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Between her service in the U.S. Army and her new life living with supernaturals in Alaska, Melena Sanders has had her loyalty and duty tested in every possible way.Or so she thought.Tensions among supernatural factions in Fairbanks are growing after the city’s recent attacks and she must pick a side. Her nephilim lover, Lucas, needs her help to search for his missing brothBetween her service in the U.S. Army and her new life living with supernaturals in Alaska, Melena Sanders has had her loyalty and duty tested in every possible way.Or so she thought.Tensions among supernatural factions in Fairbanks are growing after the city’s recent attacks and she must pick a side. Her nephilim lover, Lucas, needs her help to search for his missing brother—whose disappearance may not be all it seems. And agents from the Department of Homeland Security are lurking about investigating the suspicious “earthquake” that rocked the region four months ago.It’s not the best time to be planning a trip out of town, but troubles in Fairbanks aren’t her only problem. A greater supernatural plot is developing and only by attending an upcoming ball in New Orleans can she discover more. There’s no way to avoid it. Her loyalty and duty to those she cares for are about to clash.Sensor Series Reading Order:Darkness HauntsDarkness TauntsChained by Darkness (novella)Darkness DividesPlaying with Darkness (novella)Darkness Clashes...

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  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-04-06 23:50

    Rate: 2.5/3 stars.

  • CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD
    2019-03-20 20:35

    4 Action Packed, Super Hot Stars!I really enjoyed this series… A world full of Nephilims, Vampires, Guardians, Demons, Fairies, Trolls, Werewolves, Angels and Sensors…. On the first book, I learned a lot about Melena Sanders, the heroine… that she is a sensor, meaning she can sense the paranormals within the surrounding area near her, she can tell what kind of supernatural, how many, and how old… She can also tell if one is telling the truth or not. Sensor’s are hated by the supernaturals and when you read the series, you will understand why. Melena’s character grew on me… she is a very giving person who would fight to her last breath if it means saving her friends. She is a good fighter and it helps that she has the background or training of an army.Lucas, the hero, is a Nephilim, a half angel….. He is the perfect alpha. Though he was harsh towards Melena in the beginning, but he was always there when she needs saving. I fell in love with Lucas on the second sequel of this series. For me, it was the best one amongst the series so far.The hotness factor started in the second book as well, it is also where feelings were finally revealed. And boy was it HOT! ;) I loved it!Like the series before this, it is action packed and full of suspense.Here, Kerbasi, a guardian… brought the humour in the story, his innocence in the human world I certainly find amusing. And somehow, despite the role he played as the torturer, I could not really hate him… in fact, at the end of this book, I have grown fond of him. There is a lot of angst and edginess with the tensions amongst the supernaturals… and then there’s a lot of secrets going around. It was actually giving me a headache with everything that is suddenly happening that, for me, sometimes could get confusing or overwhelming… It doesn’t help that this has a lot of unresolved ending. Still, I enjoyed the action and aaah, the sizzling romance. I have a love/hate relationship with Lucas and Melena’s constant clashes and I hate all the secrets that they keep from each other… BUT, let me just say, these two can get really steamy HOT!A lot of interesting characters… Great world building… And a huge character growth… Very apt title, there is certainly a lot of darkness clashing with this sequel…. Looking forward to the next one… :)Review also shared here :

