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A satisfying category romance novella from Entangled's Lovestruck imprint… Rule number one: don't fall for the wrong guy. Gracie Greene has a shopping list for men. Career, financials, family...and a long list of rules to determine a guy's suitability. She's already disappointed her socialite mother once—now Gracie needs to find Mr. Perfect. Too bad she keeps getting distrA satisfying category romance novella from Entangled's Lovestruck imprint… Rule number one: don't fall for the wrong guy. Gracie Greene has a shopping list for men. Career, financials, family...and a long list of rules to determine a guy's suitability. She's already disappointed her socialite mother once—now Gracie needs to find Mr. Perfect. Too bad she keeps getting distracted by her super-sexy, six-feet-of-tattooed-hotness friend, Des, who is so many shades of Mr. Wrong… Bar owner Des Chapman has vowed never again to get involved with society girls. Yet he's irresistibly drawn to Gracie—those lush curves, those lips, and her ridiculous ability to date the wrong guys. As Gracie's discouragement grows, Des realizes it's time to show her what she really needs in a man—and it has nothing to do with a briefcase and generous bank account. He'll teach Gracie the Rules According To Des…even if it means breaking his rule in the process....

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The Rules According to Gracie Reviews

  • Claire Robinson
    2019-04-08 16:26

    3 - "It doesn't mean anything if you're willing to let it go." Stars.The Rules According to Gracie is an easy-going, short and sweet read. Gracie was likeable, albeit a bit of a doormat at the beginning, and Des was your typical tattooed bad boy, who is actually a good guy with a heart of gold.I struggle in this day and age to get onboard with the whole familial pressures to pick a suitable match, especially when you are a 27 year old, independent woman who has already had a previous relationship to fail because of it. Yes, I am happy to read that trope in a historical novel; it fits with the time, but not so much in the present day. The story is set in Melbourne, Australia which was a plus; we definitely do not get enough books set down-under in my opinion.She’d tried internet dating, speed dating, blind dating, matchmaking…Luckily there is a little more going on in the story over and above this, and I think if given the chance to broaden the length of the story Stefanie London has potential to deliver an absolutely stellar read for the Lovestruck line in the future (fingers crossed for Gracie’s sister Emmaline).”Finding the right person is not something you can tick off a list.”ARC generously provided by Entangled, in exchange for the above honest review.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-09 00:22

    ARC provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review[image error]The Rule According to Gracie by Stefanie London was a sweet, cute, sexy, funny, and lovable read. I really enjoyed this short book!! Gracie Greene, a woman that goes by the rules and her mother's expectations. She has a checklist of standards for the guys she dates...these men fit the criteria of rich, stable, educated and comes from the right family but that doesn't mean anything when there are no sparks. Luckily for Gracie, she didn't have to look far when she finally took notice of her tattoo friend, Des. He is everything that her mother would not approve of but there is no denying the sexual chemistry between Gracie and Des. When Gracie finally lets go of her inhibitions, she unleashes all her sexual desires for Des. For the first time in her life, she felt free. Passion, sparks, and chemistry was brewing in the air when they finally succumbed to their desires. Can Gracie finally see that Mr. Right has been Des all along? And can Des let go of his past that's been haunting him from truly having a relationship?Though this was a fast read, I really enjoyed how Ms. London was able to pack humor, sexiness, and romance all into this book. I have always been a big fan of friends to lover romance and Ms. London nailed it with this book. She brought you romance and at the same time incorporated the key message that love can't be forced. Love should make you feel alive and passionate. Love is about breaking the rules and living for you. Stefanie LondonReview can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...[image error]

