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Hannah Mason has spent the last two years of her life with an emotionally abusive husband. When the Yankees burn the plantation nearby, she runs away. Her destination is Nashville, but when she arrives dirty and with torn clothing, she is swept up with the other women in the purge of Smokey Row. Loaded onto a steamboat, then rejected from various ports, the women are sentHannah Mason has spent the last two years of her life with an emotionally abusive husband. When the Yankees burn the plantation nearby, she runs away. Her destination is Nashville, but when she arrives dirty and with torn clothing, she is swept up with the other women in the purge of Smokey Row. Loaded onto a steamboat, then rejected from various ports, the women are sent back to Nashville and taken to a makeshift hospital. There, Hannah encounters Major Lucas Kelley, a handsome Union doctor. She becomes a nurse and travels with the army to various battlefields, war raging all around her. But her greatest fear is that her husband will find her. Can Hannah free herself from a vicious man and find love with Lucas, the doctor who can heal her heart? Set in the Civil War, historically accurate, “Hannah's War” illustrates how a woman can rise from a terrible situation, grow strong and find true love....

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hannah s war Reviews

  • Debra Nichols
    2019-03-11 09:57

    Hannah is a true heroineLeslie did a great job with this story, keeping it fast-paced yet full of surprises and keep love woven throughout!

  • Beth Winters
    2019-02-25 10:37

    More than one type of warThis is my fourth book that I have read by Leslie Hachtel, and I believe that it is my favorite of them. Set during the Civil War, the story of Hannah's war takes us on a journey with Hannah Mason. This woman who grew up with no comfort at home because of a spiteful mother and missing father. No wonder she jumps headlong at the first man that shows her any attention or affection. Unfortunately for her Daniel Mason was not all that he seemed. Finding out that your husband probably murdered the people that lived in your current home before you did, that he lied about being a Captain in the confederacy, not wanting to consummate their marriage (that was a blessing in disguise in my opinion), and repeatedly threatening your life for over two years can kill any love that she may have had. When war comes close to their home during 1863, Hannah jumps into action and grabs the supplies that she had hidden and runs away. Little does she know that when she finally makes it to Nashville that she becomes entangled in a mistaken professional identity. They find her in Smokey Row which was the area where the prostitutes lived. They put all of these woman on boats and try to offload them onto another city. No one wants them, so they are forced to return to Nashville where they will be inspected for diseases and later be taxed for their "trade". Hannah is finally recognized by a local Doctor Mills and he helps her to become a nurse. She explains to him why she can't return home, so he becomes concerned that her husband will go looking for her there and sends her with a unit headed south to Vicksburg. Hannah meets a Union officer, Major Lucas Kelley during this time, but tries to keep her cool. They become intimate when he's had to much liquor, and he realizes the next morning she's gone and that she was a virgin. He plans to help her in any way he can. Hannah befriends another nurse from up north named Elise Johnson who has traveled south and is searching for her husband Moses. He is a Doctor and had joined the army, but it seems that he is missing. Hannah and Elise work together to find him. Friendships form and others are shed light on. There are many twists and turns throughout the story. I enjoyed reading this one. There were a few predictable parts, but a few surprises thrown in as well. I enjoyed reading this one and will probably reread it again. If you like happily ever afters and things tied up in a neat bow then you'll enjoy this book!