  • Sabrina
    2019-03-21 20:35

    Between her service in the U.S. Army and her new life living with supernaturals in Alaska, Melena Sanders has had her loyalty and duty tested in every possible way.Or so she thought.Tensions among supernatural factions in Fairbanks are growing after the city’s recent attacks and she must pick a side. Her nephilim lover, Lucas, needs her help to search for his missing brother—whose disappearance may not be all it seems. And agents from the Department of Homeland Security are lurking about investigating the suspicious “earthquake” that rocked the region four months ago.It’s not the best time to be planning a trip out of town, but troubles in Fairbanks aren’t her only problem. A greater supernatural plot is developing and only by attending an upcoming ball in New Orleans can she discover more. There’s no way to avoid it. Her loyalty and duty to those she cares for are about to clash.If you thought the first few books were great, then book 4 in The Sensor series will blow you away! Darkness Clashes is simply mesmerizing. Susan Illene is as creative and bad ass as ever, and writes a UF like no one else I know!Darkness Clashes picks up right where we left off in book 3. Melena and Lucas are still searching for Micah, Lucas's missing brother, and the Sups are trying to recover from the aftershocks of the "earthquake". Tensions in Alaska are at an all time high, between Nik and Derrick, and Melena is once again stuck in the middle. With danger lurking around every corner, Melena must figure out how to balance all of her responsibilitis and help her friends stay out of trouble. But when human agents show up and seem to know what's really going on in Alaska Melena knows the town of Fairbanks is in deep trouble. For me Darkness Clashes may be the best in the series! We get to meet a few new friends/enemies and we say goodbye to a few others. Out of all the books in the series so far this one is by far the most emotional. I cried so many times I can't even begin to explain the Rollercoaster ride the author brought me on. In a good way. I am so invested in these characters and this series! I need book 5 and 6 right now!Book 4 in The Sensor series will sweep you right off your feet, and carry you straight to UF bliss! I can not get enough of this series! I have read the books back to back,and I feel like everytime I finish one book I am compelled to pick up the next! No matter what time it is lol (seriously...I'm talking reading until 5 am when I have to work at 10! That's how good this series is!)I would recommend this book to all lovers of Paranormal Romance and UF.5 Stars

  • Kaisa
    2019-04-09 23:49

    This is solid UF read. I just read White Hot and thus reviewing this now is unfair, but I like this series and it passes my time while waiting for next Ilona Andrews.Full review soon to come.3,5 stars.

  • Jules Poet
    2019-04-11 16:34

    An elaborate scheme is set up and once again Melena finds herself a key component in supernatural forces beyond her control. Guardian angels can be devious and half demons can have good intentions. Melena's moral compass is spinning out of control and she has no idea how to decide what to do.In this book we lose 2 key characters to the series and their loss is felt heavily. Zoey continues to be a superb antagonist intent on getting her way no matter what.Kerbasi seems to be loosening up ever so slightly.Lucas and Melena still treasure every moment they get to spend together.Emily is a full fledged teenager with all the angst and attitude that comes with it.Saying anymore would give away the point of reading a good book! Susan Illene is a very talented writer. Cris Dukehart continues to narrate wonderfully and she is able to go back to using the same intonations & voices for each character - no matter how rarely they show up - each time their voice is the same. That takes a LOT of talent!

  • Kbrazell
    2019-03-25 18:50

    I just don't feel like Lucas is really on Melena's side. I don't know how else to explain it. I mean he's never around and when he is its to constantly test her, keep secrets, and then criticize her, or just bang the crap out of her. Sex is great but that's not everything. I don't know, I kept wanting Melena to be like "Stop! Line crossed and you're on the wrong side!"

  • Katherine
    2019-03-26 22:56

    some of my favourite things about this series:- the witty, but natural dialogue! the exchanges between the characters are actually really engaging- the plot. I know that's broad, but suffice to say that I've been thoroughly entertained throughout the series - it definitely was a trial to get through 4 books in 1.5 daysI do wish for one thing though; the romance between Melena and Lucas is ridiculously enjoyable to read, but I keep looking for progression of their relationship (i.e. emotions, trust). I mean, sure, Lucas definitely loves Melena, but it doesn't really seem like he's pushing himself to be better. Their lifestyle doesn't really leave much time for talking and somehow it seems like there's no growth in that direction at this point.

  • Melissa Bales
    2019-04-12 19:54

    Great seriesI try really hard to stick to the free books, but occasionally I get sucked I'm by a set of characters. That happened with this series. Melena and friends feel like family, and I need to keep reading more.