  • Dali
    2019-04-14 22:04

    A super sweet, lighthearted read with a good, easy flow that can easily be read in one sitting.Gracie’s mind in determined to find a man with a social pedigree to satisfy her mother’s way past century’s old views but her heart just wants to spend time in any way possible with her sexy as sin friend Des Chapman. The perfectly imperfect, tattooed bar owner Des Chapman can’t stop longing to spend time with Gracie, even when he knows that a socialite like her will bring only judgment and heartbreak. But the more dismayed she becomes, the more determined Des is to show her how a real man (According to Des’ rules) can make her happier than her wildest dreams. Who will be left ruling?I’ll get this out first. I had a difficult time getting past the idea of a 27 year old woman thinking she could find happiness based on her mother's set of ideals and ticking off check boxes on a list of qualities for a partner her mother would approve. Gracie’s attitude seemed as old fashioned as my great-grandmother’s. I did get a huge laugh when she thought of Des as scruffy.But once I got past the urge to slap her silly while demanding her to get a good set of ovaries, I found I had already read past the half-way point. I had really enjoyed their snappy banter and friendship and were on their way to some rule bending. I loved how Des saved her from terrible dates pretending to be her irate husband and she made sure she had her lunch at precisely the same time he could email chat with her on weekdays. Who wouldn’t make time for a scruffy and hot Mediterranean?And After having a taste of the forbidden fruit, leaving it behind and feeling nothing buy misery, they both wise up. Especially Gracie, realizing that pleasing her mother will never bring her true happiness. I really liked the author's writing. She made the book so easy to read. I was almost at the end without even meaning to. The story has a fresh and flirty feel with engaging characters. I only wish we could have had a bit more of them.Amazon US ->* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of Entangled Publishing via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *For more of my reviews and those of my best book buds, and updates Visit our blogStalk us on FaceBookAs well as Twitter

  • PaulaPhillips
    2019-03-26 17:04

    After Gracie's dad died, she made him a promise that she would keep her mother happy and so she has dated guy after guy trying to find Mr. Right. The problem though is that her version of Mr. Right is the Mr.Right that would make her mother happy but not her. Like most things in Gracie's life, she has a checklist and after her first love broke up with her as he couldn't put up with her families demands. That way her Mr. Right will tick all the right boxes from job security, financial and comes from good stock and standing. Gracie has a favorite bar for her first dates too. First is owned by Des Chapman and he has his eyes set on Gracie. After being dumped by his fiancee for not being rich or proper enough, Des committed not to date until he found the right one as he is not going to make the same mistake and get hurt all over again. What will happen though when one thing leads to another and Des and Gracie end up having a fabulous one night stand? Des wants more, but Gracie can't accept Des into her families life as he is all wrong for her and goes against her whole checklist except for the fact that he makes her feel things and she wants him. How though can Gracie make herself happy and keep the promise she made to her Dad when her ideal guy is the complete opposite of what her mother wants for her. Can Des prove to Gracie that he loves her and is in for the long haul and would never leave her? Can Des win over Gracie's mother and finally get his girl of his dreams? Find out in this contemporary and fast-paced romance "The Rules According to Gracie" by Stefanie London.

  • JackieKiwibooknerd
    2019-04-14 17:28

    Advanced Readers Copy Courtesy of Entangled Publishing...:)This was a short and sweet little novella that while I enjoyed, I cannot say I loved. I do love that it was set in Australia, which is just across the ditch form me.....nice to see more born and bred Aussie Authors coming through the ranks.This book is about Gracie Greene, and she has a list of rules for just about everything in life. Her job, her family even her love life. She embarks on a series of dates in order to find the one that ticks off all the boxes on her list. All her dates take place at a pub called First where her friend Des Chapman just happens to be the owner/barman.Des has had the hots for his friend Gracie for a while now, but unfortunately for him, he does not make her list at all. Until he sets about proving to her that her lists will not find her the one, and will not make her happy.While I thoroughly loved the tattooed hot bad boy Des, I just found it hard to like Gracie. She came across as a huge snob for me for majority of the book as she was so afraid of what her family would think of Des....Still it is a enjoyable short and sweet read and if you like the friends to lovers trope then this is the one for you....

  • Bette Hansen
    2019-03-31 21:11

    Loved, loved, loved this one! Fun, sexy, quick read that kept me chuckling. Gracie Green is looking for a man but he must check all the boxes on her list. Too bad none of them really excite her. The one man that does excite her is all wrong. Hot tattooed bar owner Des Chapman may catch her eye but he breaks all the rules. This is a great read that I strongly recommend!!

