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A hybrid and a wolf shifter join forces across time, across miles against a threat of unthinkable proportions. Luke tells Kelsey she isn’t his type, but who is he trying to convince—her or himself? As for Kelsey, she has to admit the hybrid definitely makes her heart flutter and her knees weak, but she knows better than to get involved with a heart-breaker. And she is sureA hybrid and a wolf shifter join forces across time, across miles against a threat of unthinkable proportions. Luke tells Kelsey she isn’t his type, but who is he trying to convince—her or himself? As for Kelsey, she has to admit the hybrid definitely makes her heart flutter and her knees weak, but she knows better than to get involved with a heart-breaker. And she is sure Luke is a heart-breaker. Besides, they’ve got other problems on their hands as they join a team of otherworldly beings working together to fight the Purple Haze. Will their power be enough against the arcane threat? ...

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  • Judy
    2019-03-25 21:42

    Hungry Moon – Destiny by Claudy ConnHungry Moon Series Book 2Kelsey Wilder needed to get away from her pack. At a mere hundred years old her folks were thinking it was time she found a mate. She wanted true love. So off she goes to New York City. But there's a stench around the city and it's leaving dead, mutilated bodies in its wake. How can Kelsey not get involved and stop the villain?Hybrid Luke MacNash left his family home in Scotland ten years ago. When he ends up in New York City, he starts following the same murderer as Kelsey. Luke has always preferred to be a loner. Now he partners with Kelsey, for her own protection of course.Andrew MacPoole is a whack job. He's still holding a grudge against Quinn for taking Ravena from him, although she was never his, and he's determined to get back to his own realm and become the ruler he was meant to be. He just needs to hold on to his sanity and control his bloodlust. Right.If you read Hungry Moon: Quicksilver then you will recognize several of the characters along with others from the Legend series. It's time for them all to gather together and fight the evils of the world once again. And the Wizard Rysdale and Charm are on hand to help them. And as always in Claudy Conn's'll meet new and interesting characters who will hopefully show up in a future book. **Sexual content and language

  • T.M. Payne
    2019-03-31 20:54

    Book: Hungry Moon-Destiny Author: Claudy Conn Publication Date: 2/18/2014Reviewed by: Tammy Payne - Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW Luke MacNash- Hybrid Super Sexy Alpha Male who left his home in the highlands after a horrible fight with his brother. Kelsey Wilder -Werewolf shifter who was adopted by a Powerful Werewolf Alpha but she has dark powers has left her pack for a normal life in The bright lights of New York City. Andrew MacPoole - The evil dark werewolf shifter from book 1 is back again and stirring up even more evil. We also see other characters from the first book Hungry Moon-Quicksilver which is one of the things I love about Author Claudy Conn. She brings all the characters in a series into each book !!! Fanastic !!! Oh and don't be shocked if a few from The Legends Series also show up to play in this DARK Power struggle. Enter Quinn and Ravena from book 1 they have been fighting against the evil of Andrew for a long time and now the battle has begun again. Can Kelsey and Luke however do what needs to be done against Andrew? Can they stop his murderous spree in New York City? And can Kelsey prevent her attraction to Luke from growing any stronger?I can not wait to see what else Claudy Conn has in store for this series !!Go ahead and pickup your copy and find out !!! Review copy provided by: Purchased Kindle Copy Buy Links Amazon: & N:

  • Betty
    2019-03-24 21:56

    This story is about Kelsey Wilder, who is an adopted immortal wolf shifter and has unbelievable powers that she hasn't even tapped yet. Kelsey meets Luke MacNash, who is an immortal hybrid with powers of his own. He is from the Highlands and hasn't seen his family for 10 years. There is an instant attraction between the two of them even though at first they fight it.Then we have the crazy Andrew MacPoole who is a lycan and who wants to get back to his realm and become king. He teams up with the evil wizard-Baudali, who everyone thought was dead. Between the two of them they are trying to fulfill a prophecy which bodes no good for the world.Kelsey and Luke team up together to try and stop Andrew and the evil wizard from fulfilling the prophecy. They have help from the good wizard Rysdale and other characters from Hungry Moon-Quicksilver and from the Legend series. We also have a teenage white witch Jodi, who helps Kelsey. I hope we see more of Jodi-she's such a minx!!There's hot, steamy sex, action, intrigue and even some humor. I loved this line said by Kelsey: "I'm in a Harry Potter movie"! This was a great read and if you are a Claudy Conn fan you will absolutely love this book. As her usual style you're hooked from the beginning to the end. Happy reading!

