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This is it! Gary Brandner's famous book, "THE HOWLING II." A must read! "If you haven't read Gary Brandner you're missing a treat." ~ STEPHEN KING * • * For Karyn it was the howling. The howling that had heralded the nightmare in Drago... the nightmare that had joined her husband Roy to the she-wolf Marcia and should have ended forever with fire. But it hadn't. Roy and MarThis is it! Gary Brandner's famous book, "THE HOWLING II." A must read! "If you haven't read Gary Brandner you're missing a treat." ~ STEPHEN KING * • * For Karyn it was the howling. The howling that had heralded the nightmare in Drago... the nightmare that had joined her husband Roy to the she-wolf Marcia and should have ended forever with fire. But it hadn't. Roy and Marcia were still alive, and deadly, and thirsty for the most horrifying vengeance imaginable... * • * Don't forget to check out: THE HOWLING & THE HOWLING III ...

Title : The Howling II
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The Howling II Reviews

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    2019-01-27 06:46

    This was pretty bad. First, it's just not interesting to have a bare-bones revenge story. The ex-husband and demented girlfriend wanting to pursue the ex-wife to take revenge. The book shifts points of view between the revenge-seeking couple and Karen, which gets old. The premise is generic and the villains downright cheesy and unconvincing. Marcia's speech is especially awful. It got old seeing her lead reluctant Roy around by the wolf hairs. The ending doesn't make sense - you'd think she would have timed the revenge better. An easy cop-out situation.Karen isn't much better. She forgets her husband easily enough when she goes to Chris for help, and the three-way jealousy thing? Overdone and cloying. She's a weak-willed victim who doesn't inspire much interest. And while it was implausible that the cops couldn't tell teeth killed a particular person in Karen's household, surely that wouldn't be repeated in Mexico? Both sets of police say it's too vicious for an animal but clearly werewolf teeth (and a neighbor's eyewitness account of a wolf) would leave traces it was clearly a tooth or claw type weapon at the bare minimum? Seriously, come on now.There's little tension and everything happens about the way I'd figure. There was so much foreshadowing with Roy that it was common sense. The end is incredibly abrupt after the convenient ending - where do Karen and Chris go from there?

  • Nick
    2019-01-31 06:38

    A great sequel to The Howling! First published in 1979, it features characters from the the first book and picks up the story three years on.I liked the small town setting in The Howling whereas the sequel features a number of different locations as the story progresses. It addresses the impact of the events in the first book and how life has changed for the characters. I don't want to spoil any reading of either book so I will just say it is a great sequel that expands the story.The book reinforces that this Trilogy is the best werewolf saga ever!Bring on The Howling III.

  • Thomas Strömquist
    2019-02-03 03:44

    Great second entry in the series! I thought that in the interest of avoiding spoilers, I'd stay clear of mentioning plot and characters, but the story follows true and kind of logical to the first book. At the same time this is what a sequel should be like I think, not cut off at a page count, but could easily have been chosen to be one long book instead, but a revisit with some intervening time and things that has happened that are related interwoven in the story. Oh, just read it, you'll see what I mean! Onto number 3! I hope it doesn't go the "80's horror flick"-route and they develop wings or fins or something! (Was nicely avoided between 1 and 2 :-))

  • Latasha
    2019-02-02 10:08

    Double tapBy now, Karyn and Chris should be cutting off heads just to be sure. Did they? Read it & found out! Or proceed on to book 3.

  • Alondra
    2019-01-22 07:04

    2.5 - 3 Stars..... maybe.This was definitely not as good as the first book. As Karen realizes the wolves of her former husband and his lover; are now stalking/terrorizing her; she attempts to gather strength and reinforcements to fight them.....okay, not really, but it sounded good. We continue to deal with Karen and her "issues." Her anxiety and poor-pathetic-woman persona, irritated me to no end. Her anxiety is warranted, but continuing to allow others to talk for her and treat her as helpless; was exhausting. Anywho, we have this cat and mouse game happening for much of the book, and the end is anti-climactic, to say the least. If you are looking for a huge showdown, and fight to the death, this is not the book for you.