  • Tiblu
    2019-04-14 19:58

    Deeply Disappointed....Disappointment, is the only way to describe how I felt after reading this book,after reading it I realized things and had my eyes opened just like Melina did during this installment.... Melina never puts in these terms but once again she's someone's puppet and pawn,she's playing her part while others pull her strings leading her here and there telling her what to do while they usually know a fuller picture she doesn't ( her time in the army) .... Only this time the ppl ( sups) with the Machiavellian machinations, whose daily mantra is how the ends justify the means and not caring nag who gets hurt as long their tools ( ppl like Melina) stay " safe". Any and all collateral damage is ok, as long as NOTHING inhibits their plan.... The nerou ( the children of sensors and Angel mixes) who taken and then stashed in purgatory for slave labor is wrong. I agree but lying,cheating,using and abusing others ,trusts,lives etc. w/that whole "the end justifies the means" mentality is right up w/ me , and equally asinine BS phrase " being cruel to be kind" ... BS!!! Sometimes,sometimes those lame tired ass phrases might be true but when it's describes all the havoc and destruction these sups in hiding the background are willing to do... No one here has been Melina's " friend" almost a n the entire series w/out some master plan or manipulating the heck out of her, and the few " good" ppl I like have been ruthlessly killed off because we're either careless collateral damage or ppl who they needed to maneuver out of their way... Everyone has been revealed just about as either a user or as the used in a plot that might sound "noble" on the outside but when you truly stop caring how you achieve your goals,who hurt or what you have do to get there,what the difference between these creatures and the terrorists Melina she used try and fight ? Personally ? I don't know .. You might think that's too strong but I became disillusioned w/this series when I realized this series is just one long story arc w/out h being used as a pawn almost the entire time,( I mean no one I think could guessed she'd end in Alaska because of her stupid friend or how things w/change between her and Lucas ) but she's been used and or manipulated almost from day one by one person or another and while rescuing a race from being slaves could be "noble" their machiavellian ways are not,disappointed that everyone I'd tried to like was either a part of the scheme,letting themselves be manipulated into the scheme because of their own selfish ambitions ( like Derrick) or allowed to be killed off in selfish collateral damage ( Charlie and Felisha) .. Oddly enough the only one not using Melina in the crazy warped scheme is Lucas and he's being and his trust abused 1st mainly by his twin and sadly by Melina because allowed herself to be duped ;( and saddened because as much I "did" enjoy the enthralling story I liked the romance between Lucas and Melina it's never really get the chance I Know both Melina and I would love because the slow thaw the writer has Lucas emotions/trust etc. ( like trying thaw a 8x8 ft. Block of ice w/ blow dryer and maybe a magnifying lens) can't be down in just two more books... Is this was a shorter plot or a longer series where ( shorter plot) we would be privileged to see it worked out and then see things made " right" on the other side maybe but no after this long twisted machiavellian plot where the quote " good guys" use and and manipulate others in ways that show not matter noble they think they are, their honestly NO better that the ppl Melina and the writer herself once tried to stop... They to believed in their cause ,and believed it just and used it to justify any hurt or cruelty they perpetrated.... For me no different for the behind the scenes cowardly bastards here... Came see Nik as weak and pathetic ,letting pride be his downfall but Derrick really earned my disgust ,he's a "man" who's allowed himself to be used and abused by others in this usually sick or sadistic plots never really helping because it might get in the way of his revenge!! WTH , ok what was done to him was horrible but living ONLY for revenge for over 200 years and closing your eyes to things as bad as or worse than what was done to you just to achieve it? Aaaaaaaa no! When he attacked Emily and Logan and allowed kids to attack kids in his plot,he lost what little like or respect he had from me... Finding out what he like Nik to to him didn't help... Speaking of,while Vamp.s are WELL known sexual creatures and Nik was a Manwhore each writer sets the rules in his or her own world/s and adding that and the scene in the restaurant/club in N.O. seemed like some weak attempt to add an "erotic" touch or something that ok, while I didn't care for it at all,also felt out of place in a book that had never really been all that sexual except for the few scattered scenes here and there between Lucas and Melina ,so honestly weird.