  • Desere
    2019-04-10 21:04

    Everyone has a set of rules they live by, but temptation holds no regard for rules. In the latest read from author Stefanie London we meet Gracie Green.She has shopping lists full of rules for men, career,financials and family.The longest of these lists is the one used to determine a guy's suitability . She 's already disappointed her socialite mother once, so now she needs to find Mr. Perfect. Too bad she keeps getting distracted by her super-sexy, six-feet-of-hunky-delicious-tattooed-hotness friend, Des.Bar owner instead of yacht owner, tattooed with drooling sexiness instead of drenched in cash, Des is all shades of Mr Wrong. And he never get's involved with society girls. Yet there is something about Gracie that draws him near. It could be her lush curves, the sensual lips, or her ridiculous ability to date the wrong guys, it could be a number of other things, either way he can't seem to not want her.As Gracie 's search for Mr Right continues and discouragement grows, Des decides it's time to show this little socialite what she really needs in a man, and it has nothing to do with a briefcase and generous bank account. He'll teach Gracie the Rules According to Des, even if it means he has to break his own rule in the process. This was a quick read, and trust me once you get started there will be no stopping. The delicious sexy attraction blossoming between Des and Gracie, is that addictive! The character of Des was simply delicious! I loved how he slowly but surely steered Gracie from her path of searching for the perfect man. The character of Gracie was hilarious, I laughed so hard at her attempts to find the right guy and through her character the author showed that we are not meant to please others, the only person you need to keep happy is yourself. Through both characters the author showed that rules are needed in life, but essentially there is a time and place for the rules to implemented, because if it's all about the rules all the time, you will for darn sure miss every opportunity to find out how the other half of the world lives. The read tells of a journey of self discover, breaking the rules and having fun, super, hot sexy fun! I highly recommend this fabulous read, passionate, sexy, flirty and fun. This author certainly shines like a bright diamond in the romance world! Keep them coming Stefanie!5/5 star review "She's all about the rules, he's all about breaking every single rule and he'll start with her"

  • Maria Rose
    2019-03-26 16:03

    This sexy novella is the story of Gracie and Des. Gracie has rules for everything, including what qualities to look for in a partner in an effort to please her mother. Des, the owner of the bar where she often meets men for dates doesn't fit her rules at all - but she can't help being attracted to him anyway. Now Des just has to find a way to get Gracie to forget about her rules and see that he could be the perfect one for her if she'll just give him a chance.This was a very enjoyable story. I liked both the main characters - Des was a handsome, outgoing, friendly man who likes everything about Gracie - except for the dates she keeps bringing into his bar who are so obviously not the type of man for her that he can't help but be relieved knowing they won't last at the same time wishing he could get her to really see him. Gracie is an equally engaging character, holding a secret attraction to Des but knowing that he can't be the one for her, simply because her father's dying wish was that she make her mother happy and she knows that a man like Des is the last type of person her mother would accept for her. The secondary characters in this story play an important part, in particular Gracie's mother who wasn't particularly likeable and therefore added some tension into the mix. But the chemistry between Gracie and Des was great, and the sexual tension between them leads to some steamy scenes. It was a fun and quick read. 4 stars. Note: a copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review.

  • Helen
    2019-04-18 00:02

    What a fun sexy sensual story this is one that will grab you from the first page and have you smiling and cheering Des and Gracie on throughout, when Gracie Greene decides that it is time to find someone to settle down with she has a list and this man must tick all the boxes and one of the main boxes is keeping her mother happy this is a promise that Gracie has made to her father but she brings all of her dates to the restaurant and bar First which is owned by hunky Mr Perfect Des Chapman but of course Des has tattoos and does not tick all of Gracie's boxes but he helps her out with her dates and they have become close friends so he is always telling Gracie what she is doing wrong and all the time they are growing closer to each other.This is a fantastic story that I highly recommend a novella that will keep you smiling and the ending rocks as Gracie finally stands up to her mother and Mr Perfect who does not tick all of her boxes arrives at the Greene family home to open up to Gracie don't miss this one I love MS London's stories the characters are so real and enjoyable I loved this one.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-04-10 23:23

    This was a quick read and I liked the story behind it a girl trying to find her own way and listen to her heart, of course Des being in the book helped me love it a lot more, "I did invite you back to my place because I wanted to sleep with you." He can be quite accommodating that man, "you want to see me naked, do you?" His tone was teasing, but he immediately complied." I really enjoyed this book and it was a quick read as well.

