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Alcohol Wikipedia In chemistry, an alcohol is any organic compound in which the hydroxyl functional group O H is bound to a carbon The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethanol ethyl alcohol , which is used as a drug and is the main alcohol present in alcoholic beverages.An important class of alcohols, of which methanol and ethanol are the simplest members, includes all compounds Alcohol National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA Brief Description People drink to socialize, celebrate, and relax Alcohol often has a strong effect on people and throughout history, people have struggled to understand and manage alcohol s power Why does alcohol cause people to act and feel differently How much is too much Why do some people become addicted while others do not The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism CDC Fact Sheets Alcohol Use And Health Alcohol Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems such as injuries, violence, liver diseases, and cancer.The CDC Alcohol Program works to strengthen the scientific foundation for preventing excessive alcohol use. Alcohol s Effects on the Body National Institute on Drinking too much on a single occasion or over time can take a serious toll on your health Here s how alcohol can affect your body Brain Alcohol interferes with the brain s communication pathways, and can affect the way the brain looks and works These disruptions can change mood and behavior, and make it harder to think clearly and move with coordination. Alcohol MedlinePlus If you are like many Americans, you drink alcohol at least occasionally For many people, moderate drinking is probably safe It may even have health benefits, including reducing your risk of Alcohol Ethanol Effects, Hazards Warnings Drugs Mar , The term alcohol has been synonymous with spirituous liquids for the past years The history of alcohol consumption, along with codes limiting its consumption go back to B.C. What Is Alcohol Is Alcohol a Drug Alcohol Content Drug Alcohol is a drug It is classed as a depressant, meaning that it slows down vital functions resulting in slurred speech, unsteady movement, disturbed perceptions and an inability to react quickly. alcohol Definition, Formula, Facts Britannica Feb , Alcohol, any of a class of organic compounds characterized by one or hydroxyl OH groups attached to a carbon atom of an alkyl group hydrocarbon chain Alcohols may be considered as organic derivatives of water H O in which one of the hydrogen atoms has been replaced by an alkyl group, typically represented by R in organic structures For example, in ethanol or ethyl alcohol Alcohol and Health The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Oct , Obesity is a serious health concern Alcohol is the second most calorie rich nutrient after fat packing about calories per gram Beer has a similar number of calories as sugary soft drinks Alcohol Define Alcohol at Dictionary Alcohol definition, a colorless, limpid, volatile, flammable, water miscible liquid, CHOH, having an etherlike odor and pungent, burning taste, the intoxicating principle of fermented liquors, produced by yeast fermentation of certain carbohydrates, as grains, molasses, starch, or sugar, or obtained synthetically by hydration of ethylene or as a by product of certain hydrocarbon syntheses


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