  • Sarah Leenart
    2019-03-20 23:57

    I'm not really sure how to write a review to do this amazing book justice. Susan Illene has already set the bar high with the previous books in the series putting her in my firm favourite and auto buy list of authors but Darkness Clashes, book 4 in the sensor series pretty much blew my socks off. This is what urban fantasy is all about, in it's absolute best form, rivalling and bettering many of the publishing house giants. There was a lot going in this book and all the plots threads are very intricately woven keeping the reader on their toes throughout. Melena has Lucas back now but it's certainly not all cosy coupledom, they have their problems and Lucas is mostly concentrating his efforts on finding his missing twin, Micah. Meanwhile life is very fragile in Fairbanks with Nik, the master vampire and Derrik, his second and alpha werewolf at odds with each other. I've come to love these characters and the people of Fairbanks and I watched with baited breath as this story unfolded and I'm still reeling a little in shock from all the happenings there. Just to complicate matters someone from Melena's military past crops up and all sorts of problems occur as we slowly learn how it's all interwoven. Another person from Melena's past also crops up and I can't wait to a see what his eventual destiny is! I know what I hope is in store for him anyway! Melena, Lucas, Kerbasi and Kariaan head to New Orleans, which I adored, and leads to some interesting politics as an awesome fight scene. Melena really kicks some ass.All these plot lines begin to merge into the other and I am very curious as where life in Fairbanks is headed now, but also the implications for a far wider population hang in the balance. I would also love to know more of what goes on with the angels and their politics/rules. We are given enough to whet our appetite but I really really want more books now! Kerbasi is a complete showstopper and I absolutely love the part he plays in the story, also getting some of the best laughs! I am intrigued as to how he develops in the future. Everything about this book was explosive from the fireworks when Melena and Lucas do get to meet up, to the new characters, the fights, the story, the intricacy and balance. To say I loved this book would be doing it a huge disservice! This deserves more stars than I can give. Go read the whole series.

  • Kara-karina
    2019-03-26 20:32

    One of the pleasures of being a book blogger is discovering and supporting self-publishing authors since the very beginning of their journey. I'm happy I was there all the way for Elizabeth Hunter, and I am just as happy for Susan Illene.Susan writes classic urban fantasy with a stoic, sensible, believable heroine, and I'm glad that by book #4 her series is still going strong. You know by now that Melena's status changed and with her new immortality comes a bunch of new problems. She is being challenged and the expectations from her friends and enemies both are very high. She gets more and more embroiled in other immortals schemes and intrigues, and frankly she doesn't know if she ever had a chance to refuse to participate in their intrigues. Darkness Clashes is a dark, intense book. A lot of people get hurt or killed, and there is an overall feeling of rage, hopelessness and desperation hanging in the air. I think, Melena feels more and more cornered with nary a possibility to escape. She is forced to hide some important truths from Lucas and doesn't know if he ever forgives her, and even hilarious moments with Kerbasi struggle to lighten up the atmosphere of doom and gloom.Ah, Kerbasi! You are growing on me... If you are a fan of Kate Daniels, you will probably find some similarities between him and Saiman, although on the surface they are completely different. There is also an intriguing new character in this book, Yerik. He is very eccentric right now, and I am not convinced of his loyalties, but one thing I'm sure of is that there is more to Yerik than his damn kilt.At last, the best part is the fight scenes. My personal favourite is one on one between Melena and Lian, and I totally got an adrenaline rush out of it, but there are a couple of others that are very well done.Overall, this series is just getting stronger and more surefooted, and it's especially obvious with the last two books. Definitely recommended.

  • Poetic Puppy
    2019-04-08 23:40

    Lucas is still consumed by his search for his brother, Micah. Melena is helping when she can but Lucas’ path often leads him away from her, making it difficult for them to find time alone or work on their relationship. Melena isn’t just feeling the pressure of his absence however, as the supernaturals of Fairbanks are growing restless. Knowing who to trust is becoming difficult and as secrets are revealed, friends will become enemies.I think I’ll start this review by giving you a piece of advice; make sure you keep a box of tissues nearby, as you’re probably going to find yourself crying on more than one occasion. Darkness Clashes is an incredibly emotional story and while you will cry, you will also smile. Melena and Lucas’ relationship is tested throughout this series and yet again in this novel, but like all great love stories, what doesn’t break them will only make them stronger. This novel contains one of Melena’s best fight scenes and while I won’t tell you who she fights or what the outcome is, I will tell you that she will be outmatched much like Lucas was in Chained by Darkness. Lucas will prove to us yet again just why we love him so much. He’s got a softer side when it comes to his girls and his love for Mel is never more obvious than when he’s truly upset by the fact that she’s fearful of him. And while I adore the main couple and hate what Kerbasi did to Lucas in purgatory, I have to say that he’s really starting to grow on me. He’s the comic relief we need to keep the darker nature of this book in balance. When you’re smiling because of the villain, you know one of two things; either you’re not a good person, or the writer is truly gifted and has managed to bring you around to liking the unlikeable.To sum up, this novel is as heart-breaking, as it is brilliant.Suggested Audience: Adult readers of Paranormal RomancePerspective: First personProfanity: OccasionalSexual content: Occasional and explicitViolence: Frequent and severe