  • W.H.
    2019-03-24 23:53

    WARNING: This read is intended for readers 18+ only! Holy Cow! What a story we have here. It has a little bit of everything. Fae, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, magic, betrayal, horror, mystery, suspense, and yes, even HOT DAYUM SEX scenes that are all combined in this Amazing installment of, what I term, Claudy Conn's Hungry Moon Series.The world building is consistent and multi-layered. I was hooked from page one through to the end, even though I had to step away more than once, the story continued to play out in my mind as I tried to figure out what may happen next. I LOVE THAT in a story. I was right on a few occasions, as the twisted turns portrayed a dark and fantastical world, but I won't spoil it for others. The characters are so likable, believable, and had me rooting for the them as they journeyed onward into parts unknown. Luke OMG! His Scottish burr had me at hello. The author has a way of bring her characters to life, and putting this reader on the sidelines as the scenes played out. I LOVED IT!!If you like your paranormal reads Hot and Steamy, then this is for you. Awesomesauce!5 out of 5 HeartsLovetiggi's Book Reviews

  • Catherine Wester
    2019-04-15 22:06

    Another great read. Loved the story of Kelsey and Luke, the only thing that would have made it better is would have been to hear Luke's thought's of his feeling's for Kelsey while he was deciding if it was love or not. I always enjoy the fact that character's from other stories are included, it's like old friend's dropping by. I loved the twist about who Luke's father turned out to be. Looking forward to Jodi's story, she is a feisty character and stand's out. If you haven't read any of her books yet give it a whirl and you will be hooked as well.

  • Staci Simmons
    2019-03-25 23:04

    Claudy Conn has done it again! She just sucks you right in! This is the 2nd book in her Hungry Moon series and they just keep getting better and better! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. As soon I know she has a new book, I snatch it up! Grab your copy today! I promise you won't regret it! Thanks for such wonderful stories Claudy! Keep them comin, I can't get enough!!

  • Patty Beaty
    2019-03-21 19:00

    Claudy has another fantastic series going. It's a treat when you find a book that will keep you up all night reading but when you come across two now that's amazing! Quicksilver kept me up one night and now Destiny! Claudys stories will take you on a whirlwind ride of fantasy thrills and unexpected turns. Hot sexy hunks is a major plus!Thank you Claudy for yet another fantastic story. Can't wait for more!

  • Barbara
    2019-04-10 18:59

    What an unbelievably wonderful read. I loved Claudy Conn's Shadow series but this is even better. If you like shape shifters, hybrids, vampires, sorcerers, magic and tales untold with sexy romance you will enjoy her Hungry Moon series. Anxiously waiting for the next!

  • Dawn Sullivan
    2019-04-11 20:51

    First of all I have to say I have yet to be disappointed by Claudy's books. Her books go beyond my expectations. They are all so very well written. I absolutely love how Claudy connects all of her books. It's like each book is somehow connected in a special way even if it's a part of a different series. She has created such an incredible magical world that you can not help but want to be a part of. This book has twists that will make you scream OMG! WOW! AMAZING! We get visits from some of my favorite characters from the previous books. It's such a great treat. In this book we again meet with Andrew. He has a task that he will have to complete to get what he wants. The evil wizard Baudali is helping him. Will these 2 be able to accomplish their task?Luke a handsome Scottish hybrid with green eyes is on a mission to stop Andrew. He meets the beautiful Kelsey. Right off the start there is explosive chemistry between them. They both try to fight it though. Kelsey, a wolf shifter with something a little extra inside her. She is struggling with what is inside her. She doesn't fully understand it or how to control it. On top of that she encounters the most handsome man she has ever seen. She knew she was in trouble when it came to him. Can she discover herself while losing herself to the passion burning inside her for Luke? Will Luke be able to help Kelsey? Love Kelsey? and at the same time be able to stop Andrews evil plans? Well I will guarantee you that if you read this book you will LOVE it! Matter of fact you will want to read all of her other books because you will become addicted :)))

  • Nicole Garcia
    2019-04-01 15:48

    Another fantastic book!!!!Luke is a hot hybrid shifter who left home after a fight with his brother, and is now on a mission to to stop Andrew. KeyKelsey a wolf shifter with special powers, has left her pack to get away from her match making parents. When Luke and Kelsey meet there is an instant attraction but neither are willing to give in to their feelings at first. Together they must to stop Andrew and the evil sorcerer from fulfilling the prophecy. Will they be able to stop Andrew? Will they be able to love each other with full abandonment?This was a great second installment in the Hungrymoon series. It was a page turner from beginning to end and was another book of Claudy's I could not put down. It had some reoccurring characters from the first book and was filled with magic, suspense, and adventure. And some sexy lovin' always helps. I can't wait to see what Claudy has in store for more books in this series.