  • Tom Dewitt
    2019-02-14 08:58

    While I enjoyed the first novel, I found myself somewhat disappointed with this second installment, not in the story itself, but with the main characters Karyn and Roy. Although I was glad she was able to rebuild her life after the events of the first novel, she still felt weak to me. Her hyper damsel in distress behavior very off-putting to the point that I wanted her to be eaten by the werewolves. Roy was no better, not only did he survive the fire, but instead of trying to find Karyn, because it was obvious from the first one that he still wanted to protect her even after he was turned, he decides to stay with Marcia to nurse her back to health and help in her plot (although begrudgingly) to gain revenge on Karyn for paralyzing the wolf within her. Roy was was so p***y-whipped it was sad. Everytime he objected to her plan, she would easily (and I do mean easily)seduce him back to her side. The book overall was entertaining, I began reading it immediately after I finished the first book, had I not, I probably would have disliked it more.

  • Chris
    2019-02-04 04:02

    3 1/2 stars. Clearly, the animosity doesn't end with the divorce....Karyn, the much put upon wife in The Howling I, has remarried (even though her husband is not dead---although she doesn't know it) and trying to move on with her life. Where during the first book she was constantly haunted by memories and flashbacks of her rape, in this book she is constantly haunted by memories and flashbacks of being attacked by werewolves. She just can't win, apparently, and will not ever consider the possibility of rescuing herself.This one moved along at a brisk pace, concentrating on Karyn being tracked (hunted if you will) by her werewolf ex and his werewolf gypsy lover who redefines the concept of the vindictive new wife. Karyn does what she did in the first book---immediately try to find a man to rescue her. Actually the same guy that rescued her in Part 1. She even takes the extra step of getting on a plane to Mexico so that he can rescue her there. Sort of like the fairy princess travelling to the handsome prince instead of the other way around. I guess loading a gun with silver bullets and blowing them away when they showed up on her doorstep in California was MORE difficult somehow? Anyway, it wasn't so bad because the whole mess got wrapped up nicely in a totally anticlimactic and unbelievable resolution in the 5 final pages. Whew!The book was still fun as a time capsule. I loved all the Dirty Harry references and Karyn's son complaining that his mom was mean for not letting him stay up and watch Kojak! Who loves ya baby?

  • John
    2019-02-17 07:05

    An entertaining but perfunctory sequel. Still, it's leaps and bounds better than the movie THE HOWLING II: YOUR SISTER IS A WEREWOLF.The book opens with the werewolf survivors from the first novel hunting down Karyn Whats-her-name for a little revenge. You know, maybe kill her new family and then torture her to death. The werewolves track her all the way to Mexico (it's never explained how they are able to do this), where the stage is set for a final confrontation.I like the premise, and the Mexican setting was a nice change of locale--although, author Gary Brandner probably only chose it so the heroes wouldn't have access to guns and silver bullets. In this regard, the main characters act quite stupidly by not hightailing it back to the U.S. and arming themselves for battle. Instead, they listen to their gypsy taxi driver and go off in search of a fortune teller who is ultimately of no help whatsoever. Nice plan.If this novel were smarter, the heroes would have no chance for survival. Lucky for them, their enemies are every bit as dumb as they are. In all fairness, though, the book isn't trying to be smart, just entertaining. It does its job, though it's nothing to write home about. Still, it's great to see so many characters return from the original story, despite the fact that Karyn spends the whole novel acting like a victim and feeling sorry for herself. Easy to see why she never reached feminist icon status like Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley.

  • Mark
    2019-01-28 07:42

    It is three years after the incident at Drago which served as the climax to “The Howling”. Karyn Beatty - now Richter - is trying to make a new life for herself in Seattle with her husband David and young stepson Joey. She’s still haunted by memories of what happened though and these are compounded when she sees her believed-dead husband Roy in a shopping mall, then someone who looks a lot like Marcia Lura. Not wanting to put her family at risk, she tracks down Chris Halloran (from the first book) and heads to Mexico to see him, setting up a showdown in the mountains between the survivors of Drago. Published in 1979, this is great fun, running at real pace and building up a sense of menace nicely (even though the reader knows it’s Marcia and Roy from the start), whilst clearly defining the characters (though I’d have liked more information on what exactly the silver bullet did to Marcia). There are some good “jump” scenes, a good use of atmosphere and a nicely smutty sapphic interlude between Chris’ girlfriend and Marcia. If you have a liking for late 70s horror, this is perfect and I’d very much recommend it.