  • GrnEyed
    2019-03-22 11:59

    Leslie Hachtel has a gift for transporting her readers back to another time. In Hannah’s War she achieved that goal once again by transporting us back to the South during the time of the Civil War. Hannah is a woman desperate to leave her abusive husband and her less than loving mother. Thanks to the war, Hannah is able to sneak away unnoticed. Just when she thought she had reached her goal, Nashville, she is taken into custody along with other women of ill repute. She ends up on a steamboat dealing with horrific conditions, including illness, filth, and hunger before finally returning to land.Once on land, her life starts to change. First she meets Major Lucas Kelley, a doctor for the Union. He leaves an impression on her because of how handsome and kind he is. When she runs into a doctor that knows her husband, Hannah pleads with him to help her and not send her back to her abusive husband. After much consideration he agrees and gives Hannah a job as his nurse. Her life continues to improve.With the need for nurses, Hannah and her new friend Elise, set out to work at other battlefields. They also hatch a plan to find and bring Elise’s husband Moses, home. Throughout their journey, Hannah develops a close bond with Lucas Kelley and Elise. She also has to contend with her abusive husband who is working to find her.Hannah’s War is filled with a tremendous amount of mental, emotional, and even physical struggles for Hannah. She tries to leave her past behind all while trying to build a new future. Although a lot of the storyline is rather predictable, Leslie Hachtel does manage to include a few twists. Overall, I found this to be a great story about woman’s determination to leave her abusive husband so she could have a happier more fulfilled life.

  • Susan Bissell
    2019-03-14 09:52

    Here is a good book for women who like to read about the Civil War and/or period books. Hannah who is the main character has spent two years of her life in an abusive marriage Hannah was always looking for a way to escape when one night a nearby plantation is burned causing chaos on her plantation that gave Hannah her chance to flee. Hannah escapes to Nashville which took her several days to her to arrive because she had to walked and she would hide during the day and walk at night to keep from being found by her husband. When she arrived in Nashville she was dirty and her clothes torn. On the day she arrived in Nashville a purge was on to remove all woman from Smokey Row a place where prostitution was rampant. Hannah is caught up in the purge because of her appearance when she arrived in Nashville. The town thinking this will clean up the town loaded all the women up onto a steamboat and were sent from port to port but no one wanted these type women. They were taken back to Nashville and unloaded taken to a hospital and examined by a local doctor who Hannah knew. The doctor recognizes her and gives her a job working as a nurse. Hannah volunteers to travels with the army as a nurse thinking this will keep her from being found by her husband goes to different battlefields to help the wounded when she meets Major Lucas Kelly a Union doctor. After getting off on the wrong foot with Hannah Kelley is determined to make Hannah fall in love with him. But can Hannah free herself from her abusive husband and let herself fall in love with Lucas knowing her husband will do ANYTHING to bring her back to him.

  • Laura
    2019-03-15 09:35

    *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*Hannah’s War by Leslie Hatchel is a fantastic historical fiction read that transports you to another time. A time where the north and south were at war. A woman’s place was in the home and people of color were slaves.You meet Hannah. She escapes her abusive husband and finds herself alone in a world she doesn’t know anymore. A chance encounter with an old friend sets her off on a journey. Hannah meets people from all walks of life. This is her new life and she finds that this is what she's meant to do. She meets Lucas, the doctor she is to assist. Things are going very well but her past is coming back and she must face it to save her future. This book was different from what I usually read. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it! It's has a great story along with some pretty great characters. The author does such a great job in transporting you to that point in time. Sometimes I struggled with some of the actions of certain characters but I had to remind myself that this was a different time. I really did like Hannah. By the end of the book she had grown as both a person and a character. This book was a unexpected wonderful read. I give it 5 stars! *Review on behalf of Once Upon An Alpha*

  • Bianca Eksteen
    2019-02-23 09:38

    Hannah's War is a fantastic historical fiction that is absolutely amazing to read. Leslie Hachtel has a gift for transporting readers back in time. This time we find ourselves in the South during the Civil War. Hannah is desperate to leave her abusive husband and her nasty mother. As we follow Hannah's journey I was glad that, for the most part, things work out for her. There are definitely some dramatic twists and turns, but it always ends positively. It was a light, easy read with just the right amount of suspense. This is definitely a HEA and I greatly enjoyed it. Despite all the challenges Hannah faced she was able to overcome it all and have her better, happier life.I would highly recommend this book to all romance enthusiasts, it is just that good!! Well done!

  • Amy L.
    2019-03-21 16:51

    Awesome story with lots of details. I love stories where the hero is the doctor and the scene is in the historical past. It's nerving with the heroine having an abusive husband and you never know if that madman will show up and she falls in love with someone else... No more spoilers. Must read it.