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From Edgar® Award-winning, New York Times bestselling author Max Allan Collins BASED ON THE CBS TELEVISION SHOW HAILED AS “The network’s best new offering.” (Wall Street Journal) Watched by nearly 18 million fans weeklyThe bodies of three young girls are discovered in the woods of Bemidji, Minnesota, the result of barbiturate poisoning. Unable to identify the victims, theFrom Edgar® Award-winning, New York Times bestselling author Max Allan Collins BASED ON THE CBS TELEVISION SHOW HAILED AS “The network’s best new offering.” (Wall Street Journal) Watched by nearly 18 million fans weeklyThe bodies of three young girls are discovered in the woods of Bemidji, Minnesota, the result of barbiturate poisoning. Unable to identify the victims, the local police turn to the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Profiler David Rossi learns that the girls disappeared more than ten years ago from Georgia. Further investigation reveals that the perpetrators have been involved in a cycle of kidnapping and murder for close to twenty years—and are about to start again…...

Title : Finishing School
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Finishing School Reviews

  • Ali Schultz
    2019-04-30 04:01

    This book is definitely terrible but I definitely don't care because I have a Criminal Minds sickness right now.

  • Cherie
    2019-05-24 05:15

    Three hunters in the woods of Bemidji, Minnosota stumble upon a decomposed hand while tracking a deer. The local police are called in and discover the bodies of three blonde girls ranging from ages 12-15. Fearing they had a serial killer on their hands, the Behavioral Analyst Unit (BAU) is called in to investigate these murders. After Jennifer Jareau, JJ to her friends, finds the case, shehands it over to the team. They gear up and travel to the freezing cold Minnosota to track the killer. While the BAU is creating a profile of the UnSub (Unknown Subject), their technical analyst Penelope Garcia gets a hit on the DNA of the first girl. She was abducted over ten years ago at age three from Georgia. Hotchner sends David Rossi and Emily Prentiss to Georgia to continue on that trail while Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Dr. Spencer Reid, and Jennifer Jareau remain behind to interview suspects and follow up on the evidence. As Rossi and Prentiss continue searching in Georgia and the other two girls are identified, the BAU team is on their way to creating their profile and solving the case.Criminal Minds: Finishing School by Max Allan Collins is based off the CBS television series: Criminal Minds. As a huge fan of the show, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt that the character portrayles worked well, and I could constantly hear the actors' voices while reading Finishing School. The profile the BAU created was believable, and the novel had a few twists and turns to keep you guessing on who exactly was the murderer/kidnapper.If you enjoy mystery novels and are a fan of the show, you will particularly enjoy this book.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-19 09:03

    I am a big fan of the TV show so when I found out that there were tie-in novels, I immediately pounced on them. I haven't been able to find #1 or #2 yet but Finishing School is an amazing way to get introduced to the fiction-world of Criminal Minds, seeing as how most tie-in novels don't relate to each other much anyway.This book is a great companion to the TV show and I could really see it being played on like an episode on the show. My only 'complaint' of sorts is that the TV show does feature some really cute interactions and banter between the team and I didn't feel that aspect was carried into the novel. Another thing was that I wished there could have been more Reid-centric scenes, mostly because he's my favorite character. :)The story is solid in itself and like I said, something that could translate well into the TV. Max Allan Collins is a terrific writer and I really he writes more of these TV show tie-in novels. :)

  • Sian Wadey
    2019-05-25 08:00

    Finishing School by Max Allan CollinsI'm a big fan of Criminal Minds, and when I realised there were accompanying books I couldn't wait to purchase them. As I knew already, Collins does a good job at translating the characters to books, a task I wouldn't wish on anybody. It was great reading new stories about some of my favourite characters. Overall, they're a good, easy read that require practically no imagination because you already know the people and their history, but they're nothing special.