  • Jen
    2019-04-13 17:12

    Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The Rules According to Gracie by Stefanie London is a romance novel about a woman trying and failing to find the "ideal" guy for her and the man she feels is the walking epitome of everything about a guy that she needs to stay away from. She's got a whole slew of rules that she abides by while he only has one but he's willing to break it for the one girl who's captured his attention...and his heart.Gracelyn "Grace" Green has come up with a list of qualifications that any guy she's dating must meet. Unfortunately for her, a lot of her dates may get a lot of qualities checked off but none of them have been enough to keep Grace's attention past the first outing. The one guy that she can't seem to stop noticing is the tatted up owner of the bar she goes to for all her dates and someone she considers a friend.Desmond "Des" Chapman is more of a rule breaker than a follower but the one rule that he does have was borne of a painful breakup. He's always ready to help bail out his friend Grace every time she gives him the secret signal to do so but he isn't quite as ready to ask her out, no matter how interested he is in her. He's already been burned once and Grace is shares too many things in common with his ex-fiancée.One of Grace's rules is to stay away from guys like Des, guys who scream "bad boy" by the way they look. Des maintains his distance as well but when he points out that her plan for finding the right guy by using a checklist isn't working out for her, Grace decides to ask him for help instead. In the process, they both confront the reality that the pull between them may be more than just simple attraction.After one night together, Grace makes a decision that essentially forces Des to end his friendship with her. Hearts are broken and Des is far too angry and hurt to even contemplate speaking to Grace again. Try as she might, Grace's apologies fall on deaf ears. Both of them need to make certain decision that will have them breaking whatever rules they have if they truly want a happily ever after together.While I wasn't too much of a fan of Grace's in the beginning, the more I read about her motivations for pursuing a certain kind of guy, the more she grew on me. Des may look like a bad boy but he's an all-around nice guy who deserves to experience love and happiness. Their story is essentially about opening their eyes and finally seeing that what they really want has been in front of them all this time.This was a fairly quick read and one that I quite enjoyed. Even with the short length of the book, everything was paced well and actually covered a longer period of time than you would expect. The story has its share of family drama and painful pasts but with a good dose of humor to balance things out. The Rules According to Gracie is perfect for romance readers everywhere and I give it 4.5 stars! ♥Release Date: 19 January 2015

  • Michelle
    2019-03-28 19:16

    **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs:** The Rules According to Gracie is a quick feel good adult contemporary romance book. Just like all the books in Entangled's lovestruck line, these stories are satisfying "feel good" reads. I normally like to turn to a book like this right after I read a darker or heavier story. It just helps to balance me out and put a smile back on my face. Or heck, sometimes I will grab one of these after a long work day. When you work 12 or 13 hours, sometimes you just want a book that you can knock out in under 2 hours and you know you will get your HEA at the end and everyone will walk away happy. The Rules According to Gracie is just that- a cute read that will get you smiling.Gracie is a successful and independent young woman. She is on track in her professional life, but her dating life if kind of a mess. On the surface she seems to be very in control and type-A personality, and she carries that over to her dating life. Or she tries to. She has a pretty intense checklist for finding her "Mr. Right". The funny thing is she always takes her guys to this same restaurant/bar, called First. Because she thinks it will be cute to say that she had her first date with her husband at First. So she keeps taking guy after guy there, and she doesn't like any of them. Because they are all the same guy. Great for her on paper, but not what she wants in real life at all.The story progresses through her friendship with the bartender and owner of first. He is always rescuing her from her bad dates, and trying to get her to break out of her shell a little bit. I really liked their easy friendship, and I thought it was really cute that they would email back and forth every day on her lunch break. Their banter was really cute. Though, the Rules According to Gracie was a quick and easy fun read, we did get a surprising amount of back story and insight into Gracie's family and particularly her relationship with her mother. This helped to really flesh out why Gracie was the way she was.Gracie and Des had great chemistry, even if they did go to some silly lengths to avoid and deny what they had. I thought Gracie was pretty awful to Des a couple of times, but the flaws in her were a big part of what made the book interesting. The Rules According to Gracie is a gret read for people that are looking for an instant gratification read, and for people that like the length of novellas, but also enjoy a little more "meat" to the details of the story.This review was originally posted on Book Briefs

  • tyrianpurple
    2019-03-31 20:15

    Stefanie London - The Rules According to Gracie4 great chemistry and fun banter stars!Gracie Green. Socialite girl. Brown eyes.Desmond Pietro Chapman. Bar owner. Mediterranean. Italian. Tattooed.3rd POV. Different social status. Best friend turns lover. Melbourne.Cover lust! Something about the girl expression, the guy outfit, and his super big hand just do it for me. Thanks for not text-copy protected the review copy. It made easier to include a quote for reviewing purpose.Alternating POV in a chapter without partition but somehow the transition between she/he smooth yet very noticable. We could easily tell from the writing style that its male MC or female MC head.Always enjoy this kind of contemporary romance. Fun, easy to enjoy, flirty, sexy, short and light, yet captivating from the blurbs till kept it to the promising storyline. Dare i say, very fun fearless faboulous female read. Sassy heroine with hunky tattooed bad boy hero.ARC is kindly provided by Author/Publisher via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. Thank you for the chance to review the book.full review to be posted on my GoodReads and TUMBLR blog.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-08 22:15