  • Abra
    2019-04-09 20:57

    This is a really great series and so is this book.The heroine, Melena, is ex-military (as is Susan Illene) and very self reliant. However, she is not stupid and asks for help when she needs it. In this paranormal world of people with super strength and various powers, Melena only has defensive ones and she is very aware of it. Susan Illene manages to pull off a 2,500 year old alpha male hero, Lucas, who is very powerful, well known and influential, controlling, secretive, solitary, and pretty much in a bad mood most of the time without hitting any of my triggers. By this book we know more about his motivations than Melena does and while that doesn't make his actions necessarily okay, it does make them comprehensible. Since Melena and Lucas became a couple and their angel-mandated connection ended, Lucas has never been less than absolutely committed to her or respectful of her abilities. I am much, much pickier about alpha males than most readers and have stopped reading books by a few huge PNR authors because their heroes make me too uncomfortable, but Lucas is one of my absolute favorite heroes of all time.The plot is interesting and moves quickly. A lot happens in this book and while there is a resolution at the end, Darkness Clashes is very much part of a series and there is more of this story to come. Characters in these books change irrevocably and not always for the best, which makes the story amazing and surprising. The Sensor series is very different from others I've read because the characters are so complex and their motivations are often conflicting and take some thinking about to fully understand. This is a brutal world with many power struggles and preserving a reputation for strength (of all kinds) is critical. There is a scene in which Lucas has to watch Melena fight. You know he loves her and neither can appear to be weak, but it was tough to read. I am looking forward to the next book and will read it as soon as it comes out.

  • Teresa Vogt
    2019-03-23 21:39

    She must lie to the man she loves and pray that she can do what is expected of her, Is she up to the task?This review is from: Darkness Clashes: Book 4 (Sensor Series) (Kindle Edition)The sensor and her Nephilim, must keep the Guardian of purgatory out of trouble, not an easy task. Melena has taken the blood of her Nephilim and is now virtually immortal. There is trouble in paradise..She must keep a secret from her lover, and it's a big one. Ditch her tag along pest for a time. Then there is the Lycans that don't trust the Master Vamp, and someone lets the Nephilim Zoe out of her cage.. oh and being an instant mom to a rebellious teen doesn't make any of it easier. The saga continues with some Supernaturals that are not pulling their weight and others demanding they give up power so that the entire community is protected.. A respected adviser is killed, and Melena is left trying to stay out of the middle of a fight that can turn deadly at anytime.

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    2019-03-28 23:34

    Reviewed by [email protected] the fourth book of the Sensor series, Melena and Lucas are back together. But problems are sure to arise. Lucas is searching for his brother, and it seems people are determined to keep her and Lucas apart. And when she must attend a ball in New Orleans things just seem to get worse. Along with the human agents that know about the supernatural world and everything else Melena is not sure she can handle it all. This book was really really good. I loved getting to see more about Melena and Lucas. I also loved getting to see Melena try to take care of everything even though she's hiding a secret. This one had lots of drama, action, and a whole lot of pain in it. I also couldn't believe what happened in the end, and that cliffhanger. It was freaking crazy! Now I need the next book asap!