  • Christina
    2019-01-29 04:38

    Not really getting into this book. Is Karyn not capable of feeling any emotions besides fear? What about grief for what she lost, happiness to have come so far and survived, anger, or a mix of conflicted emotions, something besides only fear. I’d be content with even some vengeance - overgrown dog hunt anyone? Maybe that comes out in later chapters. I haven’t gotten far in the book at all, because seriously Roy and Marcia are detestable characters! Where is Selene when you need her!?!

  • Chris
    2019-01-24 10:41

    Not great, but OK.

  • Craig
    2019-02-03 08:03

    Another great werewolf tale. Some good suspense and gore / violent scenes alongside an interesting continuation from the first book. A satisfying ending too :)

  • Kittykorn
    2019-02-10 04:04

    Another quick read lol found this one a bit better then the first.

  • Alicia Utter
    2019-02-10 06:01

    Rating: 7/10Pages: 284This book literally picks up right where the first book left off. The characters are more fleshed out. However, I didn't understand Marcia's drive to destroy Karyn, other than jealousy. It was the one fluke in the story. However, It was a good ending for some of the original characters.I loved the build up, and how the canine relationships keep going and are vicious. This is definitely a Part Two of a trilogy. But it is a fun read. Location: Kindle

  • Juliette
    2019-02-07 03:57

    Not a big fan of the type of character Marcia was, which is pretty much the catalyst of this book. I feel like it's lazy writing. Pretty much all of the characters were one dimensional which is okay sometimes in a horror novel because it lends to the mystery of what is going on. In this case we already know about werewolves, there's no surprise, no mystery. Not sure I'll be starting the 3rd.

  • Andrew Michael Schwarz
    2019-02-08 08:57

    Good tale with cardboard charactersI liked this story, but i loved the first one. The biggest drawback was how flimsy the characterization was in this one. Aside from the main character, everyone else seemed stock.

  • Julia
    2019-02-17 09:54

    This was a decent second book. An easy read. Not too scary, but still fast paced if not a bit on the simple side.

  • Neil Buchanan
    2019-02-03 06:07

    Set some time after the events of the original, Howling 2 revisits our main protagonist, Karyn, as she tries to start a new life away from the horrors of Drago. Karyn hasn't had it easy since werewolves ate her dog, best mate and turned her former husband, Roy, into one of their own. She suffers from cynophobia (an abnormal fear of dogs) and despite being remarried and surrounded by those that have her best interests at heart, no one really believes she survived an attack by werewolves.So, as Karyn goes about coping with these issues we cut to a couple of other survivors from the Drago incident. Two werewolves made it out of the flames. Marcia, the dark-haired beauty from the first novel, and Roy. Roy is as fit as a fiddle and is keen to let the past slip away, but Marcia was shot with a silver bullet and the effect has left her unable to transform into a werewolf (she still transforms, but into something else).Keen to have her revenge on Kayrn, Marcia convinces the reluctant Roy (apparently men will follow a gorgeous girl with firm buttocks and quick hands just about anywhere)to begin a hunt for his ex-wife.And here we get to the meat of the story as Gary Brandner does what he does best, ratchet up the tension and draw these two groups slowly together over the course of the book.Fans of gore won't be disappointed and this remains a worthy successor to The Howling. Is it as good? Well, no. But then following up one of the most successful werewolf books of all time was never going to be an easy task. The story suffers when Karyn, on the run, does little to protect herself from the hunting werewolves, despite having the opportunity, motivation and inclination to do so. It's only when she tracks down Chris from the first novel that the subject of defending themselves arises. Perhaps it's the time in which it was written, perhaps it's the flaw of Karyn's character to be unable to take control of her story in any meaningful way. Perhaps.Still, Howling 2 pleases for the most part, and even manages to end this middle chunk of the trilogy on a somewhat sad and somber note.