  • Dorottya
    2019-05-02 01:17

    I have had mixed experiences with Max Allan Collins's CSI books, so I was really interested how he excelled at a Criminal Minds story, especially as this show is probably my favorite, and also because it has a totally different structure from CSI.I thought this novel was fine, except for some logical anomalies in the investigation, mainly in the beginning. Other than that, I thought the gist of the main characters' personalities was grabbed and captures in a really great way, especially seeing how few lines each of them got due to the lenght of the book and the investigation plot (although I wanted more Reid, but it's because hands down he is my fave TV show character EVER... and I thought his extreme intelligence could have been shown more). It was also annoying how often Rossi's books were mentioned... 2 was already enough, yet they had to put at least one other character in it who was fanboying him and wanted an autograph...But the structure was great, just in the shows... the whole process of profiling, the "flashbacks", the quotes... and it was exciting and interesting, and really, the culprit wasn't an odd one out from the ones in the show... they were equally as insane, they had their own reasoning... they were a perfect choice.

  • Randy
    2019-05-14 08:27

    This is Collins' third entry in the series and by far the best. The show features superior writing and Collins doesn't let down in the books. He's a writer that, whether he's working on his originals, doing a movie adaptation, or a novel based on a series, does the research necessary to make them more than potboilers.Three bodies are found buried side by side in the forest. All were teenage girls in the thirteen to fourteen age range. Wisps of hair show they were all blonde.As the identities are all discovered, with DNA, the team learns they were all kidnapped within a week of each other- when they were all three years old. Where had they been for ten years? examination showed they had all been well taken care of during those ten years.A terrible picture begins to form as another series of three graves are found, one ten years before these, and the others only discovered because they went looking for two more.Who is kidnapping and raising three blond girls until they reach a certain age, then killing and burying them? And why?If you like this type of thriller, I recommend it.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-12 04:17

    Loved this book more than the other 2 in the series. The only downside is that (for some reason) the author insists on reminding us in EVERY chapter (and then some) of the characters full names. It became rather annoying.The story follows closely to at least 3 Criminal Minds episodes and yet is not something that a Criminal Minds fan would have seen in any of the wonderful 11 seasons. This was a bonus as sometimes authors tend to rewrite episodes and fail at it :)Loved the strength given to the Rossi and Hotchner characters that so closely mirrors their onscreen personas. Reid is a genius in the TV Series and comes across the same in the book - though sometimes he doesn't seem to get enough "appearance time" in this book. well worth the read even if you don't follow or have never watched Criminal Minds - a great stand alone story in it's own right. A great master mind criminal and an investigation that keeps you guessing ....

  • Eric_W
    2019-04-25 08:25

    I don't know how he does it. I first ran across Collins reading his Nate Heller series. They were pretty good. Then I discovered the Quarry series; they were even better. Now I've found the Criminal minds series. I understand he writes a lot of books based on movies and TV series. It's my understand that his Saving Private Ryan was as good as the movie.Short plot summary: serial kidnapper abducts blond female toddlers for his "family" but then has to kill them when they reach puberty. FBI and cops chase down the bad guy.Definitely not for English grad students so attuned to post-modern lit that a declarative sentence seems simplistic. Little character development or social commentary. If you are looking for a solid story to pass the time, this will suit quite nicely.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-25 02:04

    Let's put it this way - the author is absolutely a fan of the show. His descriptions of the team are very positive. They are heroes, superstars, and in one case a male model. Collins seems to particularly adore Rossi. Most chapters somehow involve a mention of the fact that Rossi is a highly successful author. It didn't come up in the epilogue, but it was brought up so often that I started to look for it.I suppose I just never really saw the show as a cosy mystery where everyone is best! friends! and worries about a tear in their brand new pants while in pursuit of a suspect. It felt very warm and folksy, which was peculiar.I would have liked fewer cliches, for Garcia to actually sound like Garcia, and for the sylviculturist to have been named something other than Mr. Silvan.

  • Crystal
    2019-05-01 04:21

    This book seemed to be exactly what I would have expected from a book written around a TV show. It was not brilliant writing, awkward with its overwhelming amount of descriptions, especially of characters that were incidental to the plot. But the story was well done, the characters seemed true to the series, and the book was relatively enjoyable (once you get past the first section--that was just awful.)I'm planning to read more books by the author, this series AND the Burn Notice ones he does.

