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Halcyon is a tattoo artist with a secret. Once a respected academic, she has exiled herself to the slums of Panacea City, to avoid too many questions. After discovering an ancient language that enables her to hack human’s DNA, she has discovered she can change the future of mankind. The human race is now living in dome covered cities that shelter its inhabitants from the EHalcyon is a tattoo artist with a secret. Once a respected academic, she has exiled herself to the slums of Panacea City, to avoid too many questions. After discovering an ancient language that enables her to hack human’s DNA, she has discovered she can change the future of mankind. The human race is now living in dome covered cities that shelter its inhabitants from the Earth’s harsh atmosphere. War and global warming have all but destroyed the Earth and only a small number of humans have survived. Halcyon believes what she has discovered will change the course of history. She just needs to find the right test subject.Misha has never met anyone like Halcyon. Out of work and fed up with life, he is dragged to a tattoo parlour where he meets the blue haired genius, and is immediately struck by her. Soon after getting his tattoo, Misha begins to notice a great change in his body, he now has super strength. How can a tattoo change him physically? Halcyon is soon pursued by the gangs that run the city, who want to use her discoveries as addictive drugs. Knowing that Misha has super strength, Halcyon is forced to trust him and ask for help. Misha is falling in love with Halcyon, and is all too willing to help her, no matter what the cost. Will Halcyon and Misha be able to escape the gang leaders and bring Halcyon’s discoveries to the attention of all humankind? Do they have what it takes to be heroes and save the city?...

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hero is a man Reviews

  • Caitlyn
    2019-01-23 04:37

    This book is set pretty far in the future which for some reason is always really fun to read. Maybe because it's cool to see what other people think could happen in the future? What big events they can make up? Two stories are actually told in this book. One at the beginning of each chapter in italics and then the rest of the book is dedicated to Misha and Halycon's story (and supporting characters). Eventually these two stories come together and you find out the connection. My reaction was basically OMG. Then again if I was smarter I would have probably made the connection before it spells it out for you. I mean, I'm smart but apparently not that smart. Whatever. These characters (Mainly Halycon, Misha, and Natasha), are so darn loveable. They all have qualities that make them unique but they get along so well. Halcyon basically sucks with people skills but she's still the best. Love her as a character. Smart girls are awesome. Also her parent's suck. Misha is such a great guy. Honestly don't know what else to say about him. He's amazing. Natasha is also really smart and she's sweet and I love how she just accepts Halcyon like pretty much right away. This book was such a great read. It did take me a while to finish it but only because of the reasons above. Whenever I would sit down to read I would get sucked in all over again. The story is GREAT. I love the idea of glyphs healing people and giving them strength. I love that it doesn't work on everybody. I love all the cool gadgets. Seriously loved this book. Read my reviews on my blog

  • Coyora Dokusho
    2019-01-29 07:45

    I really liked it! The narrative was kind of choppy, but the characters were super interesting and cool, the plot as well.

  • Patricia Pike
    2019-01-20 12:21

    I enjoyed the book from the moment I picked it up till the time I put it down, and then it stayed in my mind for a while more, teasing me with the characters and themes.

  • Antony Millen
    2019-02-04 11:41

    "Hero is a Man" is the debut novel written by fellow Taumarunui author, Nix Whittaker. It is the first part of her newly launched "Glyph Warrior" series. Once again, reading a local author challenges me to expand my genre horizons, this time venturing into SciFi Romance.It turns out, this is an opportune read for me as, in my current novel, I am not necessarily endeavouring to write science fiction, but ultimately doing so by setting it in the near future. The setting for "Hero is a Man" resembles our world in many respects, though following a catastrophic war in which city-states have been re-built with weather shields created to handle the effects of the war and global warming. In this wider, and interesting, context, Whittaker tells the story of a small portion of one of these city-states, Freedom.Specifically, this is a tale centred around the enigmatic protagonist, Halcyon, a blue-haired technical genius, sometimes known as "Tinker", who finds her invention prototypes far more interesting and relatable than her fellow citizens. The most dramatic of these inventions are her glyphs, tattoos which act as sorts of implants, integrating themselves into the human body to augment existent potentialities such as strength, inner peace or even healing.So caught up is she in her world, Halcyon (or Hal) often overlooks the possible nefarious misuses of her inventions. However, there are elements in her city who do not overlook these and seek to exploit her. Enter Misha, a giant of a man who grew up in the inner city and teaches Taekwon-Do to local youths. He is introduced to Hal in order to procure a tattoo, but soon finds commonalities in their ability and desire to bring about positive change in their community. And yes, he also finds romance.The book is well written with many strengths in its plot, character and world-building. It is easy to read with several well-constructed scenes. For me, the character of Halcyon was the most appealing and I was interested in almost every scene based on her talents and eccentricities. I'm sure other readers may find the self-assured Misha as appealing. They are well supported by Marcus, the villainous gang leader, who is not over done and has a healthy enough dose of hubris to seal his own fate. Congratulations to Nix Whittaker for publishing her first novel. I won't promise to read the next books in the "Glyph Warrior" series, but I do encourage others to check this series out. The world and characters are intriguing and sustainable enough for future tales.Antony Millen is a Canadian living and writing in New Zealand. He is the author of three novels: Redeeming Brother Murrihy: The River To Hiruharama, Te Kauhanga: A Tale of Space and The Chain.

  • Carol Nicolas
    2019-02-14 12:33

    After the end of the world, people struggle to survive all over the planet. In one colony, Misha is a peaceful man who tries to stay out of trouble. Then he meets Halcyon, a blue haired genius/inventor who has discovered the secret of the glyphs, which give their bearer extraordinary powers. As he tries to protect her from dirty politics, assassins, and drug lords, he finds he is falling in love with her -- something he had never planned on. The story is interesting, the premise and the world she created are fascinating, and I liked the characters. The history of their world is told through a series of perspectives as the key characters move towards the conclusion. In spite of the grammatical errors, I enjoyed the book.

  • Claire
    2019-02-11 08:20

    I absolutely loved this book! I could imagine myself in the world from a third person point of view, well written :) Am hanging out for number 2 :)

  • Nicola Pike
    2019-01-31 07:39

    Warning *biased* review as this is actually my own book under a pen name.This is a easy light read where the romance is sweet. Would even be suited for teenagers as there aren't large vocabulary words that would keep a less able reader from appreciating this novel.Set in the future after the world has managed to put itself back together after global warming has wrecked its havoc. We follow the story of Misha. I like Misha for being a stoic, but a completely reliable person who doesn't get intimidated by a smart woman. Now Halcyon is awesome. She has discovered a science that gives people almost magical abilities. She is a genius and has never fitted in anywhere. She is abrupt and brash, but you can sympathize with her because she has terrible parents. (I put one of her quotes under my quotes.)This is the first book in the series and there is a bonus chapter for the next book at the back where you get some hints to Natasha's story.I hope you enjoy this story.