    See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:Such a lovely story about a girl who keeps looking for a certain kind of man, only to discover that maybe her list of qualifications may be the wrong one to go by. This is a cute take on the "girl with a list" love story.Gracie keeps looking in the wrong places for the man she needs. Her friend, the very-opposite-of-her-list Des, usually doesn't want to be with a girl like Gracie. But the attraction is evident for both of them, culminating in a moment of seeing how it would be stepping to the other side. Despite their determination to keep looking for the opposite, thinking that they're wrong for each other, they are still drawn together. The only question is, can they overcome their expectations in life for something that they may want even more?The Rules According to Gracie is an adorable and sensual read. I loved every minute of their friendship-to-something-a-little-bit more. I kept cheering Gracie and Des on, hoping they'll go into the right direction in their lives instead of expectations. Stefanie London is an author to check out, for sure!My Rating: Very Good

  • Lauren
    2019-03-28 22:13

    I read this in one sitting. I could not put it down!The Rules According to Gracie is fun, fresh and irresistibly sexy. Gracie Green lives her life by a strict set of rules. Everything is planned, down to where she will meet her future husband so that they have a cute story to tell!So, it’s probably no surprise to anyone that her dating life is a disaster. Anyone, except Gracie. Her carefully selected men all look near perfect on paper, checking every box on her list... but none of them make her pulse race. The only man to do that is Des Chapman, bar and restaurant owner and melter-of-panties. Des could be Gracie's white knight in shining armour – if he wasn’t so completely wrong for her. Or so she thinks.The chemistry between these two is electric and their witty banter a form of foreplay. Gracie blossoms when she lets loose and breaks a few rules with the help of Des. And he finds himself falling for exactly the kind of woman he should avoid.Stefanie London’s fun and flirty voice shines as she delivers loveable characters you wish you could call friends. Her best book yet.

  • Nicola
    2019-04-02 23:02

    The Rules according to Gracie is a cute novella focussing on a couple who are complete opposites on the social spectrum, but are on the same page between the sheets. Gracie Greene comes from old money, Des Chapman owns a bar. Tattooed, built and sexy, he's watched demure Gracie lurch from one disastrous date to another and decides enough is enough; it's time to show her he's the man for her. But with Gracie adamant she needs to find a suitable man to settle down with and quash her mother's moaning, he has a job on his hands. “I have the need to see you splayed out naked on my bed, Gracie.” With chemistry and a little more to both these characters than you expect, this couple were good together, likeable and whilst it didn't hold any surprises Stefanie London has brought her reader an enjoyable journey of friends to lovers - I just wish it had been longer as I was left wanting that bit more. Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion

  • Rosemary K
    2019-04-09 19:21

    Can she ever make her mother happy? That's a question Gracie asks herself often. She keeps trying to find a man who will be acceptable to her mother, but her heart isn't in it. She is attracted to sexy bar owner, Des Chapman. If only life was simple. They keep dancing around their attraction. Will they get together? Gracie Greene is funny and sexy. She promised her late father that she would settle down, marry and make her mother happy so she keeps trying to find that perfect man. I liked Gracie but I wanted to shake her and tell her to live her own life. Des wants Gracie. If she can only be his friend, he will accept that. He's such a keeper. What a strong, kind and caring man. I hated that he didn't think he was good enough for her wealthy family. The dialogue is snappy and the characters are amazing. To bad for Gracie that her rules weren't working. The secondary characters were interesting especially Gracie's sister, Emmaline. The Rules According To Gracie was a fast-paced romantic story. Stefanie London did a great job!

  • Sonya Heaney
    2019-03-22 16:09

    Originally posted HERE.Stefanie London is such a great author. Her Australia-set contemporary romances are very current and lively and involve believable characters.The Rules According to Gracie is a fast read, but I thought a lot was packed into the story. I not only liked the two leads, but appreciated the secondary characters. Some authors forget to give their heroes and heroines rounded lives – or complain it isn’t possible without ruining the romance (what nonsense!) – but London isn’t one of those authors.The conversations and interactions between the characters were smart and funny, and I felt like these could be people I knew, who’d really exist. I didn’t think anybody was too clichéd, even though the theme of the book had a lot to do with stereotypes and snobbery.Now, if only the characters said arse instead of ass!A fun read from an upcoming author you should be looking out for.Review copy provided by NetGalley.