  • duane rygh
    2019-05-11 02:12

    Overall a good story, follows the spirit of the show well plus, for the most part, captures the characters well even though at times it seems forced on the author's part. One major continuity error on pg. 184 made me go back through the book to see if I had missed something but my suspicions we're proven correct on pg. 194. As a huge fan of the TV show I'll read the other two novels, only because they're quick reads and Jump Cut has Gideon in the story.

  • Ariadne .
    2019-04-27 07:17

    This is definitely the best book of the Criminal Minds based series by Max Allan Collins. The writing is so much better and enticing, I couldn't stop reading until I was over with it.The plot was well thought and it followed things like the unsub involving himself in the investigation, which was a nice touch (keeping the show's facts). The Unsubs were also well portrayed and it was really nice that they were presented well into the story, and not at the beginning.

  • Ed
    2019-05-08 08:05

    #3 in the Criminal Mind series. Novels based on the TV series.Criminal Mind series: The FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit team is invited to Bemidji, MN when three graves are discovered by hunters. The graves are all of 12-14 year old blonde girls killed and buried over a period of up to a year. As the identities are discovered, it is found that all three girls were kidnapped as three year olds in GA and AL.

  • Carmel
    2019-04-26 06:21

    The final book of the Criminal Minds Novel series. I was really sad to finish them. :(The plot is Finishing School was really interesting. It was a gripping plot full with twist and turns. For me, the characters seemed most in character in this book. I think Collins finally found the proper way to convey the BAU team. Sadly, he found it when writing the last book. So here's hoping to more!

  • Hpitcher
    2019-04-26 03:25

    gotta love a good criminal minds book. the last one i read wasn't much fun because you knew who did it right away. it even said his name. but this one had more mystery to it and i like it. i also liked the plot for it because the woman was the dominant was a different way to go than most stories

  • Marie
    2019-05-09 09:26

    Another solid and fairly enjoyable installment of the Criminal Minds novels. Sadly, the characters were a little off once again but that didn't overly influence the story so it's forgivable. I only wish that there had been a little more heart in the whole little series. Fans of the show should read anyway, it's a nice way to spend a night or two with the team.

  • Jo
    2019-05-11 06:05

    I kind of hovered between 3 and 4 stars for this because it's readable but not outstanding but I loved it just that little bit more because I'm a huge fan of Criminal Minds. This is the 3rd of Collins' novels based on the show that I've read and I still don't get the author's obsession with describing in detail what everybody is wearing. One for fans of the show only.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-27 04:08

    Well, it's not good. Not well written, the characters are wooden, none of the spunk and lovableness of the TV characters. If you like the show, just stick with the show. Trying to translate the chemistry of the characters into a book just doesn't work.

  • Stina
    2019-05-24 08:06

    Brilliant! Just like watching the show. I could even see the expressions on their faces - Hotch's seriousness, Rossi's smirks, Spencer spouting statistics and probabilities like a walking encyclopedia and Morgan's dazzling smiles. Thoroughly enjoyable without being heavy reading

  • Kristen
    2019-05-18 07:03

    Another great read in the series.

  • Nicole Sullivan
    2019-05-07 07:11

    just like watching an episode! it took me more than 2 weeks to read it because i didnt want it to be over. it also captures the characters perfectly. definitely buying another from the series!

  • Jenna
    2019-05-05 02:01

    Kept me reading.

  • Laura
    2019-05-06 06:19

    good book if u like mystery

  • Jessica Gudgeon
    2019-04-30 06:27

    This was by far the best book of the series. The plot was very interesting and original, making it a worthwhile read. I'd recommend this book for lovers of the TV show.

  • Robin
    2019-05-17 06:11

    le brain candy!

  • John
    2019-05-04 05:25

    A surprisingly good novelization of the television series. You have to be familiar with the television show and cast to fully appreciate it, but if you are you will enjoy it.

  • Natalia Baker
    2019-04-25 08:04

    Good book for commuting. The plot was fair, not too in depth. Good read if you're looking for something light and easy.

  • Kayley
    2019-04-25 07:11

    I didn't really like it that much. It was way too different from the TV series and I could barely get through it. It just wasn't the same!

  • Jenny
    2019-05-19 06:20

    Book 2 on my KCPL Readers in the Rue Morgue Adult Winter Reading program reading log.

  • Vicky
    2019-04-26 04:14