occasional explicit sex scene was also thrown in. In fact, in the first few pages there was one which also nearly caused me to put this down. One crazy ride this was, but I will try the next one in the series.

  • Beth
    2019-03-29 22:56

    I'm only in the second chapter and so far I'm a bit disappointed in comparison to Wisdom's other books. This one opens with an incident that clearly indicates that someone is messing with Jazz and Nick but Jazz is being oblivious. I'm hoping once I get past the opening sequence, she'll wise up. I have little patience for characters behaving stupidly.Update after completing the book: Overall, I enjoyed it but the slow start in regard to Jazz missing obvious points really bugged me, as did the "resolution" to the book. Clearly Wisdom is setting the stage for a bigger showdown later on but the ending to this book still needs to feel more complete. Altogether it was a fun read but if I had read this one first instead of second, I might not have gone back for more. That said, I like the characters overall so I will go back for more.

  • Myhotstylist
    2019-04-12 17:00

    Book 2 in series. A good followup to the first book. In this installment we get to follow Jazz on her misadventures as someone has framed her enchanted slippers for murder and someone is messing with her dreams. While I enjoyed all the silly antics and service calls, I wished there had been more focus on the mystery solving. A new enemy just seemed to appear out of nowhere which through me for a loop. This book could easily stand alone, but is best if read in the correct order. Irma the ghost is funny as ever, and theres a new pair of crocodile shoes you are sure to fall in love with! I will continue the series.

  • Nic
    2019-04-03 23:00

    Jaz is a thoroughly modern witch and her on and again off again relationship with Nick takes a hard hit. She meets some people she could happily avoided and thought were well out of her life. But she's got her scoobie gang - a vampire,ma ghost, a ghost dog and a human flatmate who may have been concentrating on the positives of Jaz and Nick's relationship,The books are only kindly devolving into the super national world and a re just about what we good want, a faithful man with a body he has cared for well and a tolerance for kickass witches.

  • Bitten_by_Books
    2019-03-30 21:13

    She’s baaack! Jazz Tremaine that is, and oh boy are you all in for a treat even better than the last one we got in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. There’s some hexing going on, but it isn’t Jazz throwing out her radical flame balls at her on again off again (now VERY on again) lover Nick...For the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Review site on the web, Bitten By Books for the review of Hex Appeal in it's entirety. You won't be sorry.