  • lyndadwight
    2019-01-20 10:48

    now if you like the first HOWLING you will definitely like this one and it gives the ending of karyn, roy, and Marcia. karyn tries to get on with her life in the second novel. its been three years. she has remarried and has a young stepson. but she cant' get over what horrendously happened to her three years before , she still has nightmares and constant fear. of course no one believes what happened in drago she is under psychiatric outpatient care for what the world believes is all in her head. there is only one human who believes her rantings of someone following her of seeing her "deceased" husband. she hears the HOWLING once again and its not in her head. there is horrendous murders she swears is for her benefit that she is being followed and targeted by the ones that survived . but the world believes she has just gotten worse in her mind. no one believes it is REAL. Marcia survived that silver bullet but it maimed her for life. and she is enraged and seeking revenge on the woman who almost succeeded in killing her three years before. with roy by her side he nursed her human side back to health from a hell of pain. he will follow whatever she wishes. together they trace the whereabouts of the one woman who ruined her, they stalk and scare , they kill all to weaken their one revengeful kill. chris is the only human to believe karyns ravings and vows to help in any way he can. the hunt is on ... with mistaken murders and planting of schemes they all end up at an old gypsy cabin. where Marcia and roy will take their revenge...........will it be over for karyn and chris? or Marcia and roy?loved this one I couldn't put it down . am now on the third of this trilogy and cant wait to get to the end of this one as well.will definitely be in my reread pile :)

  • Damien Spencer
    2019-01-30 04:40

    This was bad. I just read a book that features a woman with a seemingly unending amount of money travel all over the country to avoid these werewolves that are just determined to the max to follow her everywhere and sort of make an attempt at making her life miserable. I will say this the book was original in the sense that the way people handled the things that happened are unlike anything I've ever seen or read before in the sense that they have such dumb reactions to things I felt like I was on a hot air balloon. This book has it all folks, a woman practically rushing her plants to the emergency room like they're her children and then when the plants die she just really doesn't react. She also flys to Mexico to seek help from a friend from the original, they proceed to ride donkeys up a treacherous mountain side to the home of a gypsy fortune teller who is going to give them some great knowledge filled solution to this problem, her solution "you are in very great danger". I believe I'd want my money back. The solution, however, was equally as lackluster as the final confrontation you've been waiting for the whole book wraps up in a few paragraphs. I wish I had a fortune teller to tell me some great advice about not reading this dog turd of a book.

  • Benjamin Thomas
    2019-02-12 05:47

    Having recently read the first book of this werewolf trilogy, and finding it better than expected, I felt compelled to read the follow-up. This one has a rapidly moving plot that held my interest even though most of it followed a fairly predictable course. The background "color" is nicely dated with mid to late 1970's pop culture references (Kojak, Clint Eastwood movies, Charlie's Angels, etc.). The author has had some successful Hollywood screenwriting experiences, and I feel that really shows in his writing. You can almost visualize the director blocking the scenes as the cast and crew prepare for the next one.So...a quick read that was both entertaining on the one hand but predictable and dated on the other. The build-up of suspense throughout the entire novel (not very suspenseful really) was resolved in just a couple of pages at the end and seemed very easy. Made me wonder why they hadn't just taken the fight to the enemy instead of waiting around being stalked the whole time.I understand this is the last story for these main characters and that the final book of the trilogy involves a whole new cast. I plan to read that one as well, since I have it on my shelf and it might be interesting to see if the basic formula changes any.

  • Nigel
    2019-01-25 07:54

    I was disappointed in this sequel to the excellent Howling. The not quite killing Marcia with the silver bullet but giving her a silver streak in her hair so she was alive but not able to change into her wolf form didn't quite seem believable to me. Another element that didn't work was the gypsies 'working for the wolves' which seemed to be copied straight from vampire novels where the gypsies are in thrall to their vampire lord. The same relationship was implied here but not explained and since I wasn't aware that in werewolf folklore the concept of thralls is widely used, it would have been good to have it explained.I found the character of Audrey (Chris's erstwhile girlfriend) ridiculous. Yes I can see here getting jealous when Karyn turns up but I thing if she really felt like she behaves that I am sure she would have left.I have number 3 in the series and it's touch and go as to whether or not I'll read it. If I do I hope it's better than this one.