  • Michele A.
    2019-03-23 16:10

    Gracie and Des continually see each other when she has her dates in his restaurant. Gracie is definitely a type A personality and Des is laid back, except he owns his own business and works hard. They each bring baggage and both are loathe to let the other one know. When Des finally gets Gracie to agree to a "date" she lets her guard down a little bit but Des still has a ways to go. When Des finally thinks they are on the same page, Gracie does her usual running away and keeps clinging to her promise to her father as her excuse. When both of them finally get their heads on straight we are left with only our imaginations as to what happens with them. I am a bit frustrated that I didn't get to see more of them together, but Stefanie London did a great job of telling their stories to get you invested in her characters. It was a quick read and flowed really well. I would recommend it for someone looking for a light read that has some angst but not over-the-top.

  • Michelle (Adventure in Bookland)
    2019-03-26 00:15

    The Rules According to Gracie was a short but sweet story that I was able to read in one sitting. I loved the friendship Gracie and Des had from the very beginning of the book. He would save her from boring dates, but secretly wanted to be on one with her, and she secretly wanted to be with him. From the very beginning there was such chemistry between the main characters, I just wanted them to give into their attraction, but where’s fun in that? I absolutely loved that they would email each other during their lunch break, too cute!!!The only problem I had about this book was that it wasn’t longer, I would love to read another story involving these two characters!

  • Anna Lenhart
    2019-03-30 20:20

    Gracie has a list of requirement that she uses to find the perfect guy to date and marry. Only the perfect man has proven very elusive. She has tried on-line services, blind dates, and friends of friends with very poor results. She takes all of her dates to First, her favorite bar/restaurant, owned by her friend Des. He helps her out by running interference when her dates go south. Des decides to help Gracie find her perfect man, and in return he realizes his attraction to her. They reluctantly find their way to each other and find a happily ever after. This was fun, well developed novella that I finished in an afternoon. I received an arc copy for an honey review

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-03-29 16:23

    3.5 Stars. A sweet little novella about a poor little rich girl and a blue collar guy who owns a bar. Gracie and Des are good friends. If friendship involves taking all her blind dates to his bar and having Des rescue her from the long list of losers she seems to attract.Cos Gracie has a list of attributes for her perfect match who has to be suitable to take home to her dominating mother. Des does not make the grade in any shape or form. But both are fighting attraction.This was an enjoyable read with engaging characters and a cute ending.

  • Gwen
    2019-04-04 19:14

    I loved this book! Keeps you engaged and quickly read. Funny---when Gracie is doesn't like one of her dates she always signals her best friend, Des, the owner of the bar & grill, with a strange drink order when she wants him to save her. He has feels more for her; she comes from a wealthy family and made a promise to her father to always be there for her mother. Great story, great book.

  • Kaetrin
    2019-03-27 18:12

    Cute, if predictable story. I thought the conflict was a bit heavy handed but I liked the dynamic between Des and Gracie.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-24 22:14

    This book is a short and good read. Gracie and Des story is rules are made to be broken for the right person.

  • Samantha
    2019-04-09 17:19

    The Rules According to Gracie, the first book in the Behind the Bar series, was a great romantic comedy read. The book as a whole was short, but was still quite satisfying. I really loved Gracie. Her rules and the way she went about relationships made me want to slam my head against the wall, but she was still a very likable character that as a reader I was able to get behind. And Des was the perfect type of love interest for Gracie. He was everything she though she didn't want, but exactly what she needed to be happy. I loved reading about their interactions both romantic and otherwise. These two were great together in every way and I couldn't get enough of this love story. Needless to say, I highly recommend this book!