  • Auriane
    2019-04-10 19:00

    Well, I don't know if it's a 3 Star or a 4 Star Book. The problem is that you get the feeling that Darkness Clashes is just preparing some big action in the next two books. There is a final showdown but it's not as big as in the other books. Melena keeps going to meet people, to discover taht these people are hiding their real intentions and then she has to find out if she can trust them or not. There is no important character developpement, everything stays as it was in the last book, including the relationship between Melena and Lucas.But there's hope for them as for Kerbasi. I thought I hate this guy but.... And for the rest: it's the same humor, the same style of writing, nearly all major characters in the series have an appearance and there are some nice fights with Melena sometimes involved and sometimes watching. Bottomline: It's more like 3,5 stars, but I'll give 4.

  • Rakki
    2019-03-26 16:44

    A Good AdditionThis book was pretty solid. It continued the overall story more than anything. There is some action early but mostly the book is about big picture manipulations. Which both helps and hurts the story. The author paints a large scale event. Moving pieces around to give you an idea of what might happen. What bothered me a little was that there was so much of that. Felt like most of the book. Other little things bugged me. Like the rogue sensor cult. They are like militant James bond super people. It's annoying because I just can't believe it. like there is a scene with explosives. Yet none of the supernatural smelled the numerous bombs that were around. It's like the author is making the supernatural stupid to enhance the rogue sensors.

  • Jana Gundy
    2019-04-08 21:46

    I love this series, it has everything you want in a book. The romance just gets yummier, the plot is never boring and the characters make you cringe and laugh. Melena has a lot on her plate taking care of her ward and helping others along the way. I love that she has always been hated but never thinks twice in helping those who could hate her. Lucas is busy running around trying to find his brother and that doesn't leave a lot of time for Melena. When they do get together, watch out!!!! Kerbasi is hilarious and I love that big guy! There is a uh oh moment and we will be left wondering what that means for Lucas and Melena.

  • Yehudith
    2019-04-06 21:31

    I love this series! Usually I get bored with a series that have the same heroines, and characters, but not in this series. First I have to command Cris Dukehart for doing a beautiful job narrating this series. I keep listening to the books because of her voice. It can be the best book ever, but if the narrator is bad then I cannot listen to it (like in "wheel of time" series).Second, I love Susan Illenes' writing, the plot, the humor, and sarcasm. I am in the 4th book and enjoying every minute of listening.Well done Susan!

  • T.
    2019-04-15 23:47

    Another great book for the Sensor/Darkness series, with some excellent story development to strengthen the sensor-sup conflict, but a bit slow on the pacing and story progression as a whole. I'm not too excited about the blurb for book 5, so I'll take a rest from the series- and read something else for awhile. This is a series I'll probably return to at a later time. Excellent read and continuous quality (albeit, the occasional spelling error), but well plotted and executed.

  • Rachel Scott
    2019-04-02 16:41

    Things are turned upside down in Alaska as well as Melena's life in this fourth installment of the Sensor Series. Just when you think you know where the story is going, another surprise jumps up and takes the story in another direction. I think this one is my favorite in the series so far! Very excited about her anthology coming out at Christmas - Kerbasi is becoming my favorite character and I'm excited to hear about his first Christmas on earth!

  • Carolyn Short
    2019-04-08 17:38

    Better and BetterEach book in the Sensor Series just gets keeps getting better with each book. The beautifully written characters keep you coming back for more. I can't wait for more.

  • Cazy
    2019-03-30 19:53

    This is a great series. However, she needs to get a couple of moves ahead of the bad guys. She keeps getting pummeled by stuff she should be expecting. Sad ending. She's losing her initial support system. Who knows what will happen next.

    2019-03-28 18:56

    Lovelove love love this series. it's a great way to get out of my own head for a while and just jump into an awesome story.

  • Bonnie
    2019-04-08 19:42

    Another great read!! Can't wait to read the next one!

  • Iris (Paranormal Cravings Book Reviews)
    2019-04-17 20:39

    Am I the only one that had troubles with the main story-line and relation between Melena and Lucas?

  • Maxine
    2019-04-11 23:52

    Great fun, good fast moving story and plenty of cliff hangers leaving you wanting the next book!

  • Sheila Ryals
    2019-04-16 22:31

  • Stacey
    2019-04-01 18:53

    enjoy this book so far although i thought the ending was rushed and i am still not feeling the passion between luacs and Melena

  • Patty
    2019-04-08 17:44

    This series is really getting good. Can't stop now...