  • Stephanie Lambeth
    2019-04-02 23:04

    An awesome read. This is the second book in the Hungry Moon series and I can't wait till the next. A lot of our favorite characters are here banding together to fight evil in it's worst form...Baudali. That's one bad wizard. Big trouble maker! We find out if Andrew (our villain from the first book Hungry Moon-Quicksilver ) gets his. Our hero hybrid Luke doesn't want a mate but finds one in our heroin Kalsey as well as a father whom he wishes he had always known. I highly recommend this book and series. :)

  • Adrienne Samson
    2019-04-13 23:01

    anything claudy writes is awesome can add to the list.Andrew returns in this one and makes a deal with the devil 13 hearts to return to his realm and his kindom.everyone must take him down.lots of returning characters from other books, loved that part also

  • Delphina
    2019-04-02 17:59

    Claudy is one of my favorite authors, so it surprised me not at all that I loved this book and the love story between Luke and Kelsey. Luke is a smexy hybrid determined to stop Andrew from completing his twisted and dark plan. Kelsey is trying to make a life away from her pack so that she can follow her heart and not be pushed into a mating. Brave to a fault, she sets out to put a stop to Andrews murder streak. When their paths cross, even though they try to ignore them, sparks fly. Together they set out to stop Andrew and an evil so much darker than either expect. I loved the darkness of the evil in this book. It made me stay up way to late at night because I had to find out what happened next, but I loved it nonetheless. I also loved the way Claudy brings in characters from previous books and series as a bit of a cross over. It is nice to run into old friends or in some cases enemies and she does it in such a way that if you never heard of them before you would not feel at all like you were missing something. I really want to share with you my favorite part, but it would be nothing but a huge spoiler. I will say that it has something to do with a character from book one in this series and will make all fans of book one super happy :). Basically, fans of book one really need to read this book and fast.

  • Crystal
    2019-04-08 18:51

    Luke is a hybrid with many secrets in his past. They are not because he chooses to keep them secret, but rather they are the secrets his mother has kept of who is father was. Being the only hybrid of his type has effect how he approaches life. He's a player, even if it's understood with the women he beds.Kelsey has had it with men. She's strongly attracted to Luke, but knows that he isn't the forever type. She wants love and a man who will be faithful. She's at the age where she's supposed to look for a mate, but the one that wants her isn't hers and she knows it. As she leaves her pack she wants answers to who her parents are.This book is full of action, suspense, and holy wow chemistry. Luke and Kelsey fighting their urges makes this book that much better. You simply can never go wrong with a Claudy Conn book and this is a prime example.

  • Lori
    2019-04-18 23:00

    Words simply can't express how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was hooked from the beginning and literally read this in one sitting. The story of Kelsey and Luke ranks up there as one of my all time favorites probably because of the appearance of some of my favorite characters from Claudy Conn's other series and how they intricately played a part in this story. I love how she is able to pull in previous characters and make you realize instantly how much you loved them and gives you another piece to the puzzle of the amazing world she has created. This is a definite must and I highly recommend it. :)

  • Deborah
    2019-04-16 16:06

    I can't wait for book 3...As usual it was action packed with murder, mayhem and hot sex. If you like vampires, wolf shifters, hybrid shifters and wizards, I love the way Claudy Conn weaves her stories so that you feel like you are in the middle of it all...LOL! It is a fantastic read...of course anything you pick up by Claudy Conn is a damn good read!

  • Heather Hungate-Brown
    2019-04-16 16:42

    I absolutely loved this book! I bought it right after finishing the first book of the hungry moon series! The characters are well developed and make you want to laugh with them and worry, etc...right along with them. The plot was right on, the story stayed at a great pace and I am praying for more in this series! Thank you for an awesome read!

  • Marsha Brown
    2019-04-14 15:53

    Claudy never fails to write a good book,if you like paranormal,fantasy,magic,shifters then this is the book to read. Luke and kelsey are thrown together to rid the world of an evil person/shifter werewolf. You meet some characters from the previous book and together with luke and kelsey they are on a mission. This book is awesome!

  • Angela Blair
    2019-04-07 15:59

    I am a HUGE fan of Claudy Conn, I just love everything she writes! Hungry Moon - Destiny was a great read in this series. This book has great characters..Luke - a Hybrid, Kelsey - a Shapeshifter, who come together to try and defeat Andrew - evil Werewolf. What's not to love...romance, intrigue, mayhem...this story has it all and more!!! Highly recommended!!

  • Exerillia Destruction
    2019-03-25 17:57

    Amazing!Amazing!Another great story by Claudy Conn! I loved the new story and characters while revisiting with previous couples as they now work together against their current problems. I can't wait for more!!!