  • Sheri (Tangled Up In Books)
    2019-03-23 17:14

    Actual Rating 3.5 out of 5 Stars!Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In BooksI received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!There was something about the title to this book that made me take a second look. Once I read the blurb I knew it was something I wanted to read. I love it when friends fall in love and you mix it with the fact that they come from two different worlds and it had the promise of a fun read.It would be hard to find two people more completely opposite than Des and Gracie. Gracie is all rules and making sure everything fit into a nice, neat little box, no losing control, not taking risks, plans ruled her life. Plus she comes from "old money" with a very judgmental mom. Then you have Des who's spontaneous, avoids rules, owns a restaurant/bar. Scruffy, tattoos and a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. He's all passion and living life to the fullest. Still, even with everything stacked against them, there's this connection, this sizzle, this spark every time they're together. So filled with tension I almost couldn't stand it! I needed these two to get together.I felt like Stefanie London did a good job of showing the fun and sweet friendship that Gracie and Des have. You can see the underlying connection and the wanting of something more from both sides. Yet they both have valid reasons for wanting to fight their feelings for each other and be afraid of that connection. When they finally do give in though... their intensity was just...whoa.My biggest complaint would be that it was way too short! Before I knew it the book was done and all I could think was that I wanted more Des and Gracie. Okay a lot more Des, hey I'm only human! It was sweet, it was steamy and I really enjoyed it.Thank you Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!

  • My2Cents
    2019-03-28 21:22

    I had this book on my kindle for a while. The summary interested me but to be honest I was uninterested in reading about another tattooed covered hero. Not that there’s anything wrong with them if that’s what you like, but I don’t care for them personally so it often lessens my connection with the hero. Again, there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just a personal preference. So many books feature tattooed hero’s that I’m not sure if it’s a new fad or if I have just been branching out in my books choices more now that I have a Kindle. Either way, I’m to the point that it’s a deal breaker for me when choosing a book, however, the price was right on this one so I bought it.After skipping over it a number of times, I finally got tired of Amazon asking me what I thought of it, so I decided to read it. It was a quick read, and I enjoyed it more than I expected. I felt the connection between the two characters, their relationship was mature, fun and entertaining. Their little ritual for her unwanted date was cute. :)They were both good, strong characters who weren’t annoying with their issues. Sometimes I enjoy the short stories the most because they are often void of contrived drama, which this one was. Des, although I thought he would be more appealing to me personally without the tats, was charming and sexy with his forwardness to Gracie.I did enjoy the book and I’m glad I read it. 3.5 starsI also enjoyed the sister and brother, I’m wondering if there will be a book for them. Depending on the story I would be interested in that as well.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-19 00:00

    3 1/2 stars. Gracie Green is on yet another bad date. Good thing she has her friend and bar owner Des Chapman there to save her. Des who has had a crush on Gracie for a while, doesn't understand her rules when it comes of dating. So he convinces her to try his rules, while trying to help her find Mr Right. The rules according to Des, dump her own rules, try another type of guy and maybe look right in front of her. Oh and for Des, keep his hands off Gracie.When a blow up at a family dinner sends Gracie to Des and ends with a super hot night together, they finally start to see the other as more than a friend. But when a promise and past hurt comes between them before they can explore their new status further, they both find themselves utterly miserable. When a not so gentle shove from Des's brother and a moment of clarity in the form of Gracie's perfect sister force them to realise they are perfect together, will it be too late or can they overcome the obstacles to find the happiness they finally found in each other's arms?This is the perfect winter/summer afternoon quick read. It's not long, but you will forget that once you dive in, as you will get lost in the fun storyline of friends to lovers. I will definitely be looking out for more from this author. Thank you Entangled for getting me hooked on another author. This book was supplied by the publisher for an honest review.

  • Amaranthine
    2019-04-18 18:02

    Gracie is careful, cautious, and runs her entire life by a strict set of rules. She sees herself as quite conservative and traditional--though how much of that due to her mother’s controlling nature is debatable. She is not so much looking for love, as she is wanting to be in a stable relationship that will meet with her high society family’s approval. All of which has led to this seemingly never-ending parade of bad first dates.In contrast, Des is casual, laid-back, and doesn’t so much break rules as he just denies their existence. Having suffered a bad break up and serious blow to his self esteem, he has zero interest in relationships. And no matter how much his libido says otherwise, Gracie is off-limits due to how much her social situation reminds him of his ex.Much of this story is spent with Gracie and Des denying their attraction to one another. Both have been burned by previous partners, and as a result, both are deeply afraid of falling in love. Though the book is quite short, there is decent character development. My one issue was I would have liked more on how they became friends, as we are never told how long they’ve known each other or how they met. Just that little additional bit background detail would have made their feelings seem less rushed.For the sake of full disclosure it must be stated that I received this book, free of charge, from Netgalley.