  • Chris
    2019-01-22 07:48

    While not as strong as the first novel, the second book in the Howling trilogy finds Karyn newly remarried a few years after events in the previous story, but still haunted by the horror...and in therapy for it. Her new husband is supportive, to a point, but doesn't believe her story, and in fact, behaves rather uncharacteristically later in the book. As does a few other characters, which is one of this book's flaws. Karyn's seemingly idyllic new life is turned upside down when her new family is threatened, amd she begins to hear the howling yet again. She thought she, and her friend, Chris, had destroyed the horror in Drago...but the survivors are on a murderous rampage, and no one is safe. Despite its flaws, this is still worth reading, for fans of werewolf horror, especially if you've read the original.

  • Lucas Mangum
    2019-02-04 08:40

    Gary Brandner's sequel to his seminal werewolf novel is an entertaining read, but not quite up to the standard of the previous entry. Unfortunately, the first half drags quite a bit, as if it was written in a rush. It becomes far more exciting as the story advances though, culminating in a third act that moves a lot quicker and has more happening. The book's most shining moments are when Brandner's signature cinematic prose is on display. He was a master at giving the reader just enough to paint a clear picture of the scene before advancing the action. The attack scenes are written in this way. And later on, when more characters take the stage, their interactions are tightly written without sacrificing the sorts of details that make them real.Recommended, even if it is the weakest of the series.

  • Tobin Elliott
    2019-02-12 05:38

    Not quite as good as the first one, and some of the characters (Karyn's new husband, Chris' girlfriend) didn't feel fully formed, but once again Brandner did a good job of building up to the conclusion.My chief complaint is the end. Without going into spoiler territory, I just wish Karyn was much less of a damsel in distress and more of a heroine. She needs to solve her own problems.Still, all in all, one of the better werewolf books I've read. Especially loved all the references to late 70s life. The Kojak and Charlie's Angels television shows, the Dirty Harry movies, and the novelty of a shopping mall that isn't open air.And once again, I must mention the fantastic covers for this Books of the Dead Press edition. Fantastic work.On to the last book.

  • Thomas Rohde
    2019-01-19 09:46

    this installment was slightly better than the first one (though much of my opinion on that may have to do with having seen the film do many times that it had been lacking suspense). that said, the characters are not any better drawn or fleshed out. there is far too much "oh my god am I going crazy" at the beginning and then too much "no one will believe the truth" later on. in all I think most of my objections come down to not liking Karyn and her incessant need to find a man to save her.howling 2, now separated from the "there's something not right about this town I'm stuck in" plot of the first book moves much better because the characters do. we encounter Seattle, LA, and a Mexican city.

  • Cole
    2019-02-03 06:57

    The Howling 2 is a great novel, however I enjoyed the first on a completely different level. The Howling was an intense off in the woods being stalked in the night horror, while The Howling 2 is more of an action/adventure story. I'm not saying this makes the novel bad in any way, I am just saying that I missed the eerie feel presented by the first. The story line is great and I couldn't stop reading until I had finished it. I recommend this to werewolf fans and those who enjoy a good chase and suspense type story.

  • Cynthia
    2019-01-20 04:58

    This book is a great follow-up.Emotionally damaged Karyn is trying to get her life back on track after the horror of Drago. What she soon finds out is that not all the evil from Drago perished as she had hoped, but instead are looking for revenge.I really enjoyed this book and it was a fast and easy read. I was a bit annoyed in the beginning by how Karyn's mental state was written. I think in the first book also this is true, it was just a bit overly done. Even with that being said, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the third.

  • Anthony Sullivan
    2019-02-09 04:55

    As much as the first book was comparable to a low budget movie equivalent, so is The Howling 2 compared to a low budget movie sequel. It was OK, but felt like part of a bigger picture. You know how some books start strong, lose it in the middle and then pick up toward the end? The middle was the best part, as that was where the plot and character seemed to be. The beginning and end just kind of felt a little rushed. Overall though, if you enjoyed the first Howling book you're going to want to read this.

  • Jessica Smith
    2019-01-30 10:57

    Gah, this book failed to deliver a statisfying ending. The characters were limp, the situations too unbelievable despite being a fantasy/horror. I didn't mind the main characters so much, thought I thought Karyn could have been better developed, and the plot itself followed much the same route, being slightly more contrived than I would like. However, it is the writing itself which saves this novel from the dreaded one star review, as the prose is alive with strong verbs, imagery.