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It's hard enough coming to terms with being a xenofreak, but now Bryn discovers that the nanoneurons in her brain have left her vulnerable to attacks on her mind, forcing her to hide underground to block the devastating signals. Scott is ready and willing to protect her, but non-xenos all over the city have begun falling victim to a deadly mutated form of typhoid that someIt's hard enough coming to terms with being a xenofreak, but now Bryn discovers that the nanoneurons in her brain have left her vulnerable to attacks on her mind, forcing her to hide underground to block the devastating signals. Scott is ready and willing to protect her, but non-xenos all over the city have begun falling victim to a deadly mutated form of typhoid that someone seems to be deliberately spreading. He teams up with Dr. Mia Padilla, an infectious disease specialist, to help the XIA contain the contagion before it causes city-wide panic. Meanwhile, a new agent is assigned to protect Bryn. But Jason Alton has his own agenda, which includes a reckless determination to ingratiate himself with the queen of the Mad Eye gang, the main rival of the XBestia....

Title : Mad Eye: Book Two Xenofreak Nation
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ISBN : 9781500766757
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 248 Pages
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Mad Eye: Book Two Xenofreak Nation Reviews

  • Rebecca
    2019-04-05 23:18

    I asked for and received an advanced reader's copy of this book for reviewing purposes.Having read (and loved) the first Xenofreak Nation book (XBestia), which introduces the story, I was anxious to get my hands on book two. It does not disappoint!The author takes us right into the action from the end of Book One. Scott and Bryn find themselves the targets of diabolical attacks from a jealous rival--Padme, and these aren't physical attacks. They're far worse. She has found a way to lock into the nanoneurons that were imbedded in Scott and Bryn's brains when they were given their xeno alterations. In this way, she has the power to attack them through their own minds.To protect Bryn, who receives the worst of it, the Xenofreak Intelligence Agency sends her deep underground, where, hopefully, the signals can't reach. That's the plan, anyway. Scott is not allowed to go with her--the Agency sends another man as her guardian: Jason Alton.From this point the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of mind-control, attempted murder, intrigue, and desperate struggles to achieve power, along with the enduring romance between Bryn and Scott. Jason adds his own brand of sexy, and there are other new characters to flesh out the tale. As a germophobe myself, I identified quickly with Mia Padilla, who has oddly enough specialized in the field of contagious diseases.Mia plays a huge part in the story, because non-xeno's are also being attacked--with a virulent strain of typhoid.Bryn, Scott, Jason, and Mia are caught up in a war between Scott's old gang, the XBestias, and their powerful rivals, the Mad Eyes, commanded by Maddy, a dramatic, dynamic figure, to say the least.As these threads all built to an explosive climax, I simply could not stop reading.One of the aspects I particularly admire about this series is the skillful, intelligent and realistic way they're written. The xeno alterations adopted by young adults (and others) are easy to visualize and believe in. Woven through that detail are the politics of the future, the spread of a deadly virus, and gang rivalries.This is an outstanding sequel. I've noticed on Goodreads and at other sites that there's an impatient group of fans eagerly awaiting its release. (I was one of them.) Here it is! Enjoy!

  • J.S. Colley
    2019-03-31 18:13

    I received a galley copy for review purposes.This is the second book in Melissa Conway’s Xenofreak Nation series and is set in a future where undergoing animal-skin grafting is as common as tattooing is today. The difference is: anyone who opts for a xenograft is considered a freak and a social outcast.From the first novel, we follow the stories of Bryn—an unwilling xenofreak—and undercover agent Scott Harding of the Xenofreak Intelligence Agency. Scott received his xenograft as a means to successfully infiltrate the xenofreak gang known as the XBestias.The story begins as both Bryn and Scott endure painful effects brought on by nanoneurons unknowingly implanted in their brains during the initial grafting procedure. Someone is using the devices to control their pleasure and pain receptors, with devastating results.In addition to battling against the debilitating effects of the implants, a mysterious illness surfaces that only affects non-xenofreaks. All Scott wants to do is find the person who’s controlling their minds and put a stop to the attacks, but he’s pulled off protection detail in order to help Dr. Mia Padilla — a self-admitted germophobe, yet ironically an infectious disease specialist — learn more about the deadly disease spreading across the city.While Scott helps Mia, Bryn is put under the protection of undercover XIA agent Jason Alton, who takes her to the only place she might be safe from the painful signals—to the underground lair of the Mad Eye gang—the main rivals of the XBestias. Once underground, Bryn and Jason interact with the Mad Eye gang’s leader, Maddy, an eccentric, yet formidable, transgender woman.Still struggling to resist the mind-control attacks, Bryn is forced to be in close physical contact with her new, handsome protector, Jason Alton, and she begins to question her feelings for Scott.Meanwhile, things get personal for Maddy when the disease infiltrates her underground fiefdom and, as the gang leader tries to find answers, Bryn gets caught in the crossfire between the two rival gangs.Xenofreak Nation, Book Two: Mad-Eye is a thrilling novel that blends action and romance in perfect balance.

  • Emily
    2019-04-06 22:25

    You know, I've been trying to figure out what I like so much about these books. They're not incredibly compelling, but at the same time they're strangely satisfying. I think it's because the author is actually (unlike so very many books out there these days) quite a talented write. She has a knack for world building, her descriptions are awesome, and her characters feel quite real. The book isn't focused on any sort of romance, though it does have a place but it develops slowly in a realistic manner. In the second book things pick up quite a bit. Not only does the story move much more quickly, but we have a lot more combat between various factions. I definitely appreciated this, and I feel the ending was far more tense than the first book. I actually enjoyed this book more than the first one, and find myself quite looking forward to when the third book is released this year. Again it was sort of odd, though. A couple sentences followed by a random 'the end'. I think that's the one criticism I can level. It's not as if everything isn't resolved. It resolves quite well. It's just not a fluid ending.

  • Rebecca Rakes
    2019-04-03 15:58

    I love these books. They are just the right mix of action, sci-fi, and romance. The author weaves a believable world of the future. The sci-fi is just enough to keep you immersed in the world but not too far off to be hoaky. I love the characters. They are believable and real. The addition of some new characters were perfect. For most of it the main characters, Bryn & Scott, were apart but their stories intertwined and kept me eagerly awaiting their reunion.The story is told from the point of view of both Bryn and Scott and it is fun to se how their actions and intents are interpreted by each other.This book introduced you to the Xbeastia gangs rivals, the Mad Eyes. Both gangs handle their members with different techniques and the leader of the Mad eyes, Maddie, will surely be a character to watch.Padme returns as both sympathetic and frustrating. You feel for her but want her to stop. I think she is the most interesting of all the cast. Can't wait for the third book!

  • Sheila
    2019-03-28 20:12

    Loved it!

  • Terry
    2019-04-18 00:09

    As good as the first one.

  • Treena
    2019-04-05 18:20

    Really enjoyed the book but wasnt as good as the first one.